Energy (Rudys Mix) - Various - Rare Balearic Vol 1 (Vinyl, LP)

Unknown Collective. Arya EP gram vinyl 12". Italian crew Unknown Collective come correct on this latest Purism joint as they drop some seriously bumping deep house heat to get bodies popping with approval. Lisbon-born, London-based producer Silvestre came to light on Disktopia before starting up the Padre Himalaya label to house his unconventional chuggers.

This release for Secretsundaze finds him exploring his sound in greater detail, folding in a certain amount UK rave energy amongst other more esoteric motifs. The results are spellbinding, from the twilight marvels of "Lights" to the slow breakbeat chops and delirious harp trills of "Fuego".

At times the ideas have a scuffed mixtape quality to them, which only adds to the charm. Natural Lateral. Cogito Ergo Jam gram vinyl 12". The Social Joy label has dropped a couple of low key, high grade jazz cuts from Guilhem Monin and Remi Mazet in the past few years.

Now the label fires up after a couple of years silence with this gorgeous gathering of contemporary grooves from London-based band Natural Lateral. Tapping into the buoyant sound emanating out of enlightened clubs and studios in the UK capital, this promising outfit present the kind of instant, groove-oriented jazz that will have old heads and fresh faces nodding in approval.

There's a Latin twist to their approach, not least on the oh-so-sweet "46 To Foulden", but there's also space for smoky, mellow moments on the likes of "Days With Amber". Niles Cooper. House Gospel EP gram vinyl 12". Super Tuff continues to forge ahead as one of the most vital outlets for true house music transmitting out of Brooklyn.

Following releases from Marcel Lune and M. Vaughan, fast rising producer Niles Cooper steps up with a classic approach to deep house that sports personality to match its warmth.

Lead track, "House Gospel," rides high on a soul stirring vocal lick, shuffled drums and a killer bassline, but watch out for the haunting, string-led breakdown because that's where the magic is at.

Black Loops serves up a respectful remix that pumps up the rhythm section for a slightly tougher end result. Gari Romalis. Detroit maestro Gari Romalis is back on Sudd Wax after launching the label back in , and he's got plenty of coal in the furnace as he cooks up a moody dub style on the killer "Windy Mix" of "Detroit Metro Terminal".

The actual "dub mix" of the track takes things even further down into the depths of the subconscious, with a gorgeous chord drop underpinning the whole thing. First up is a little known track from Pawel Kobak, given a shimmering polish to become a heavy disco funking masterpiece, before Adam Jace drops in a percussive dub delight on Dana Kelley Callisto "Manga".

Tears EP gram vinyl 12" limited to copies. Homesick 8 gram vinyl 12". The Hong Kong based Homesick team are back with their yearly release of quality reworks that has made the label sought after since their first release back in For the 8th opus they're going back to their Disco roots and have worked with Cocktail D'Amore regular "Trent" for four edits that have been thoroughly tried on Asia's dance floors for the past two years.

Soul Mass Transit System. Underground garage music. Secretsundaze Edits gram vinyl 12". Secretsundaze are proud to unleash the first release of a new re-edit series. For the first in the series, Secretsundaze head into deep, cosmic, spiritual territory reworking a version of Ghana Nila. Emanating from a Californian ashram towards the end of s and never released on vinyl before, this heavily percussive, jazz organ, powerful choir and lead vocal number gets a subtle, positive, respectful and uplifting rework with just enough oomph for the floor.

NYC's Ge-ology steps up to re-flip a lates infectious uptempo party starting disco groover. Killing heavy flute soloing, sick strings and good times vocals get the Geo extended intro and DJ-friendly workout, as only he knows how. Originally a 4 minute album track this is a loving rework aimed purely to Stomp your Feet! Baby Ford. One For Sorrow reissue gram vinyl 12". This record has been in high demand for almost 10 years now. Don't miss it as this will be gone quick.

Needs gram vinyl 12". Needs not-for-profit NNFP This time the gauntlet is thrown down by the increasingly prolific DJ Normal 4, who wields some of his signature breakbeats over a cheeky synth that nods to Da Hool for a dark and deadly roller. Israeli duo Red Axes pop up fresh from outings on!

