8 Times X Equals This - Jack Dalton (4) - Part 1: Casualties For The Greater Good (CD)

Mint M Vinyl Absolutely perfect in every way. Certainly never been played, possibly even still sealed. CD Perfect. No wear, marks, or any other imperfections - possibly still sealed.

A NM- record has more than likely never been played, and the vinyl will play perfectly, with no imperfections during playback. The record should show no obvious signs of wear. During this final assault on Berlin, the Russians had amassed over a dozen times as many men as the Western allies had in the D-Day invasion in June of In the Pacific the Japanese got the message after a series of terrific naval defeats by the U. For good measure the Russians sent 1,, troops into Manchuria.

This terrified the Japanese officers to the point that they were killing their own children and wives for fear of capture. The best descriptions of the Russian soldier come from German soldiers, German generals, British generals and a Russian Jew who was a correspondent through out the war.

I am deeply affected by the genuine spirit of sacrifice among the Russian soldiers. At war a Russian soldier puts on a white shirt and dies like a saint. At the front there is patience and a resignation to unthinkable hardships.

This is the patience of a strong people. This is the patience of a great army. The greatness of the Russian soul is incredible.

A German soldier at Stalingrad wrote, "the Russians are not human but some kind of cast iron creatures. He noted that German veterans profess an admiration for the Russian soldier which was seldom conceded to his Western counterpart.

He is patient and enduring beyond imagination, incredibly brave and courageous. A feature of the Russian is his utter contempt for life or death—so incomprehensible to a Westerner. The British General Giffard Martel had this to say about the Russian soldier—their bravery on the battlefield is beyond dispute but their most outstanding feature is their astonishing strength and toughness.

He heroically rescued a German woman and her 4 year old daughter and brought them to safety. During the rescue he was mortally wounded and died a few days later. When asked to whom they may report this heroic action, he replied—no one, my entire family was killed during the war.

This is heroism at its greatest. The concept was a major factor in the defeat of the German army. The main elements being:. Nowak now deploys in the line of defense. They are tackling terrors. Bill Chescavage, coming back from a springtime knee operation, is the split end, Bill Sherrell, ex-tackle, the tight end. Both have to prove they can stay sound of limb. The entire Corps of cadets attended the contest in which Army prevailed, , winning in the last minute and a half, a close and hard-fought game between two new rivals—.

Even though President Kennedy canceled his appearance at the last minute, the classic drew 76, fans to watch the 2, corpsmen from each school in degree temperature under sunny skies. It was the third defeat against four wins for Air Force, which has yet to beat another service academy.

He got the touchdown on a one-yard plunge. After Air Force retaliated to go ahead again, Waldrop powered a yard drive for the Cadets. He carried four times for 34 yards, including the yard touchdown jaunt. But he gained five yards on four completions in eight attempts while Isaacson hit only five of 16 tries for 86 yards.

Army-Waldrop I plunge Heydt kick. AF-Isaacson I plunge Holaday kick. Army-Waldrop 17 run Heydt kick. That it did. Joe Williams,columnist for the Buffalo, N. Earl Blaik has demonstrated a strikingly anomalous talent for the controversial and the spectacular in college football. Notwithstanding that the unlimited substitution rule which made this type of football possible had considerable support, there was dissent from responsible quarters, and as the antis increased in volume, if not in number, the Army coach made one of his rare appear- ances before the press.

By then platoon football had been on display long enough for the fans to get fully oriented. Most of them seemed to like it.

A vigorous, unremitting opponent was Gen. Bob Neyland, Tennessee coach, and fellow West Point alumnus. This had developed into a fight in which the old school tie and family loyalties carried no weight.

A central role in a public debate, which was not always held to a temperate key, was the last thing Blaik bargained for. And it may be he was right all along.

Each year the rules committee makes it easier to substitute. Soon all restraints may disappear again. The extreme distance from which the end is separated from the rest of the line is what makes it different. Five to 10 yards is the conventional distance. So far out, in fact, he never joins his teammates in the huddle and gets his signals by visual radar. Army is rated as the No. I team in the country. A year later less about a week, Kennedy was assasinated in Dallas, Texas, on that fateful day in November, The young men from West Point were wrong, quite emphatically.

Led by Roger Staubach, a sophomore quarterback, Navy rode roughshod over Army to win by a lopsided score in what was considered a toss-up engagement. Thus did Paul Dietzel close out his first season as West Point coach in virtual disaster, while his opposite number, Wayne Hardin, registered an unprecedented achievement. Hardin scored his fourth straight triumph over Army, a first-time accomplishment for a Navy coach. Before President Kennedy, assorted Washington officialdom and squads of military, Navy moved into the lead after 4 minutes, 21 seconds of play and never let go of its advantage on this degree day, a day in stark contrast to previous service game inclemency.

To show a profit, Army knew beforehand it had to contain the youthful Staubach, year-old, , pound Cincinnati youngster. The Cadets fell far short of that requirement with dire results. He ran brilliantly for two tallies, one two yards and the other 20, and passed twice for six-point aerials, for 12 yards to Neil Henderson and 65 yards to Nick Markoff.

The slender Ohioan completed 10 out of 12 passes for yards. This in itself was a shining achievement but several times he got off throws when trapped and hurried behind the 1ine by Cadet defenders. He gained 54 yards rushing, the best of any back on the field but he also was tossed for losses of 20 yards when seeking to pass for a net of This was practically all gained after he attained varsity status for the last seven contests.

His two six-pointers today gave him seven for the year. As Casey Stengel might say, an amazing record for a sophomore back. Army did not look so bad in the statistics, but where so much was expected in this climax game of the Eastern college campaign, the Cadets looked lamentable indeed.

Their supposedly crunching ground attack left much to be desired and their aerial defense was inadequate, to put it mildly. They left Navy receivers completely unattended in the open, a glaring example being Markoff on his touchdown. That left the Cadets trailing by at the half. Cammy hurled to Seymour from the two for the score and again to Joh Ellerson for the two conversion points. The Cadets lost no time in falling in arrears and this was a matter of their own doing.

