Berlin - Sweet William Van Ghost - For God And Christoph Marek (CD, Album)

He played every weekend and four nights a week for five years, building up his fan base and honing his own musical style. Furthermore, as part of his training to be a classic country-music star, he started living the classic country-music-star lifestyle, big-time.

First thing he did was deliberately step up the drinking. But when I started playing country, I just had to become fucking drunk. Just so I could understand the music, you know? Just so I could understand all the other old fucking drunks. He also left his girlfriend of seven years, not because he didn't love her but because he wanted to experience "that kind of pain, so I could have something vto write about. He pushed his body to the edge of collapse with hooch, drugs, insane hours, shit food and every other manner of abuse.

It got so bad that when his girlfriend staged an intervention, Hank-3's father and his father's good buddy Waylon Jennings speaking of old fucking drunks showed up, deeply concerned. And that's saying something, folks, because Hank Williams Jr. Still, even the old man got worried and stuck Hank-3 into rehab in California. Hank-3 enjoyed rehab immensely, in that he met "some really cool motherfuckers in there," but he got fed up with the program and walked out on day.

Walked out and informed the adorably concerned Bocephus and Waylon Jennings that he had no intention of returning to rehab for years yet, if ever. Wretched, lonely, broke, drunk, physically depleted—it was all coming together for Hank And then, just to make things even more country-music perfect, he actually had to sell of his pickup truck in order to pay his bills. And then his dog up and died on him one day. Right there in front of his very own eyes.

The kindly gods of Nashville were obviously smiling down on him. And, my God, were people ever ready for him. With the release of that rocking debut album, Hank-3 became a critics' beloved darling overnight.

They loved his authentic hillbilly sensibility and his hard-core, boss lyrics. I been roughed-up, beat up, I've been cut, I got a tattoo at a tender age…. The critics, full of nostalgia for his grandfather and full of irritation over decades of his father's lowest-common-denominator are-you-ready-for-some-football musical shenanigans , tripped over their own tongues trying to articulate their praise. They said that Hank-3 had "the songwriting skills and raw appeal of his forebears," that he was "goose-bumpy good," that his songs suggested Hank Sr.

It all may sound hyperbolic, but truly, the album swings. And as for the live act? There's nothing like it. Because Hank-3 has never left his punk roots behind him. Sometimes if the mood is right, he plays on set of his extraordinarily good country music and then he graciously warns all the older folks in the crowd that they might want to get the hell out before it gets too loud and then he kicks into a hard, angry thrash-metal punk set.

The line dancing stops abruptly, and the mosh pit forms, and the night turns very surreal indeed. Hank-3 and his band are equally comfortable in both styles of music. And the crazy thing is, they don't even change their instruments when they change their form. The very same stand-up bass, fiddle, guitar and drum that created a smooth, authentic Texas honky-tonk sound one minute transform into a tightly rendered, pounding buzz saw of screaming rage the next.

Hard to even know what to call this transformation. I've heard it described as punkabilly, psychobilly, hillbilly, cow punk…. It kind of defies description. It's something that only Shelton Hank Williams can do. And it's kind of unbelievably great. Hank-3 uses as his address this ramshackle old house outside Nashville that he shares with a bunch of other people.

Hard to tell who really lives in this house and who's merely dropping by this house for the evening to sell pot or eat pizza or have sex with someone who actually does live in the house. Hank-3 himself is hardly ever home, since he basically lives on his tour bus. But he does have a bedroom here, which looks like the bedroom of a disgruntled teenager—all posters and porn and filthy laundry. He's "home" right now, for what that's worth. He's had three days off from his tour, although he hasn't enjoyed it much, since he's been puking in agony from the flu the whole time.

Hank-3's tour bus is parking in the front yard of the house at the moment, resting in the uncut grass amid the crickets and fireflies, waiting for him.

The band members are gradually gathering at Hank-3's house, slowly rejoining after their time off. They're all showered and rested, for now and for once. The plan is to leave around midnight for the fourteen-house drive to Texas and the next leg of this endless Hank Williams III tour. As for Hank-3 himself, he's in his shanky bedroom, hidden behind a closed door, deep in a business meeting with his entertainment lawyer. Hank-3's entertainment lawyer is an intelligent young woman named Elizabeth Gregory, who might appear to have the toughest client in all of Nashville.

Consider this typically discreet Hank-3 nugget of wisdom: "I have the respect of all the players and old hands, but not the lawyers and businessmen, and that's fine. I give them the finger, and that's exactly what they need—more people giving them the finger. And that does tire out Elizabeth Gregory and make her lawyering pretty hard. But she deals with Hank-3 nonetheless, for two reasons. First of all, she adores him. She adores him for the same reason everyone who works with Hank-3 ultimately adores him: because he's such a funny strange, renegade but oddly tenderhearted character.

