Foolishly Yours - Lee Raymond (2) - Foolishly Yours / Baby Darling (Shellac)

They were trying to sit on the fence. They knew God and His stand concerning daily Christian living but they were trying to cut corners. Meanwhile our God is not just all-knowing, He is a true Judge and Witness. You do not need to put in any effort to convince Him that what you have done is right, He already has a standard and that cannot be breached.

In Galatians , we were enjoined not to deceive ourselves by trying to play games with God. He is not a man that can be mocked. His weighing balance does not and cannot malfunction and His judgment is always right and true. He does not rob Peter to pay Paul. And the only people who will not lose their lives after following Him are those who would not have an alternative plan for themselves.

It is nothing short of foolishness if you gain the whole world which is not possible and lose your soul or think you can give anything in exchange for your soul. Just as the righteousness of man is not more than a filthy rag before God, 1Cor describes the wisdom of this world as foolishness before God. And having accepted Jesus Christ who is the wisdom of God and got liberated from such wanton folly of the world, it is pitiable to have you think that you can neglect His ways for your old ways or marry the two ways in order to achieve a positive end with Him.

The will of the Father is enshrined in the words of the Son. And it is these words that Psalmdescribes as being perfect in converting the soul, sure in making wise the foolish, right in rejoicing the heart, pure in enlightening the eyes, more desirable than fine gold, sweeter than honey, a guide to believers and the only source of great reward if well kept.

It is therefore foolishness to think that you can enjoy these benefits without inclining your heart to His words. No matter your status, as long as you are called by His name or you are a member of His vineyard, Matt calls you a fool if you meddle your will with the Father's will or you have retained your old identity in following Him.

In what ways are you missing it? Don't be a fool! Scriptures: Galatians , Matt , Matthew , Matthew Lectionary Readings for September He plays with warmth, love and technical perfection. It is a fine release that will meet the most exacting demands of the buying public. Vladimir Golschmann conducts the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra with all the knowledge and affection that comes from a long association with the work.

His emotional and fluid singing fulfill all the requirements of the beautiful arias. His pure tone will delight opera followers. Those who prefer to buy the. Dance With Me Henry Gibbs 2. I Love You Madly 4 Coins 5. The Heel Eartha Kitt 6. You're Mine Fontanes 8. That's All I Want P. Cherry Pink Alan Dean 5. Hearts And' Flowers Johnny Desmond 7.

Rock Love Fontanes 8. Unchained Melody Hibbler 2. Please Have Mercy B. Paul 4. Dance With Me Henry Gibbs 5. Foolishly 3 Chuckles 6. No Chance Cadillacs 7. Dixie Danny Lauries 8. Door Of Dreams Perry Como I Belong To You Flanagan 4. Lifetime Sweetheart Como 5. Unsuspecting Heart S. Gale 6. Finger Of Suspicion Froman 7. Davy Crockett Tennessee Ernie 8. Melody Of Love Four Aces Crazy Otto Johnny Madox 4. I'm Bewildered DeCastros 7.

Everlovin' Patti Page 8. Blue Mirage F. Chacksfield 9. Malaguena Caterina Vaiente Crazy Olto Johnny Maddox 3. I'm Sincere Joe Barrett 7. Dance With Me Henry Gibbs 8. Vale 9. Wedding Bells E. Fisher 5. The Fish Mindy Carson 6. Earth Angel Crewcuts 8. Melody Of Love 4 Aces 3. Crazy Otto Johnny Maddox 6. Earth Angel Crewcuts 7. Ko Ko Mo Crewcuts 8. Two Hearts Pat Boone 2. Davy Crockett W. Rock Love For. The Heel Eartha Kitf 7. Elephants Tango Commanders 9. Dee Rusty Old Halo M. Jackson Lonnie A.

Pledging My Love T. Brewer 8. Dance With Me Henry Gibbs Tweedlee De Georgia Gibbs 5. Ling, Ting, Tong 5 Keys No More DeJohns 2.