The toss sailed into the end zone and over the end line for an automatic safety. Well along in the quarter, a yard kick return by Joe Blackgrove got the soldiers on the move but, thwarted on the rival 20, Dick Heydt attempted a placement from the This was another Army error, for Navy took the ball on downs and a moment later Staubach ran to his left, stopped and tossed to Markoff, all alone in the right flat ten yards beyond the scrimmage line, for a yard tally.

But having scored again, the Soldiers gave it right back. Klemick immediately tossed to Campbell for the final score. When the corps of Cadets had marched onto the painted field, bright young scholars in the ranks lifted their hats to reveal white beanies covering their intelligent knobs. That old torpedo boat skipper, Lt. John F. Kennedy ret.

He took a more active role in the proceedings Saturday in Philadelphia Stadium, twice making his appearance on the field. The first visit was to flip a coin for the kickoff, and he spun the silver dollar as though he owned it.

Navy won, and Steve Hoy, captain of the Annapolis team, got the Presidential silver. Kennedy crossed to the sunny Army Stands, with an honor guard of Cadets and Midshipmen making an aisle for him.

Chances are the guy was only trying to make a touch, and at the moment it offered an object lesson in the un-wisdom of giving away dollars in public.

In a football sense, it was the Midshipmen who were loaded to the teeth. They had more weapons than Army and bigger ones, and the biggest of all was Roger Staubach, their sterling sophomore quarterback. That strapping young man from Cincinnati threw passes for two touchdowns and ran for two others before retiring to watch while his colleagues scored a fifth. Five visits to the Army end zone, two conversions and the safety which opened the scoring made up the final score of But this is a boy who dotes on abuse, then rises to strike back swiftly.

He would scoot and scamper and duck and dodge, gambling many yards by retreating, then suddenly circle away from pursuit and throw a strike. He may not have been the deciding factor, for Navy held all the winning cards of this game, but it was Staubach who made it a rout. On the field, the men of Annapolis handled all three units with impartial brusqueness, and in the Navy stands there was gay derision of the Dietzel theatrics.

The Oriental lettering on the Navy headgear was meant derisively, of course, and whenever the Bandits went into action, the Annapolis cheering section flowered with tiny American flags suggesting that homegrown brigands were good enough on the Severn River.

For the first time in the history of the Army-Navy brass-and-gold series, Navy football players were identified last Saturday by names stitched to the back of their jerseys. This was designed as a spectator service and as such was commendable. There was one Navy player, however, who needed identification about as much as does the Statue of Liberty. This was a year-old sophomore, name of Roger Staubach, who just might be the best college quarterback of the year. The Cincinnati youngster stole the show.

He even took the play away from President John F. Realistically, there can be no such thing as a one-man team in any sport, but this , pounder came very close to being precisely that. Certainly, he was decidedly the difference as Navy backed up Army for the fourth successive year. Besides his passing and running, which were superb, the dazzling Dutchman performed feats of sorcery that left the Cadets gasping in disbelief.

They could have him completely surrounded, only to find when they closed in that he had magically evaporated into the shimmering Philadelphia sun. Blaik would know about Cagle. So would some of us other old- timers. Cagle also ran, passed and cut exceedingly well. And like the precocious Navy hero, he also was an astounding escape artist. The play may have started as a pass. Anyway, it soon became a crazy mixed-up run, with all of the Stanfords in pursuit. Cagle, rushed, ran backward, then from one sideline to the other, eluding tackler after tackler.

Finally, apparently hopelessly trapped, he sifted through a wall of straining arms and churning feet and, incredibly, was off for 60 yards.

All told, he must have covered Staubach is a carbon-copy Cagle, spectacular, mercurial, practically ectoplasmic. What makes Staubach tick? A large part of the answer is football instinct plus a rousing zest for the game. Add to these attributes the essentials of skills and physique, and the total is something extra special. All the youngster did when Hardin turned him loose against Cornell was drive the Middies to six TDs, score two himself, complete 9 of 11 passes and weave through a half-dozen Big Red tacklers on a yard gallop.

In losing, the Cadets gave it all they had. It was far from enough not with the day the dazzling Dutchman was having. The Cadets were desperately eager to win this one; if they failed, it meant an entire generation of West Pointers would graduate without having once seen Army beat Navy.

The tension showed in frequent off- sides and the Chinese Bandits did not live. No one could have been more disappointed than coach Paul Dietzel, who has done so much to fire the enthusiasm of the corps.

He had replaced Dale Hall, dismissed after losing three in a row to Navy. Tacitly, his No. One week after the hiring of Paul Dietzel as the new head man at West Point, the furor attached to him leaving the LSU Tigers as their head coach with time remaining on his contract was starting to subside.

The Board of Trustees at LSU had given coach Dietzel his unconditional release and the fans were starting to accept the fact that the coach who led their team to a national championship in , was no longer going to be their coach. New York columnist Dan Daniel, wrote the following article expressing his opinion that Dietzel was the right choice to succeed Dale Hall who had been fired three weeks before with a year to go on his contract with Army.

Thus Paul Dietzel, former assistant to Red Blaik at the academy became the first non-graduate of West Point to take over the reins of head coach in more than half a century. For the past week I have been trying valiantly to digest sports page comment on the case of the fleeting football coach. West Point joined in his plea. Many writers feel impelled to give the military academy a tanning for going after a coach under contract.

But they threw cream puffs. Having fired Dale Hall because he had lost three straight Navy games, and having decided to abandon the ancient system of picking West Pointers as its football coaches. Army went after the best man for the job and grabbed Dietzel.

Contracts with football coaches actually bind only the colleges involved. If a coach is fired before expiration of his pact, he must be paid off. If on the other hand, he wants to leave before his term runs out, holding him captive would hurt his coaching, and his team. Annapolis, too, should be thus equipped but the urgency for top position there not quite so great as it is at the Point.

