Deeper - Bounce Generation - Deeper / Shine / Toytown (Vinyl)

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How to Clean Concrete Floors Cleaning outdoor concrete flooring is very different from indoor concrete flooring. And it shows: there are 3 Coltrane albums on a 50 record list…. In my opinion the one above is pretty narrow-minded, sticking just to 50sss stuff. Make your own list and publish it here. This is a very shallow based list.

According to this list, it appears that no significant jazz happened on the west coast USA or beyond. Where the Jazz Crusaders and other great musicians who were not based on the East Coast were just holding their instruments in the studios, making their posters or creating mannequins.

How is there no early jazz on the list? As a slight corrective, Pres would feature heavily in 49, but omitting the small group sessions with Lady Day, Teddy Wilson et al , is a big miss. No Ella Fitzgerald? No Ramsey Lewis? Only 1 Sarah Vaughan? Total incorrect list. Fusion albums mixed with traditional Jazz albums. These lists are always subjective and reflect the personal taste of compiler. On that note, if I had compiled this list, it would include some Gerry Mulligan.

No Grover Washington Jr? Especially Inner City Blues? I am disappointed with the list overall…:. There are sooooo many great jazz albums I can think of, and some are on this list.

But the 1 jazz album that stands heads above the rest in my opinion is not even listed here…. I have already seen many lists of the kind over internet. The New Yorker, many years ago, had its try [1], for instance. As I came to realize later, underneath all those lists there is a certain intention. And that should not be understood as a mistake. Are Roy Elridge an Dizzy G. And Sinatra — listen to him as if he were a sax!

Billie H. Bessi S. Sara V. The lack of representation of Dizzy Gillespie and Lee Morgan stands out. Where are they? Plus, all due respect to Miles, but both Dizzy and Lee could outplay Miles any day. Lots of great picks on this list, but it needs work fellas!

Lets see three Coltrane albums and no Chet Baker. Nothing from Chic Corea or Django Rheinhardt still copied note for note today?

Nothing after ! This list is nonsensical. Also, no Wynton M? The first album or Black Codes? Where is Billie? What about pre jazz? Is Armstrong really the only early recording that makes the list? Time to broaden your listening horizons folks. Too many free jazz and avantgarde to my taste. Missing Tete Montoliu as a one of the top pianists.

What about John Klemmer? The ignorance expressed on this list is representative of our time. What a ton of wasted effort on this inadequate list. The exact order is not so important. But what gets me about top jazz lists is that almost always the majority of the albums are more than 50 years old.

Nevertheless, there are a whole lot of great jazz albums recorded in the past 50 years. I own 4, of them! A few of the greats include:. Soft Machine — Fourth. Tanjah and Spirit of our Ancestors — Randy Weston.

Afro-Eurasian Eclipse — Duke Ellington. Timeless — John Abercrombie. New Directions — Jack DeJohnette. Lenox Avenue Breakdown — Arthur Blythe. Offramp — Pat Metheny. African Exchange Student — Kenny Garrett. Night Bird Song — Thomas Chapin. Blue Sun — Mark Isham. Dark Starr — David Murray. Angel Song — Kenny Wheeler.

Joey Barron — Down Home. Marc Cary — Listen. The Art of Rhythm — Tom Harrell. Change — Chick Corea. Strange City — Herbie Nichols Project. Elevated — Michael Blake. Largo — Brad Mehldau.

Wide Angles — Michael Brecker. Bounce — Terence Blanchard. Easy Living — Enrico Rava. Northern LIghts — Mike Mainieri. Camp Meeting — Bruce Hornsby.

John Scofield — This Meets That. Lawn Chair Society — Kenn Werner. Invisible Cinema — Aaron Parks. Infernal Machines — Darcy James Argue. Movements in Color — Andy Sheppard. The Storyteller — Uri Gurvich. Deluxe — Chris Lightcap. Sun Roms — Jason Adasiewicz.

Tattooed by Passion — Matt Jorgensen. Hearts Wide Open — Gilad Hekselman. On the Go — Matthew Halsall. Trios — Carla Bley. Instead — Collocutor. LIve in Larissa — Nate Birchall. New Song — Omer Avital. Harmonious Creatures — Sarah Manning. Madeline — Ghost Rhythms. Homage — Adam Niewood. Oceanic Suite — Atlantis Jazz Ensemble. Infinitude — Ingrid and Christine Jensen. Early Americans — Jane Ira Bloom. Beam Me Up — Shauli Einav. Layers of the City — Ben Allison.