K7 and Phantasy Sound for the worldly percussion and mystical atmosphere of "Treacksheni" before Bristol bass-wielding techno titan Hodge finishes the package off with the stunning, dramatic undulations of "Signal," making this a collection of tracks that all feed into the same vein of rhythmically adventurous, moody club music.

Afrojaws EP gram vinyl 12". Craft Music CM Now a new start up label from St Petersburg has called on Abramov to inaugurate their imprint with his incredibly funky touch, leading in with the sweaty Afrobeat thump of "Ole Ole" and following up in fine style with the sprightly "Heavy Salsa Pushka Bassline", where salsa rips, rudeboy breaks and disco strut gleefully bounce off each other.

The Bermuda Triangle gram vinyl 2xLP. Vibraphone VIBR The original 90's vinyl are now considered precious collectors items. Revitalized by an increasingly new young audience interest this label has reached a cult status and it is now been re-launched via Juno Records.

Produced by The True Underground Sound of Rome team all the tracks included in this re-released are characterized by a heavenly atmosphere and a cinematic sound. This 2 X 12" EP contains the analog re-mastered version of the original 6 tracks first released in plus 2 new bonus tracks.

Minimal Vision light blue vinyl 12". The original 90's vinyl are now considered precious collectors items Revitalized by an increasingly new young audience interest this label has reached a cult status and it is now been re-launched via Juno Records. Liquid Time gram vinyl 12". Revitalized by an increasingly new young audience interest, this label has reached a cult status and it has now been re-launched via Juno Records.

A Selection Of Works Part 2 gram vinyl double 12". For Those That Knoe are doing the right thing in gathering together some choice cuts from over the years - the Voice Stealer jams in particular stand out with their miscreant tones and overall uneasy atmosphere tapping into the malaise of the darker Drexciya-related output. There are all shades of electro to be enjoyed on here though, and hopefully it'll place Finlow on the radar for a few more heads. A Selection Of Works Part 1 gram vinyl double 12".

His works as Silicon Scally are a particular highlight, channeling the seediest streams of Detroit electro and injecting a little of that UK verve and swagger into the mix, with invariably stunning results. Watch out for the seductive bite of "Dark Matter" and the dystopian funk of "Deep Dissolve", but in truth every selection on this choice double pack is worthy of some serious platter time.

Originally pressed in finite numbers, the records have recently found themselves in demand on Discogs, and rightly so, Derek's music is in a class of its own. Having been a big fan since his releases on then local to label owner Ben Leeds label Geek records, For Those That Knoe has dug deep into the archives to put together a sizeable selection of Derek's back catalogue, with some unreleased gems dotted amongst the classic must-haves, spread across three EPs Part three in Derek's starts with Cuba, probably the most sought after track in his back catalogue.

It's stunning simplicity and charming summer vibe puts it amongst Derek's greatest works and understandably so. Red then slots into the A2 position which was originally released under the radar on a Headspace compilation. As warm as Cuba but with an added touch of melancholy.

Truly outstanding deep house. Iceberg takes things back more into techno territory with a funked up bass line, stepping rhythms, Detroit strings and those trademark twinkly leads. Finally Penthouse Apartment 3AM a lush electro breakbeat track from the very hard to find Trident release, rounds off the EP with aplomb. REPRESS ALERT: Emerging slowly from understated beginnings, 'Running Into The Sun' sees Komodo deliver the kind of expansive tones that easily establish a vibe on the dancefloor, nodding to progressive house's fundamentals while borrowing plenty from earthier, more organic-sounding ends of the four-four scene.

Eric Duncan does the business on the remix, taking it into tougher territory and throwing in a cacophony of drummy intersections that help build the atmosphere, placing the whole arrangement on a knife-edge. Latrec evidently has a different understanding of the phrase given his remix, cutting back to throbbing kick drums while allowing just enough of the harmony to enter earshot, with trance-like results. Aurora Halal. Liquiddity Wata Igarashi remix gram vinyl 12".