Russia may not give a damn about the class of Army football teams. But we cannot afford to have West Point elevens kicked around and Soviet attention called to the situation. Now let us take a look at Dietzel. Many of the sports page reviewers have gone out of their way to stress his manly beauty. Most of the pieces referred to him as handsome. Be that as it may, Paul will produce or get heaved even, as was Dale Hall, handsome or ugly.

I did not class Knute Rockne and Pop Warner as matinee idols. Red Blaik was passable. But they all had to win. I know one of the greatest surgeons in the country and he looks like Dracula.

Coaching at the Point could produce ulcers. The responsibilities toward the Cadets, toward the Pentagon, toward the great American football public, are greater than those besetting a coach in any other institution in the college field. Having been an assistant to Red Blaik, Paul took the post with complete awareness of the strains involved. Inducements offered to qualifying young men by the academy are attractive enough. The sun only shined on the Navy team that rainy afternoon as the Mids rode rampant over the Cadets showing no mercy by cruising to an easy victory before the usual , plus crowd.

A long day for the Army team—. The decision to accept the bowl bid was made on a ballot by the Middies in their dressing room.

Rice Saturday trimmed Baylor, to win the Southwest Conference championship and an automatic invitation as host team. Oldham drove through a host of defenders on a six-yard touchdown: run in the first period and ran 44 yards on a punt return for the second score early in the fourth period.

Just to keep things in the family, the year-old captain of the Navy team from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, also converted twice. It was the first time the highs coring Cadets had been shut out all season.

While a crowd of , watched on a gloomy, rain-soaked afternoon at Municipal Stadium, Navy took charge of this 58th renewal and never let up. Navy had intercepted an Army pass on the play but it was nullified by the balancing penalties. But the real story Of this ball game was the rock and sock play of the Navy line and the tightly knit defense that made the Middies second in the nation on total defense.

On the play the Army backs appeared to miss a count and the team was off sides before Dave Bourland took the ball.

Army had another chance to score in the third period when a long, booming punt by Vin Barta was fumbled by Harry Hurst and recovered by Melnik on the Navy Don Usry, the Army left end, had maneuvered into position behind Forrestal but the Navy quarterback leaped into the air to pick it off.

That was the ball game. Heavy rains in the morning which slackened by the kickoff but picked up at times during the contest were a definite factor. The field remained covered until game time but the traditional parade of the cadets and midshipmen was cancelled.

Navy scoring—Touchdowns: Oldham 2 6-yard run; yard punt return. Conversions: Oldham 2. Army vs Penn State, — ArmySports. Army won It was a huge upset win for the Cadets because the Army team had been crushed at Ann Arbor against Michigan the previous week by a score of Army won this one for several reasons.

One was a piece of ingenuity by Coach Dale Hall, one which should strengthen our faith in the armed forces. A second was the high resolution of the team, which was smarting from its humiliation at Michigan the, week before; seven of the starting eleven were Pennsylvania boys too, and were playing before families and friends. First he moved Joe Blackgrove, who had been alternating with Dick Eckert at quarterback, to left half.

He put Blackgrove there to give Army some running speed to the outside. Blackgrove, redheaded son of an Army sergeant, has speed, elusiveness and surprising drive, considering that he weighs only pounds. He had been used last year almost solely as a specialist to run back kicks. He did it by coming up with what appears to be a new maneuver in offensive football. It was new to Penn State, anyway. In this it differs from the belly option, the Faurot option and the rollout option, although it is closer to the Faurot than anything.

Fischer as someone who was mentally unstable, a genius but a clearly a genius who was dealing with mental and emotional problems, etc. I think they even suggested Bobby had mommy issues since his mother was Jewish. I mean what else would cause someone Jewish to hate their own? I mean we all know that Jews are the most persecuted people on Earth for no reason whatsoever, they are the most moral, the most honest, the most righteous, the most intelligent, the most enlightened, blah, blah, blah, blah….

Fischer was a good man to take a stand against such tremendous odds. Jew and Gentile can learn a lot from men like Bobby Fischer. RIP Bobby Fischer. Plenty of morons on the right too. If that was true Mensa would be Heil Hitler Central. Actually, the ability to think rationally and logically, which is a component of IQ, has a great deal to do with being fooled. Generally speaking, lower IQ people lack the reasoning to be able to disseminate information and to what extent.

Instincts have little to do with being able to determine whether or not the message they are receiving is or is not objective or is or not propaganda. And yet clever men are fooled every day. Everybody holding on to Marxist ideas emenating from lying Jews about how their own destruction is a good thing, is a pretty sure sign of brainwashing.

Instincts can help when the intellect fails, because they are always present. Fairly clever people on the other hand can be so brainwashed that even after a rape or the murder of a loved one, they still embrace the multicultural ideas they have been taught with undiminished enthusiasm.

Clearly they are holding on to some very crafty narratives to deflect away all that personal pain from its natural target.

Ask the maker. But all right. I know Trump is shite. I get it. Oy vey, who needs the competition? Of course Jews are so smart as they tell us at every opportunity, but apparently they can no longer compete on a level playing field.

The portside-keeled alchemists have given us, in the California Department of Corrections, multiculturalism reduced to its purest essence. Those who remain in the pack view an outside assault on one as an assault on the whole.

And this latter is not tolerated. Start locking up a bunch of goyishe ubermenschen and, soon, a good Marxist might come the unpleasant epiphany that their entire state is effectively being run out of their local Salinas Valley equivalent.

With a near monolithic rejection of the former is the equally damnable rejection of the latter. And an easily recognizable submission to the egalitarian pathology.

You mean Chosenites who act like German volk did ? Zionazis who condemn BDS whose parents boycotted Germany? Israelis who cheer Bibi acting like Adolf? Do you laud Moochistan for grifting billions annually in Holycaust goyim guilt-gelt…plus more billions of shekels from Uncle Sucker? So clever and smart that they were frog-marched in the desert for 40 years for, yet again, angering their OWN god. So smart that they shlt-stirred Rome, ending up butchering their own kids for cold-cuts at the Masada Deli.