Ill Considered One — Ill Considered. Awase Nick Bartsch. Glitter Wolf — Allison Miller. Blume — Nerija. Life is the Dancer — Rob Luft. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Blue Note The first musician to successfully play bebop on the tenor saxophone, this six foot six jazz giant from Los Angeles started his career in the late 40s but virtually disappeared in the 50s due to spells in prison for drugs offences.

Blue Note A prodigiously gifted multi-reed player who excelled on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, Los Angeles-born Eric Dolphy was also a virtuoso flute player. Format: UK English. Rick Minor December 30, at pm. FH December 31, at pm. Claude Soiron August 29, at am. Sean September 11, at pm. Stephen November 3, at pm. Borden September 12, at am. John Lassiter September 12, at pm. No Ella Fitzgerald! Tim January 1, at pm. Happy January 1, at pm. Alex May 4, at pm. DS January 1, at pm.

Antonio Teja January 29, at pm. G July 7, at pm. YogaforCynics May 4, at pm. Gibson Hilliard June 1, at pm. John Fields September 11, at pm. I would take Brown-Roach over Miles any day. Mahglun Green Laddie June 4, at am. MusicIsLife September 11, at pm. Max August 30, at pm. James S. October 8, at am. Vanessa September 16, at am.

George April 22, at pm. Exactly Right! Frank Rossini December 30, at pm. Eckhart Derschmidt December 30, at pm. Paul December 31, at am. Jackie December 31, at am. Jo Welch December 31, at am. Crocodile Chuck January 1, at am. Darroch Greer May 31, at pm.

Mahglun Green Laddie June 2, at pm. Michael Kroll January 18, at am. Rejean June 1, at am. Index, what about one of the greatest jazz pianist, a Canadian, Oscar Peterson. Chris Johnson September 12, at am. Jpck o' Houston August 14, at pm. October 7, at pm. Brian December 31, at pm. Eckhart Derschmidt December 31, at pm. Milagros Llauger October 8, at pm. Jerry O'Callaghan January 1, at pm. Patricia Baker December 30, at pm.

Well done good choice what about diz and bird? Marc van Dongen May 31, at pm. Barry Witham October 7, at pm. Robert December 31, at pm. Pedro December 30, at pm. Kate August 30, at pm. Jason Argos December 30, at pm. Steve Kim June 1, at am. Ray Hunter December 30, at pm.

LexJazz May 15, at pm. Kip Athan December 30, at pm. L December 30, at pm. Totally agree about the absence of Johnny Hartman. And no Ella?? Jupeter December 31, at am. Peter May 7, at am. Deever McGraw September 30, at pm. OP December 30, at pm. Michael Morse December 30, at pm. No Adderly, Coleman Hawkins and topheavy with Coltrane. Santtu January 1, at pm. Martin Gowar January 27, at am. I agree with you, any list without these is a joke. Robert May 4, at pm. No Colman Hawkins, you got to be kidding.

Max Turner June 2, at am. Ken December 28, at am. Lemmy Caution December 30, at pm. Rusty James December 31, at am. Paul Burgess December 31, at am. Janet December 31, at am. John Wagman December 31, at am.

John Isaacs December 31, at am. Joe Garza December 31, at am. Little Jimmy Scott. Robert Scurry December 31, at am. Greg December 31, at pm. Hawkins December 31, at am. Kenny Haddaway December 31, at am. Phil Pine December 31, at am. Tim Cunningham December 31, at am. CBro December 31, at am. Fieldhands December 31, at am. Richie Angelilli December 31, at am. Joe Farrell — song of the wind; timeless. Mark March 28, at pm.

There is one Dexter Gordon album, but should be at least two. Peter December 31, at am. Skip December 31, at pm. Martinez October 9, at pm. Kevin January 3, at pm. Gerald Alexander October 7, at pm. Steve Burkhalter December 31, at am. Kevin Sterchi May 31, at pm. Don December 31, at am. FalconJapan December 31, at am.

Daniela Cervantes December 31, at am. Carlos December 31, at am. Nat Silver December 31, at am. Where are Nina and Ella? Lisa Gimber December 31, at am. Ken December 31, at am. Joe Cogan January 20, at am. Kathiesl October 8, at am.