Mutual Dreaming Recordings MD It's also the New York scene leader's first record in three years, and it's worth the wait. Some elements are familiar - Halal still has a keen instinct for heavy-hearted synth lines shaped out in bold curves, but the level of expression going into these tracks makes each one stand out like a striking painting. From the eerie mood of "Fattal 22" to the crunchy bleep workout "Nasty II", the character just oozes out of Halal's productions.

With a remix from Wata Igarashi thrown into the mix as well, this is a record loaded with fresh and powerful takes on techno. Trinidadian Deep did such a fine job on the first Chubby! Vincent Floyd steps up on remix duties, turning "Rebel Fract" into a more sharply rendered strutter buoyed by the original's radiant synths. Detroit don Javonntte drops in on the B side with the utterly classy "Jazzy Day", which funks and bumps with an unmistakable Motor City ruffness and some gorgeous melodic flexing over the top.

Patrice Scott then steps in for a remix that finds the veteran producer wriggling into a stunning house shuffle with a piano line to die for. String Theory gram vinyl 12". Oscillat Music OSC The titular strings are a powerful force in this track, bringing a classy brand of emotion to the slinky dancefloor tones Mandar are best known for. Desert Sound Colony. Lose My Rhythm feat Scott Fraser remix gram vinyl 12". Then Scott Fraser steps up to remix "Lose My Rhythm" and turns it into a lithe club track for the late hours when reality has fully slipped away from the floor.

Nectar EP gram vinyl 12". Laidlaw is first on the scene with a crafty little minimal number that certainly sounds tailored to the up all night crew with its heady atmosphere, playful swing and micro samples. Ben Ulrich's "Bedun" is equally seductive, playing a trade in stripped down electro that shuns obvious dancefloor moves in favour of pure hypnotism.

Kesh holds down the B side with two more maximal offerings that still align with the inventive, sleek aesthetics of the A side tracks. Ess O Ess. Cantillate gram vinyl 12". Their original offering, Cantillate, isn't an easy beast to identify, being equal parts Swamp-Rock and Techno. Imagine you've stumbled across an ephedrine and moonshine fueled rave in a deep Louisiana bayoux in the year , and you're close.

Add an out-there vocal refrain, and you'll start to appreciate why this is a particularly distinct record. Relocate said rave to a some kind of Space Ship hitting hyperspace, with photon torpedoes fully armed, and you'll suddenly find yourself with the first remix, as created by Ene Records owner Chida. Continuing the hybrid vibes, the final remix as provided by man of the moment "Suzanne Kraft" yes, man , takes a juxtaposed tropical techno with added dub approach to his interpretation.

The overall effect of all 3 mixes is a pleasingly schizophrenic release which drips with multiple personalities. Ernest Ranglin. Miami boogie wildcard Noel Williams, aka King Sporty, throwing it down heavy with legendary Jamaican reggae axe man Ernest Ranglin - as you might expect, the results are incendiary. Throughout this wonderful mini LP, the duo switch between each other's strengths and bring out the best in each other, like all good collaborations should. Beard In Dust. BAH gram vinyl 12".

Bahnsteig 23 BAH There's a whole raft of Lipelis remixes for the nu-disco set dating back to , but it feels like the Russian producer has stepped up his game of late.

If you were a fan of that aforementioned LIES release or any previous BAH 12 it's highly likely you will dig the four cuts here with Lipelis drawing for some obscure sources with eminently danceable results. Giovanni Damico. The Sounds Of Revolution gram vinyl 12". He returns to the label with four crisp and refined slices of boogie business that span a range of tempos to give you plenty of party tackle for any situation.

MonoTrax Volume 1 gram vinyl 12". The latest release is a various artists EP which perfectly sums up everything Monotone is about. The Advent leads the way with the dark, melodic "Eye's Of Envy," produced alongside Zein, before Exzakt himself drops a taut and wiry dancefloor bomb in the shape of "Kreep.

A short lived project of just 3 releases, Mouth trail-blazed leftfield percussive jams in the rich vain of Liquid Liquid and ESG but in their own jazz-infused way. Centered round the cultural melting post of the St Paul's district, it's pubs, clubs and blues parties threw together young and old to the sounds of dub, funk, jazz and soul and took the spark lit by punk rock and new wave and spawned music that still resonates today.