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Both have many enemies. There is no sense picking out faults about each other. Its best to entwine and together we can survive while keeping our own identity. Jews do nasty things and should be scolded but so do other races. Creating a list of wrongs committed by white, yellow, brown, and black races races would never be ended.

But I am a silent Jew who never criticized other people or races. There is no purpose in protest because I never was able to change my narrow path through life. My shallow experiences were accepted and although I suffered there were also some good days. If you ask a federal agent where he lives, they can use that as evidence of an implied threat to harm him and his family.

Yes, they will. Mostly Asians, Jews, and whiter hispanics will do the more intellectually demanding jobs the ones not eliminated by artificial intelligence. Mostly mestizo and Indio Latinos will do the semi-skilled and unskilled labor jobs the ones not eliminated by further automation and robots.

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Give us back our Shtetl and the land it was built on, and millions of Jews will leave Palestine. But the Shtetl and the land will never be returned neither will the Arab tents and huts.

The bastards laugh at your belief that you accomplished something by voting. If you want to believe that all the votes are counted and the one with the most votes wins, go right ahead. Believing that politicians and their masters worry that you might vote them out of office is too comical for words. Even in the Deep South, federal prisons are heavily Hispanic, though still disproportionately African. Freuds theories may have been bunk, but you can see the art and science of psychology being wielded as a weapon today…and it is undeniably an extremely powerful weapon.

You eastern European jews who are not semites have no claim to the middle east. You are eastern European interlopers who should go back to eastern Europe where you belong.

If I had my way, your type would live in walled-off settlements where your movements could be controlled. Your jewish supremacist poison must be contained… I suspect that you are a member of IDF unit Going back to the Shtetl by East European Jews is a good idea. But the Polish Government will not agree. A slice of Poland including Gdansk could contain over seven million Jewish pioneers.

The property could be upgraded and be more valuable than Tel Aviv. They are outnumbered and hated by the Hispanic and Black prison population.

Whites who are released have damaged brains from being extremely abused. They are similar to those sent back from North Korea. Have you met any White ex-cons? Read their stories? Some men, whatever their race, are broken by prison. But if you have a few extra bucks to pay extortion the abuse will be lessened. All prisons in the US are packed with blacks and Hispanics. No pale is above being extremely abused.

But there are small groups of whites led by protecting blacks or Hispanic sheep herders. Discharged white cons feel guilty to express the humiliation and abuse they went through while doing time.

No white is a mountain, we are all flesh and bone. The Unz Review - Mobile. User Settings: Version? Social Media? All None Exclude Blogs. Show Word Counts.

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List of Bookmarks. Foreign Terrorist Organization FTO Designations An article in the New York Times criticizes the strategy of using Congress to visibly legislate our rights away due to the potential for public scrutiny and backlash.

In the case of National Action, which was founded on the internet forum Iron March, they also had extensive online ties with people from all over the world State Department designations are completely arbitrary and decided by the president without oversight. Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative. Trim Comments? No Short Long. John Regan says:. WorkingClass says:. February 29, at pm GMT. The goyim know. My plan is to just make peace with life as an internetter who writes an occasional blog post.

Robert Dolan says:. Zion Don is such a stupid POS. Omegabooks says:. Twodees Partain says:. Craig Nelsen says:. KenH says:. Lot says:. Henry Ramone says:. Vaterland says:. Dutch Boy says:. There are no significant voices for white people. The nose forbids it. The nose wants to exterminate white people, and from the looks of it they are going to succeed. Basehonoluluhaole says:. March 1, at am GMT. Morton's toes says:. March 1, at pm GMT. Digital Samizdat says:.

Here we sit, broken-hearted. The dope on how dangerous these guys is provided by SPLC. You cited the SPLC like they are a serious organization. You do know they are just grifters, right? MarkU says:. Imagine for one moment that someone had written the following… Making life unsafe for white people is a serious offense.

Do you get my point? Upon closer inspection, ninety-percent of these cases will turn out to be: a. BDS Always says:. Angharad says:. March 2, at am GMT. Lol just lol says:. Cocktail Party Talk says:. Wally says:. Cassandra says:. Monsieur, what did I write about self-isolating and self-defeating white ghetto culture…?

Basto says:. Mikey D. Futurethirdworlder says:. Bill Jones says:. Gleimhart Mantooso says:. The Alarmist says:. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says:. GazaPlanet says:.

It gave us Trump and Brexit, too… Lol! Hans says:. March 2, at pm GMT. I would not do anything which would please the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, big jew media et al. Thim says:. Rational skepticism is healthy if founded in fact and dedicated to civil resolution. You seem uninterested in both. Lieutenant General with little combat experience and reprimands for sharing US intelligence on the Haqqani network with Pakistan , appointed director of the DIA by Obama go figure.

Many sit on corporate boards usually earning a healthy stipend for a few days service per year. Any who doubt his alpha-omega focus is himself just like DJT needs their head examined.

Maybe a military combat vet could explain this. The issue came up again in the next large war. Wilson was chewed out buy Southern senators for suggesting drafting blacks.

Yeah, right, guys… send white boys to die while killing other white boys! The resulting compromise was to draft blacks, but have them cook and such. That minimized their military training. Some of them were black, or another minority.

Other than writing a check, the only thing Trump could help with is Federal charges. The murder charges will be state level where Trump has no control. I get the distinct impression reading your comments you know exceedingly little about firearms and the relevant laws regarding firearms but keep saying things as if you do. As a self described anarchist you should probably educate yourself on the topic. Power, as they say, comes out of the barrel of a rifle.

Crossing state lines in possession of a semi-auto rifle while being an underage possessor of same might create some problems for the kid and whoever helped him acquire the rifle. In other words, combining idealism with unrealism is what makes them utopians, thus dangerous to fellow humans. Frankly, I am pretty bored with the nightly simian like behavior by a bunch of useless morons who are being used as useful idiots.

