Michael does one final talking head from his table, saying that he feels like all his kids grew up and married each other, which is "every parent's dream". Ryan and Kelly run away together, passing Ryan's son to Ravi who then gives the baby to Kevin. Ravi tells him to report an abandoned baby to child services, but Nellie instead takes the child as her own and tells the camera that if Ryan wants his baby back he can find them "somewhere in Europe.

Pam reveals she has been showing the house for two months, so that if they got an offer, Jim would have no reason not to rejoin Athlead. The couple being shown the house decide they want to buy it, and Jim and Pam agree to sell. That night there is a DVD release party at the warehouse. Pam reveals her mural, a painting of the office and everyone who works in it. After a group picture, everyone heads up to the office to hang out.

Creed is revealed to be living in one of the office's supply closets. Seeing that Erin is busy, Pam takes one final call as the receptionist, which coincidentally is for Jim Halpert. She replies, "I'm sorry, Jim Halpert doesn't work here anymore. Creed sings a song while they tell the cameras about how the documentary has affected them. Creed is then arrested and led away by police. As everyone leaves the office, Pam takes her painting of the office building from the wall.

A flashback shows the moment Michael first put it up. Rainn Wilson later joked that Daniels was "the country vet who birthed this puppy" and had come "back to put it down". The episode was directed by Ken Kwapis. Kwapis had originally directed the series' pilot episode. His last directorial credit for the series, prior to "Finale", however, was the fifth season episode " Company Picnic ". As such, this forced the writers to redo parts of the episode to make room for his character. The work was so stressful, Souders said, that she experienced heart palpitations due to exhaustion, excitement, and the emotion of the experience.

The episode finally features Clark flying. Peterson and Souders had toyed with the idea of showing Clark flying in either the th episode, "Homecoming," or during a different mid-season episode, but they decided against it; they argued that Clark flying was a metaphor for him finally embracing his destiny, and that adding it to another episode other than the finale would be jarring.

The writers listened to both network executive and fans in order to formulate the best idea as to how to handle the situation. Peterson noted that people wanted "one big transformation". Peterson, however, noted that the episode contained "80 to 90 percent of what everyone [wanted]".

According to Welling, scripts could not be photocopied and, in order to read them, the actors had to sign them in and out. The finale episodes featured several returning characters. John Schneider reprised his role as Jonathan Kent, appearing to Clark in various visions and presenting Clark with his suit near the end of the episode. Schneider's appearance was meant to bookend the season, with his role in the finale mirroring his appearance to Clark in the season premiere, "Lazarus".

In the finale, Ashmore portrays "Jimmy Olsen", the younger brother of Henry James Olsen, in a sequence set seven years into the future. The airing of the finale was preceded by months of speculation as to whether actor Michael Rosenbaum would return to reprise his role as Lex Luthor. At the Comic-Con, Welling stated that Rosenbaum acknowledged the importance of Lex in the series and wanted to return in some degree for the show's final season, but that he needed to finalize the details.

According to Welling, the series would tease early on that Lex would return with the introduction of bodies into which Lex could tap in order to heal himself later in life. Rosenbaum explained that his return was for the fans, stating, "I appreciate all of their passion, their relentlessness, and even their threats. Speculation also surrounded whether former series star Kristin Kreuk would reprise her role as Lana Lang. Prior to the episode's broadcast, Kreuk ignited a minor controversy by noting that she would not be watching the episode when it aired, giving some fans the impression that she was avoiding the show.

Kreuk released a statement on her Facebook page, clarifying that, even when she was a star on Smallville , she did not watch the episodes when they aired. Kreuk stated that Peterson and Souders never approached her about being in the finale, and that she was glad that they had not, because she was fond of how Lana's story arc ended in season eight. Because the finale encompassed two separate episodes, each was filmed by a different director.

Part one was directed by Kevin G. Fair, and the second part was directed by Greg Beeman. Beeman had been a regular director for the series during its first five years, but he had left after helping direct the fifth season episode " Reckoning ". A fan of the series himself, he was particularly pleased with the way in which the various story arcs were wrapped up, highlighting the scenes in the Fortress of Solitude, the flash forward seven years, and the reappearance of Schneider.

There was talk that these scenes would appear on the 10th season DVD, although this did not come to pass. The suit that Clark dons in the series finale was originally used in the film Superman Returns , worn by Brandon Routh.

The producers of Smallville had been offered the suit worn by Christopher Reeve in the original Superman films; however, they turned the offer down. Peterson reasoned that this was because it "didn't quite fit with our world". Beeman and the rest of the production staff reviewed the scene to make sure that they filmed the homage correctly, but Beeman later noted that the iconic scene was "clunkier" and more "out of focus" than they wanted, and that people's memories make it seem more impressive.

However, he was pleased that the recreated shot was the sequence to wrap up Smallville , noting that he "always thought that was going to be the final moment".

Special effects for the finale episodes—and series as a whole—were completed by Entity FX. The company produced nearly 80 different visual effects shots for the episode, which were created in the Entity FX facilities in Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada, and Santa Monica, California , with addition supervision in Vancouver.

Mat Beck, owner of the company, later explained that the company was in charge of "work[ing] this magic" on several minutes of screen time, during which hardly any photography had been filmed. Unlike Rosenbaum's previous appearances, the actor decided to opt for a bald cap to cover his hair, arriving at this decision both because it had taken four months for his hair to grow back and because he was working on other projects that required him to have hair.

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"Finale" is the last episode of the American comedy television series The Office. It serves as the 24th and 25th episodes of the ninth season, and the th and st episodes of the series episode was written by series developer and executive producer Greg Daniels and directed by Ken Kwapis, who directed the series' pilot originally aired on NBC on May 16,

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