Featured on a compilation LP from the legendary Y Records, its bottom heavy dub sound is augmented by female and toasted vocals riding a top a heavy stepper style riddim. This is followed by an increasingly dizzy array of percussion jams.

Alternative Funk: Volume 1 gram vinyl LP. This Alternative Funk: Vol 1 collection cherry picks from the various installments of Alternative Funk that Vox Man released in the mid 80s, presenting some vaguely familiar names and a whole lot of unknowns that fuelled a DIY scene brimming with creativity and lo-fi brilliance. On this first installment, get down to weirdo boogie of From Raushenberg, wig out to the psychedelic synth music of Scoop!

It's all old, and yet it feels so new. Alternative Funk: Volume 2 gram vinyl LP. With Platform 23 having just dropped the first volume of reissued material from this deep cover collection, they're right back on the case with another 15 oddball gems for your delectation. Dee Nasty's "Orientic Groove" is as exotic and funky as it sounds, while 3M create a kind of nightmarish collage of noise, found sound, percussive lurch and a positively unhinged brass section.

That gives you just some idea of the scope you can expect to enjoy on this welcome reissue. Exquisite Corpse. Between Rhythms I gram vinyl 12". Thankfully Platform 23 are on hand and turning their attention to Robbert Heynen's work as Exquisite Corpse, which peaked in the early to mid-'90s. Drawing on a range of EPs from that time, Between Rhythms I is loaded with heady, psychedelic fare hovering in a liminal zone between primal techno, proto trance and something more mystical altogether.

Mitchell's Fold gram vinyl 12". Now El Choop and Tim Gee step up to the plate with two seriously deep immersions. Bristol-based producer El Choop has previously popped up on a tape release with Heavenchord and also released a solo 12" last year on Etui, while this single marks Tim Gee's first outing to date. The two sound utterly at home in the dub house furrow they're digging into, leading in with the cavernous echo chamber meditations of "Mitchell's Fold" before slipping into the slightly more energised "Fontaine Bleau.

Ron Obvious. Evidence Of gram vinyl 12". Produce and International Black amongst other esteemed underground labels. Una Presencia En La Brisa limited silver vinyl 12".

Since beginning to work with each other a few years ago they've barely met, yet they're able to create sweet music together by swapping sounds, samples, sketches and processed instruments online. This second collaborative full-length excursion was therefore produced in two different places their respective home cities of Buenos Aires and New York simultaneously, with each musician working alone in response to the other's ideas.

It makes the completed tracks - spellbinding ambient and drone tracks that are variously ghostly, ethereal, intimate, spacious, hushed and becalmed - even more remarkable.

It shouldn't work, but it does - and then some. In other words, it could well be the first great ambient album of Quito gram vinyl 12". Calypso is back with a new instalment of their world exploration in the search for new sounds. This time and with the help of Nicola Cruz they choose to showcase the city of Quito. In Nicola's own words: "From the highlands of the Equator, an eclectic sound develops in multiples forms: tension, gravity, drums All the tracks in this compilation have been assembled through different experimental methods, as this is something that characterizes our creation around here.

Indeed an experimental way to experience this city through the sounds of this 4 amazing producers. DYL pushes the bounderies of his sound beyond his roots, with the powerful electronics of 'Phrases' and the electrifying team-up with Senking on 'Destroyed City Lights'.

The percussive 'Words', with its curious background atmospherics, and the driving, hypnotic collaboration with DB1 on the title track 'Uniformity of Nature'. The record comes housed in a screen-printed transparent sleeve, with a limited edition insert by Romanian artist Teodora Gavrila.

Kim Ann Foxman. Emotional Especial EES Especial welcomes Kim Ann Foxman to debut on the label with an ode to the power of the moon. The remixes are a manner of breaks-heaven, as Roza Terenzi rips a steppas dub, Tone Dropout's Dawl and Sween master a latter day M25 anthem, before finally Violet, edits, strips, builds and takes things deep.