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I will never play this PC game and never have. Europe can now honestly witness what I am saying. The common basis is they had emotionally-cold or neglectful Mothers. Show me a guy with a warm, normal Mom and a father who was present and not a chauvinist or philandering cad and that guy son will not feel negatively towards females. You demonstrated with Joan Baez? See, now I start feeling bad for you, dammit, happens every time you get to know about people.

Instead he died and become a hero martyr for the Nazi movement. Even Nazis knew how to play the martyr hero game instead of creating villains which the alt-right is unable to learn and instead engages in never-ending whataboutism that their enemies are bad and do not play fair. That said, a 17 year old crossing state lines to provide armed protection? Where were the adults?

LOL, seriously? What century was that? That was not uncommon for the era. Good for Grandma…… now pls dial in to the year I also reload 45, 9 and Seems Kyle has a famous lawyer offered and for free. Lin Wood. Good news. Sounds a great guy and Kyle deserves the best there is. Count no. Statute Description Severity Disposition 1 Intent to what?

Exercise the 2nd? Defend oneself if attacked? You stupid cuck. Fuck you. Go fuck yourself and your antifa and mossad friends in the ass. Innocent of all charges, case closed.

How do I know that for all my anti-Zionism, say, I am not actually just as much an orchestration from a hidden conductor? His possession was perfectly legal. Oy vey!!! And who but cucks and spergs and the enemies of America gives a flying fuck about state lines in this case?

Kyle handled himself with far more self control than many trained police officers. A true hero. An AR round can go through several people, not just the immediate target. Firing in a panic situation puts others at risk. I suspect the reason the Koreans were on their rooftops during the LA riots was to get an advantage as well as providing the ground as a backstop if they had to shoot someone.

Meanwhile, all of them and the media and the Negro Bakkaball Assnashun continue to uplift and celebrate criminality. Good White women are common in societies dominated by pro-White White men. Women go which way the wind blows like willow tree branches.

Domestic abuse laws are garbage… this article is trash, and you are a useful idiot for pointing this out. Let me see if I have this straight. Rittenhouse is wrong for voluntarily putting himself there, but a bystander is innocent, despite voluntarily putting themselves there. I was smart enough to get out of the way of the police state that the US is becoming. Where I am there are no riots. Almost all conservatives and libertarians are indolent, cowardly, greedy, afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome, or some combination thereof.

No year is given but Wikipedia says the second edition was How was he spraying bullets in an uncontrolled environment? He shot the people that attacked him. Spraying bullets into a crowd would have killed innocent people. Anyone ever consider 18 USC g , et al? Oh wait! That would require the fbi, and atf to actually enforce real laws, that are on the books! My bad.

Non Sequitur reply from one of the more preposterous posters on Unz. Do you have any life apart from doing damage control for the Yids? Do they pay you in shekels per post? My statement is quite self evidently true. But a White guy kills someone attacking him and they try and paint him as a White Supremist. The pieces of shit that got shot are ex felons and obvious Jewish agitators. But hey, we can always look on the bright side.

A Jew got his head blown off. Another dies by being shot in the chest. It kind of makes me nostalgic. How many of the boogalooo butt bros here have the hots for tweet, innocent little kylie? There are commenters on this site from many parts of the world. There is no barrier to entry, which is one of the attractions for the site. You should be grateful for the views of people not as involved as the average USian because they may see things with a more dispassionate point of view.

The only guy who had the hots literally, with a molotov for the boy got shot dead. Or so those of a Margaret Atwood mentality imagine. They were a hardier lot than the women we see today. Have you ever shot under stress? Clearly not. This is a good example of controlled fire. Yeah, yeah…Americans have been bombarded for at least the last 35 years with all manner of opprobrium from shitbird expats and cowed leftist Eurotrash about what a horrible, violent racist bunch we are.

Bottomline is , we will not be living under any Jew Multicult Marxist totalitarian government which seeks to make us second class citizens in our own nation, without killing a good portion of the folks attempting to do as much. There, they will also receive help to de-program them. The deprogramming will be an immense endeavor for the US govt for years to come. As far as a society, we the people, all wish that these young people can successfully be deprogrammed. It is going to be a long road.

The strange thing is that had I not read the comments of Emslander, I would not have known that the Nationalist forces having won the elections in , were subsequently driven out of power, and into an election in , whereupon violent voter suppression of Nationalists ensured a narrow victory for the Republicans.

I had not come across these pertinent facts which change the who complexion of the so-called Spanish Civil War, in all my potted readings about that war. So much for the idea that publishing industry as a whole is devoted to disseminating facts.

Number three Grosskreutz did not get shot in the arm by a 5. He got his arm shot off by a 5. Call him lefty. I call it three for three. An AR round is still deadly after it passes through an individual target. Not having a backstop is never a good idea and puts others at risk. In his situation, I understand why he fired. However, he put himself in the situation by not standing his ground with his back up against the wall as he might have been had he been protecting a building from looters.

The two he shot fatally as well as the injured person had it coming. He should have had more sense than purposely traveling to the area conspicuously armed as an incitement for the mental midgets in antifa and blm. My only observation is of his poor judgement. The kid should have stayed home and watched the proceedings on TV. I bet he even understands now that he was ill prepared to meet the challenge he faced and wishes he could turn the clock back.

As skateboard man pulled away from Kyle, he held on to the barrel of the rifle. Did this contribute to his getting shot? If Kyle had finger on trigger, then skateboarder would have effectively shot himself.

No kidding. Look closely at video. Skateboarder is pulling on barrel of rifle as he tries to run away after hitting Kyle with his skateboard. He fails. Rifle goes off as he runs away holding barrel. Arguably, he shot himself. The discharge occurred during at the end of the scuffle. Yes, this kid is a soldier. This kid did literally everything right, including shooting straight. His balls prolly weigh twice the statistical average.