Stanton December 31, at am. Stefan December 31, at am. What about the great Ella Fitzgerald? Nina Simone? Etc ecc…Many missing.. James henriot December 31, at am. Trevor Hyde December 31, at am. Mike Burke December 31, at am. Jimmy Jackson December 31, at am. I second with knobs on the comment by Trevor Hyde a travesty not to include those he mentions.

Mark Sarnow December 31, at am. Lord Running Clam December 31, at am. Adam C. December 31, at pm. Barry Curtis December 31, at am. Tarso December 31, at am.

Shaun Cronin December 31, at am. Ricky Garni December 31, at pm. Laurent January 1, at am. Marshall Zucker December 31, at pm. John December 31, at pm. Don December 31, at pm. I guess Jazz Trombone never existed….. Kappa Steve August 5, at pm. David Wagner December 31, at pm.

Peter Neski December 31, at pm. Le Knopf December 31, at pm. Susan December 31, at pm. George Thomas December 31, at pm.

Dick Singer December 31, at pm. Sascha Hace December 31, at pm. Karlos December 31, at pm. HamiltonAZ January 1, at am. Gigantic December 31, at pm. What no VInce Guaraldi Trio? A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the best of all times.

Jiminindy December 31, at pm. Peter December 31, at pm. Juan Montesano December 31, at pm. Jim Grodnik December 31, at pm. Virginia December 31, at pm. Josh Hull December 31, at pm.

John Reinschmidt December 31, at pm. Herb Roth December 31, at pm. Michael December 31, at pm. Paul Corby December 31, at pm. Ben January 1, at am. Bob Skaleski January 1, at am. I have 33 of those fifty, and this list is very much like my personal list. John January 1, at am. Obviously this list is incorrect. There are no trombonists listed! Stephen Ranzer January 1, at am. I only have 36 of the Have to review the list and see which ones I still have to purchase.

KBenson January 1, at am. Kevin Sterchi June 1, at am. Chuck January 1, at am. Too much great stuff has been done to ever limit it to Concierto by Jim Hall? Chris Anderson January 1, at am. The great Jimmy Smith not on the list…? E Fernandez January 1, at am. Kevin January 1, at am. Rangan January 1, at am. Bosher January 1, at am. Ponman January 1, at am. Neil June 1, at am.

Rod Wilkinson January 1, at pm. Schuyler Rogers January 1, at pm. Dan Johnston January 1, at pm. Zzonkmiles January 1, at pm. Rod January 1, at pm. Sean Niles January 1, at pm. Kevin Amphan January 1, at pm. Steve January 2, at am. Lou January 2, at am. Brian Anderson January 2, at am.

Akiko Miyagi January 2, at am. Leo January 2, at pm. Adrian Litvinoff January 2, at pm. Jim Collins January 2, at pm. Rolf Westerberg January 2, at pm. RyanK January 2, at pm. Nerdhound January 3, at am. Margaret January 3, at am. Michel Desgroseillers January 3, at pm. David January 3, at pm. Douglas Formey January 3, at pm. Terry Row January 3, at pm. Kazire March 10, at pm. Joe Amato January 3, at pm. Mike B January 4, at am.

JB January 5, at am. Julie McGill January 5, at pm. Nancie January 6, at pm. Karin January 8, at pm. Pippo January 8, at pm. B January 17, at pm. Chris January 18, at pm. Kax January 25, at pm. Maltebrigge January 28, at am. Antonio January 29, at pm. DJ Kool H. February 4, at pm. Janis Lane-Ewart February 12, at am. Colson Jimenez February 16, at pm. Ken MacAlister March 5, at pm. Jazz Funk Kwintet March 10, at pm. Bless you all jazz lovers ilia.

David McPhie March 18, at am.

Jan 27,  · [Merlin] IDOL Distribution (on behalf of Roll Deep Recordings); AMRA, Concord Music Publishing, ASCAP, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., UMPG Publishing, Warner Chappell, UMPI, and 10 Music Rights Societies.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Deeper / Shine / Toytown on Discogs. Label: Bounce Generation Records - BGR • Format: Vinyl 12 Bounce Generation - Deeper / Shine / Toytown (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(5).
  2. Bounce Generation - Deeper / Shine / Toytown (12") Label: Bounce Generation Records Cat#: BGR Media Condition: Media: Mint (M) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Mint (M) never been played! We start now a big Hard House Vinyl Sale! Delivery to any country in the world from 6,00 € per item%().
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Bounce on Discogs. Label: Wiley Kat Records - WK • Format: Vinyl 12 Roll Deep - Bounce (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(18).
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