He's such a vulnerable doofus, under his fuck-this, fuck-that exterior. Very sweet and polite, in his way—"always jumping up to get the door for you or give you his seat," says his best friend, Jason. With that physical frailty about him his body has no more meat on it than a broken umbrella and with that face the baby-soft skin looks as if it's never been shaved, but the eyes are famished , he begs to be cared for. Hank-3's grandfather inspired this same kind of affection in people, using that same trick of appealing helplessness hidden under outrageously bad behavior.

Everyone who worked with Hank Williams Sr. Don't get the idea I'm trying to bawl you out because I'm just trying to see you become what I know you can become. And that brings us to the second reason Hank-3's entertainment lawyer, the very intelligent Elizabeth Gregory, ultimately sticks around: because she's just trying to see him become what she knows he can become.

Because she happens to believe he's a genius. It's not only that he plays punk and country separately; he's starting to combine them more and more into something totally new. That's what his next album will be all about. Think about it—a hard-rock sound with that twangy country voice of his?

It's incredible. My secret belief is that he's capable of becoming another American icon, someone whose magnetism is so powerful and whose individual musical style is so immune to the fads of time that he could endure forever. I think he could become a legend. Legend , of course, is not a word to be tossed around like some cheap Frisbee. Although it is tempting to imagine legendary status for Hank-3, because he damn sure has the pedigree for it.

And then there's what Merle Kilgore said. Merle Kilgore is a famous songwriter and Nashville legend in his own right. He traveled with Hank Williams Sr. If he doesn't die. Living on a tour bus is like living in a submarine. Smells like it, feels like it. A compact, airtight metal confine, rocking gently in the deep currents of travel.

Each guy in the band has his own coffin-size berth on the bus with a curtain for privacy and a wee reading light to make it feel all homey.

The front of the bus is a common living space, where the guys sit and drink beer and tell stories. The back of the bus is a dark little caboose of a room, and that's where Shelton Hank Williams lives. He spends his life back there, working on new songs and listening to tapes of past shows to puzzle out improvements.

He's got a good stereo system in this little room, along with guitars and a TV and a VCR and bottles of whiskey and tons of pot. It's not that I want to harp on the pot, but it is absolutely amazing how much pot this guy smokes.

He smokes joints the way chain-smokers smoke cigarettes—one after another after another—and he chain-smokes cigarettes too. I honestly don't know where he finds all the time for it all.

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Sep 23,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Sweet William's Ghost · Andrew King The Amfortas Wound ℗ Andrew King Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  1. For God and Christoph Marek by Sweet William van Ghost, released 01 February 1. Bjoerk/Flex 2. She's the Music 3. For God and Christoph Marek 4. Berlin 5. War is over 6. Drogen 7. Ramona 8. Hidden Cameras 9.
  2. For God And Christoph Marek, an album by Sweet William van Ghost on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  3. Shop Vinyl at: Konkord | Amazon Shop Digital at: Amazon | iTunes Listen to Album on: Spotify-- ARTIST: Sweet William van Ghost TITEL: For God and Christoph Marek EAN: (CD); (Do-LP incl. CD) FORMAT: CD; LP (incl. CD); digital LABEL: Konkord Konkord STYLE: Alternative; Singer/Songwriter RELEASE: TRACKS: .
  4. Drogen/Berlin By Sweet William van Ghost. • 2 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Drogen. 2. Berlin. More by Sweet William van Ghost. For God And Christoph Marek. Preview To Heaven / Preview To Hell. More Sweet William van Ghost.
  5. Sweet William Van Ghost - For God And Christoph Marek (CD, Album, Promo) Label: Konkord Cat#: KONKORD Media Condition: Media: Near Mint (NM or M-) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Near Mint (NM or M-) CD Album in cardboard sleeve, new condition. View Release Page: Seller: vinyl_pleasures; %, ratings ; Ships From: Austria; €%().
  6. sweet-william-van-ghost-silent-album-release-party; Sweet William van Ghost | For God and Christoph Marek konkord; Schöne Feiertage & Vorschau Juleah – Desert Skies (Vinyl, CD, Konkord ) Brainmanagerz – Brainmanagerz (Vinyl, CD, Konkord ) Stimmgewitter Augustin und Kollegium Kalksburg – A gauns a großes Kind.
  7. Sweet William Van Ghost - For God And Christoph Marek (2xLP+CD) Track List (Listen to the album in full)For God and Christoph Marek by Sweet William van GhostA1 Bjo.. € Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Out Of Stock. Wovenhand - Mosaic (Ltd Col.) "This is the first new record from David Eugene Edwards since his band.
  8. Sweet William's Ghost. Portland, Oregon. Sweet William's Ghost is a musical project based out of Portland, Oregon that formed in At its core are the roots-based songwriting of Dean Gorman (The Tumblers) and the haunting harmonies/musical arrangements of Ali Ippolito (When the Broken Bow). They have released three albums of original material: Sweet William’s Ghost (), Hills Turning.
  9. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Sweet William's Ghost - George Deacon on AllMusic - - By the early '70s, the British label.

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