This whole thing was almost miraculous, it was so epic; and all caught on video, to boot. If Weimerica had any spine left, this would be the spark that set it all off. It must be very strange to you no doubt, that the Spanish were Catholics. If young Mr. I criminal trials it is only the defendant whose convictions cannot be disclosed to the jury. The defendant loses this right if he or his counsel disclose the convictions of prosecution witnesses including victims.

I am not sure if the defendant loses immunity if the criminal record of a deceased victim is disclosed by the defendant or his counsel. The Talmudic trustafarians of Antifa are vanguarding for BLM rioters — just the latest of many recent incidents of antifa violence:. Many youngish people will get caught in illegal combat these next months, but they will be placed in de-programming facilities once they are caught.

So many of them are Alters who need care. Programming young people to be killers, is something that will rock our world. Also, skateboarding is good off-season training for snow boarding. Michelle Malkin is on facebook helping get things organised for Kyle!

Thank God for people like her! Question is where do they find these people, how do they recruit them and how do they finance them? George Soros money is all over this and is no secret.

I just want to know the recruitment process. That would be a great investigative report. BLM is not a priority, but an excuse. True and peaceful BLM protesters have been attacked by these criminals.

We are heading for a civil war which is unfortunately what the agenda is. We are just being sucked into it. Black community need to wise up and start protecting their communities from these thugs. And they have to be taken out one at a time. But before then, have to get it out of them about who is running this circus. Ok next time he should ask the zombie antifa mob chasing him to get in front of a wall. That is partly why the police have switched to ARs for room clearing.

In darkness it is hard to see flying objects like bricks. Then what? If its in-stock Its on sale! All With Approved Credit. Not Responsible For Typographical Errors. Church Street Rt. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is accepting addition- al comment through July 1 regard- ing concerns about or support for the plan by Transco, a division of Williams Energy, to expand pipe- line capacity in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to accommodate the increasing volume of natural gas coming fromMarcellus Shale wells throughout Pennsylvanias North- ern Tier.

Without that commissions ap- proval, the project cannot move forward. To submit comments, mail cor- respondence to Kimberly D. Be sure to include Docket No. PF on the letter. According to lings by Williams, the expanded pipeline would add capacity for , dekatherms of natural gas per day, enough gas to serve 2 million homes. The pur- pose of hearings held this week was to gather input before the com- mission makes a determination on whether the project is necessary and in the publics best interest.

The proposal calls for the con- struction of about 30 miles of ad- ditional pipe segments, known as loops, inPennsylvania andNewJer- sey, in addition to modifying some existing pipeline facilities.

The new pipeline loops would primarily be installed adjacent to Transcos ex- isting rights-of-way, according to a project summary on the commis- sions website. Locally, the plan calls for adding a 5. Inaddition, horse- power will be added to an existing compressor station in Bear Creek Township. Transco plans to begin construc- tion of the project in late and place the facilities in service by December , said company spokesman Chris Stockton.

While he wasnt at Wednesday nights hearing at The Woodlands InnandResort, inPlains Township, Stockton said that public feedback is vital to ensuring the project is done the right way. Public comments can ulti- mately help shape the footprint of the project and how it ultimately looks, Stockton said.

He said the New Jersey portion of the project is expected to draw more feed- back because the region impacted is more densely populated. The Pennsylvania portion, he noted, is predominantly rural, though that doesnt mean protecting the envi- ronment is any less important.

Stocktonsaidthat bykeepingthe project within the current pipelines right-of-way, it will keep any envi- ronmental impact to a minimum. SEDER aseder timesleader. For more information on the project, call Williams Energy toll- free at or email: PipelineExpansion williams. Northampton St. Wilkes-Barre, PA Do you know what you are paying for your insurance?

Let Us Educate You. Butler, O. Wilkes-Barre Provincial Tower Bldg. Hannah has a sister, Emily, Cameron is a grandson of Mary Haraschak, Hazleton, and Mr. An- thony Haraschak, Drifton. Isabella M. Scappaticci Isabella M.

Scappaticci, daugh- ter of Thomas and Maria Scappat- icci, West Wyoming, is celebrating her 11th birthday today, June Thomas and Linda Scappaticci, Lain. She has a sister, Julianna, Corey N.

He has two brothers, Troy, 7, and Christian, 5. The display features replications of ceramic tiles that were painted by Luzerne County cancer survivors and caregivers through an art therapy project.

The display will remain at the location for the month of June. At the check presentations, from left, rst row: Samantha Saylock, grant recipient; Crystal A. Joseph Boino was also a grant recipient. The main purpose of the Red Hat Society is friendship, sisterhood and fun. For more information on the society, contact any of the following ofcers, Fran Goldman, ; Romaine Stout, ; Hazel Markowski, ; or Mary Reynolds, The queens meet the second Thursday of the month at Perkins in Pittston.

Red Hat Society holds thank-you luncheon Piano students present spring recital The Conservatory of Wilkes University recently presented the students of faculty member Diane Shuleski in a spring recital.

Classical, traditional and modern pieces for piano were performed by the students in the CPA Lounge at the Darte Center. Participating students above , from left, rst row, are Christina Ales- son and Allison Mago. Lauren Patrick also participated. Smart new mortgage rules coming into effect on Jan. Essentially, the qualied- mortgage rules prohibit lenders from selling houses to buyers who cant afford them. Lenders must verify incomes, and bor- rowers must have a low enough debt-to-income ratio to both af- ford a mortgage and pay their other bills.

Fees and points cant exceed 3 percent of the loan. Mortgages cant last more than 30 years. Such practices were whit- tled some in the years leading up to the crash. With the new rules, the new housing market may not be as thrill-packed as the old one, but it should be sustainable.

Unfortunately, the edgling agency that wrote and would enforce the more conservative borrowing rules is still under at- tack by those in the nancial in- dustry who want to pull out the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus fangs. Many of the Senate Republi- cans blocking conrmation of Richard Cordray as the CFPBs director say they dont have a problem with the former Ohio attorney general, but they dont want the agency to wield so much power over consumer bor- rowing.