Make me lust, make me bleed. For Club Use gram vinyl 12". For Those That Knoe kicks off a series of DJ-selected compilations featuring unearthed gems and tried and trusted belters. The first release in the series is provided by label owner Ben boe. Many 'first time on CD' albums' and '2 albums on 1 CD' editions plus bonus tracks as well as comprehensive booklets! New collection of classic jazz albums presented on limited gram colored vinyls. Gatefold Packaging.

Mastered from the Original Analog Tapes. Manufactured at Record Technology Inc. Beat Junkie Sound US. As with the tracks contained on previous volumes, the showcased cuts have long been staples in his DJ sets and should be considered "tried and tested bombs". First up on side A is "Flight 2", a shuffling, ear-pleasing affair that combines jangling elements from a semi-acoustic Afro-Soul cut with borrowed chorus vocals and languid, laidback percussion.

Toxic Funk Vol 3 7". Breakbeat Paradise. The experienced pair predictably goes in hard on A-side 'Beastie Lifestyle', where a classic Beastie Boys acapella is slapped down hard on a brand-new heavy funk-meets-breakbeat backing track that comes laden with mazy electric piano solos and fiery horns courtesy of Le Marabout.

They change tack slightly on 'Without Funk', joining the dots between a handful of killer samples on a P-funk flavoured workout that's every bit as addictive and ear-pleasing as the duo's A-side banger.

Geography gatefold 2xLP. Beyond The Groove. Pure uptempo funk, disco heat and synth based boogie that cannot fail to electrifying your soul. XL's signature synth sound really shines through, sometimes in a super smooth and cool fashion such as on the romantic "Swervin On The " and at others in a more cosmic fashion like "Crown Royal Bags".

Ghost Phone 12" Nachpressung. Ghost Phone. Motown State Of Mind 7x7" box set. The first two tracks tackle the one time King of Pop, while the undisputed soul god that is Marvin Gaye then gets some special treatment with an Underboss remix of "I Want You. Genre wechseln. Switch view. Bestsellers Charts. Show titles sold. This Week.

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Sep 21,  · The disco Disco has changed. What has forever been defined by the glitter-ball aesthetic of Saturday Night Fever, has, slowly opened its arms to embrace a world of different musics, loosely connected by the idea, feel or groove of “disco”.Fuelled by voracious selectors and intrepid reissue labels bringing back 12″s from Beirut to Port Of Spain, our understanding .

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Energy (Rudy's Remix) on Discogs. Label: ZYX Records - ZYX ,ZYX Records - • Format: Vinyl 12 Beautiful Ballet - Energy (Rudy's Remix) (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(9).
  2. Oct 20,  · Discogs: Vinyl, Rare Balearic Vol 1. リリースのクレジット、レビュー、トラックを確認し、購入。/5(5).
  3. Apr 05,  · High Energy Music This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.
  4. Quality collectable vinyl records for your collection at cheap prices,soul,r&b,northern soul,mod,funk,punk,50's,60's,70's,80's,90's,dance,techno,motown,detroit,rare.
  5. Now that most contemporary music is just a click away and algorithms, playlist and shuffle functions ‘help’ us configure and determine our musical tastes, the role of .
  6. Apr 16,  · Mix / Looking For The Balearic Beat / April He did say that on the rare occasions that his energy crashed, he would hit the beach bars along Las Salinas, where the DJs eased his recovery with music from Brazil. Selected Works Vol. 1 / PRAH Recordings.
  7. ALBUM REVIEW: Native North America (Vol 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock And Country by Various Artists; ALBUM REVIEW: New Orleans Funk Vol 3 by Various Artists; ALBUM REVIEW: Next Stop Soweto Vol 4: Zulu Rock, Afro-Disco And Mbaqanga by Various Artists; ALBUM REVIEW: Night Walker: The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 3 by Various Artists.
  8. CD of the Month Bill Frisell - Valentine. The debut recording of guitarist Bill Frisell's trio with bassist Thomas Morgan & drummer Rudy Royston is a wide-ranging 13 song set that mixes Frisell originals new & old, jazz standards, traditional songs, and covers.

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