Meanwhile, a legal chal- lenge to Cordrays interim ap- pointment and others made by President Obama during Sen- ate recesses has put the CFPBs regulatory powers in a state of uncertainty. Edward J. Snowden, a year-old former employee of a government contracting rm, acknowledged with no apparent regrets that he was responsible for providing journalists at the Guardian and the Washington Post with evidence of what he called an architecture of oppres- sion.

Snowdens emergence from the shadows puts him at risk of prosecution by the U. More than 15, people already have signeda petitionde- manding that Snowden be given a full, free and absolute pardon for any crimes he has committed or may have committed related to blowing the whistle on secret nSa surveillance programs. Were not prepared to endorse that campaign, and were not even sure that Snowden qualies as a whistle-blower in the strict sense of someone who discloses government information in or- der to expose illegal activity.

From the governments point of view, its certainly not ideal if every twentysomething with a security clearance is making his own free-lance decisions about what secrets deserve to be protected and which should be leaked. On the other hand, President Obama himself said of the controversy over the sur- veillance programs that i wel- come this debate, and i think its healthy for our democracy.

Without the leaks that Obama decried and may prosecute , that debate wouldnt be taking place. That family made the decision to give Sarah the gift of life and they are the true heroes today.

The Murnaghan family After Sarah Murnaghan, 10, was recovering from a transplant of adult lungs after a judges ruling expanded her options for lifesaving surgery.

Gun control advocates said to be ignoring facts I n recent years, there has been a dramatic drop in the level of gun violence in the United States. For ex- ample, the federal assault Weapons Ban that was enacted in was allowed to expire in During the last few years, many states have made it easier for residents to obtain concealed-carry permits.

Since , several states have passed stand your ground laws. Firearms regulations have been eased, yet gun crime has continued to decline. Willie Speare Scranton An elite group of people should not rule everyone F reedom is the right to bear arms of any kind. Yet a hallmark of a free people is to achieve anything that we can honestly obtain.

When did we give the elitists the power to limit us to that which they think we need, what they decide we should have? Didnt the pilgrims suffer and risk all to get out from under the whims of despots? Do these elitists do without anything they want even when they are spending our dime? Were still a free people and we better start acting like it. Yet they do not see the fact that a politician stealing funds, taking bribes, excepting favors for doing favors, etc.

John T. Letters should be no more than words. We reserve the right to edit and limit writers to one published let- ter every 30 days. Email: mailbag timesleader. Like most of my patients facing this dilemma, the man asked Why wont Medicare cover at-home iV therapy when its ten times less expensive than going to a nursing home?

Considering that almost every private insurance program covers the at-home therapy, this gap in Medicare is a blatant case of age discrimination for older americans. Requiring patients to receive treatment in hospitals and nursing facili- ties places them at increased risks of infec- tion, particularly deadly infections like MRSa.

Medicares Part D program covers only the drugs administered intravenously, but not the supplies, equipment and pharmacy- related services that account for more than half the cost of the therapy. Most of my Medicare patients cannot afford to pay for the treatment out-of-pocket, so they are forced to undergo extended stays in hospitals, nursing homes and daily visits to outpatient clinics.

Over the last several months ive spoken with Sen. Pat toomeys Pa ofce and other legislators about closing this gap in Medicare coverage. Olympia Snowe of Maine, but didnt gain much traction even though it was supported by such prestigious groups as aaRP, american Diabetes association and american association of People with Disabilities.

Medicares short-sighted policy conicts my duty as a physician to do no harm. Until Con- gress and the Medicare program corrects this wrongheaded policy, my elderly and frail patients wil continue to be placed in harms way.

Temperature bands are highs for the day. Shown is todays weather. Temperatures are todays highs and tonights lows. The more the total degree days, the more energy is necessary to cool. Lows: Breezy and warmer today with some sun; a stray afternoon thundershower. Highs: Windy today with a stray thundershower; cloudy, then clouds and sun in the afternoon. Clouds and sunshine today with a thunder- shower in spots; warmer.

Turning clear tonight. Low: Breezy today with a stray thundershower; cloudy, then clouds and sun in the afternoon. High: Breezy today with sun and clouds; a thundershower in spots during the afternoon. Carroll said he welcomes the debate related to SB 1 and expects the House to amend the bill in the coming days to reect the priorities a majority of the members of the House of Representatives embrace.

While there is no way to know for certain what changes will be considered, I do expect the trans- portation funding proposal to be considered by the Transportation Committee next week and remain hopeful for a bill to be approved by months end, he said. In his letter to the legislators, Rendell said Pennsylvania is facing a daunting and well-documented crisis in funding for transporta- tion infrastructure needs.

He said raising the necessary revenue to support the states crumbling infrastructure system and under- nanced transportation system is critical. I know that many predict dire political consequences in for those who support this tax in- crease, Rendell said. From per- sonal experience, I can tell you this it is not true.

Rendell said history shows that those who support tax increases do not face certain electoral defeat, noting he signed a signicant tax package in his rst term as gover- nor and was re-elected by a margin of more than 20 points. Rendell said 28 percent of Penn- sylvanias bridges are still struc- turally decient and 22 percent of Pennsylvanias state-owned road miles are in poor condition.

The longer we delay xing these conditions, the more expen- sive it will be to x them down the road, he said. We must act now. He said , cars per day cross structurally decient bridges in Luzerne County.

State Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Lehman Township, said the substantial and growing gap between the rising cost and number of transportation needs and available revenues that are at-lining would have serious economic and safety consequences if left unaddressed. With a broad coalition of com- munity groups and transportation advocates pressing for a vote, this is the right time for responsible ac- tion, Baker said.

While it is never a good time to ask people to pay more, as least with transportation improvements you get to see what you pay for. John Yudichak, D- Plymouth Township, said SB 1 will not only improve public safety, it is also critical for economic devel- opment and attracting new jobs to Pennsylvania. Our roads and bridges are among the worst in the nation and that needs to change, Yudichak said.

This bill is a viable long-term solution that will improve the qual- ity and safety of our transportation infrastructure. Tom Cor- bett should dip into pots of money they arent using.

Pashinski said he has a plan to really close the Delaware loop- hole and also lower the state corpo- rate net income tax. He said those efforts, combined with Medicaid expansion would create nearly , new jobs that would gener- ate hundreds of millions of dollars in state taxes per year.

Im trying to prevent the cost of road and bridge repairs to be paid for by the citizens of Pennsylvania, Pashinski said. Pashinski also said its time to approve the gas extraction tax on the Marcellus Shale industry that he says would add millions to the state coffers. Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter Director Jeff Schmidt is- sued a statement that said the or- ganization believes Corbetts re- quest for Allans resignation is at least in part a result of the lack of transparency and willingness to involve the public in DCNRs public lands management deci- sions.

Schmidt cited the Anadarko Petroleum Co. Under Secretary Allans lead- ership, DCNR has been engag- ing in backroom negotiations with Anadarko, while refusing to provide the public important details about Anadarkos plans, Schmidt said. Our environmen- tal and sportsmens coalition representing more than , Pennsylvanians has been frus- trated by Secretary Allans stone- walling and hostility to public involvement.

Schmidt said the Sierra Club applauds Corbetts decision to remove a cabinet secretary who has grossly mishandled public in- volvement and shown open hos- tility to established public lands stakeholder organizations. Allan was a founding member of Back Mountain Recreation Inc.

He was also a founding mem- ber of the North Branch Land Trust, which provides manage- ment to more than 10, acres of land in Northeastern Pennsyl- vania. Since , Allan served as executive director for the Penn- sylvania, Maryland and Delaware members of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, the nation- al trade association that repre- sents the recycling industry.

Since , he has also been a consultant to energy producers in the electric, wind, solar and coal sectors. Allan has served on the boards of the Pennsylvania Environmen- tal Council and Pennsylvania Re- sources Council since He was also a member of the energy and environmental com- mittees for Corbetts transition team. But because heavy rains followed, forcing two delays, the rst round wont be com- pleted until this morning.

His brother, Matt, is enrolled in the PGA ap- prentice program, studying to be a golf professional. Obviously, were very proud of Mike and all the hard work hes done to get where he is, Dave Kachurak said. Mike Kachurak said he served two internships at Merion while in college and was hired right after graduation.

He hopes to someday become superinten- dent at Merion, he said. When the club received word that it wouldhost the Open some three years ago, prepara- tions began immediately to get the course ready for champion- ship play. The U. Weve been preparing for this week for three years, he said. Weve built new tee box- es, shifted fairways to allow for different angles to the greens and added bunkers. Weve ba- sically been maintaining the championship condition of the course for the past year.

The Open is being played on Merions East Course. The club also has a West Course. Kachurak said all of the prep- arations for the Open were done under the watchful eye of the U. Golf Association. Weve denitely made the course more challenging, he said. The golfers always like to comment about conditions at Open courses, but Kachurak said he and the staff at Merion dont take those comments to heart.

We like to talk to the pros during practice week and we ask them how the course is playing, he said. We pass those comments on to Matt Shaffer, our director of golf course operations, at our meet- ings. Kachurak said when he was in high school he decided he wanted to pursue a career in which he could get free golf. He worked on the grounds crew at Blue Ridge Golf Course near his home under the direction of Duane Schell, superintendent.

The more I worked there, the more I got into it and I knew it was what I wanted to do when I got out of college, he said. Those two courses are where I devel- oped into a pretty good player, he said. The job demands long hours.

audio All audio latest This Just In Grateful Dead Netlabels Old Time Radio 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings. Live Music Archive. Top Kodi Archive and Support File Community Software Vintage Software APK MS-DOS CD-ROM Software CD-ROM Software Library. Console Living Room.

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  1. Part 1: Casualties For The Greater Good, an album by Jack Dalton on Spotify 8 Times X Equals This. 3. Exit For The Future. 4. Lack Of Inhibition. 5. Dead Ends. More by Jack Dalton. Past Swallows Love. 8 Times X Equals This. Heartimes. Novelty Tunes of the Roaring 20s, Vol. 2. Novelty Tunes of the.
  2. Explore releases from the Jack Dalton (4) label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Jack Dalton (4) releases. Vinyl and CD 1 – 4 of 4. Genre. Show. Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; ASPEN (4) Part 1: Casualties For The Greater Good.
  3. Listen to music from Jack Dalton like Past Swallows Love, 8 Times X Equals This & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Jack Dalton.
  4. Sep 10,  · Lack Of Inhibition, a song by Jack Dalton on Spotify. Featured on Part 1: Casualties For The Greater Good. More by Jack Dalton. Past Swallows Love. 8 Times X Equals This. Heartimes. Novelty Tunes of the Roaring 20s, Vol. 2. Novelty Tunes of the Roaring 20's, Vol. scorenabmespocapp.reidrexlicilimalindisctextdersticon.co Duration: 3 min.
  5. Aug 22,  · 'Welcome to America, the Land of Freedom', read the signs at Washington, DC's international airport as you line up to have your fingerprints taken and your body cavities searched for mini nuclear devices. I could have titled this article 'Setting the Cat among the Pigeons'. In an attempt to forestall the expected avalanche of disagreement, I confirm my awareness of statistics produced by a.
  6. Yesterday, the FBI made a big show of arresting multiple alleged members of a 'white supremacist' group they have designated as a national security threat equivalent to ISIS. Federal prosecutors have charged black metal fan Cameron Denton, the Nazi Al-Baghdadi, with telling the police to send SWAT teams after a journalist and a politician as a childish prank. Four other cohorts in 'AtomWaffen.
  7. Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny lead. A good two paragraphs can't be that hard to write. Peter Isotalo , 7 March (UTC) I made a first attempt at one, though I'm not terribly familiar with Goebbels' life and career. Peter Isotalo , 8 March (UTC) Follow-up I've been reading the article a lot closer. It's of really high quality, but it.
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