Blue Mirage R. Marterie 4. Tweedlee De G. Sincerely McGuires 6. Unsuspecting Heart Stevens 7. Dartin' Hilltoppers Earth Ancel Crewcuts 3. Pledging My Love 4 Lads 5. Ko Ko Mo Perry Como 8. That's All I Want J. No More McGuires Jackson 3. Simms 5. Rock Love Fontanes 6. Dance With Me Henry G : bbs 8. There Goes My Heart 4 Aces 9. No More DeJohns 4. Schumann 9. Pledging My love Brewer Earth Angel Crewcuts 4. Hearts Of Stone Fontanes 5. Jackson 9. Too Much In Love A. Dean 3. Davy Crocked Bill Hayes 7.

Rock Love Fortanes 8. No More Pe'ohrs Melodv Of Love D. Carroll 2. Make Yourself Comfortable Sarah Vaughan 4.

Darling Je Vous Nat Cole 6. Man Chases A Girl E. Fisher 7. Earth Angel Penguins 2. Mara 3. Dance With Me Henry Gibbs 4. Melody Of Love Four Aces 6. Darlin' Hi. Earth Angel Penguins 4. Honey Babe Art Mooney 5. Pledging My Love Johnny Ace 6. Melody Of Love Four Aces 7. Cherry Pink Alan Dean 9. Crazy Otto Johnny Maddox Tweedlee De Georgia Gibbs 6. Morgan 7.

Earth Angel Crewcuts 9. Davy Crockett Bill Hayes Darling, Je Vous Nat Cole 2. Pledging My Love Louis Armstrong 5. All Of You Mel Torme 6. Nobody Perry Como 8.

Davy Crockett Bill Hayes 9. Marterie Mambo Rock Bill Haley 2. Davy Crockett Bill Hayes 6. Crazy Otta Johnny Maddox 7. Cherry Pink Alan Dale 9. Paul, Minn. Wedding Bells F. Lester 4. Morgan 5. Malaguena Caterina Vaiente 6. Blue Mirage Ralph Marterie 7. No More DeJohns 9. Davey Crockett Bill Hayes 2. Maleguena Caterina Vaiente 4. Cherry Pink Perez Prado 5. Foolishly Vic Damone Malaguena Caterina Vaiente 3. Dreamboat McDonnell 6. Schumann 2. Ko Ko Mo Crewcuts 4. Cherry Pink Perez Prado 6.

Darling, Je Vous Nat Cole 7. Tweedlee Dee Lancers 9. Dance With Me Henry Gibbs 3. Pledging My Love Johnny Ace 4. Two Hearts Pat Boone 7. The Medic Victor Young ,8. Earth Angel Crewcuts 3. No More DeJohns Ernie Ford 4. Pledging My Love Johnny Ace 5. Darling, Je Vous Nat Cole 6. Rock Love E. Fontaine Pledging My Love 4 Lads 3.

Everlovin' Patti Page 4. Marterie 6. Honestly Kitty Kallen 8. Foolishly 3 Chuckles 9. Ko Ko Mo Crewcuts I'm Sincere Joe Barrett 4. Foolishly Vic Damone 5. Davy Crockett Bill Hayes 8. Dance With Me Henry Gibbs 9. Beyond The Stars Whitfield Cherry Pink Alan Dale.

Tweedlee Dee lancers 3. Davy Crockett Rusty Draper 5. Brewer 9. That's All I Want Morgan Pledging My Love Brewer 9. Anxious Heart Four Coins 2.

Melody Of Love Four Aces 5. I Love You Madly 4 Coins 6. Maybe Four Coins 8. Crazy Otto Johnny Maddox 9. I Believe Roy Hamilton Dean 6. Malaguena Caterina Vaiente 2. Davy Crockett Bill Hayes 7. Melody Of Love Diamond 9. That's All I Want Morgan 6. It May Sound Silly Farrell 8. The Medic Les Baxter Lazy Gondolier Mantovani 4. Dixie Danny Lauries 5. Unchained Melody Hibbler 6. Dance With Me Henry Gibbs 7. Melancholy Baby C. Otto 8. Blue Mirage Ralph Marterie Marterie 9. Morgan 4.

Malaguena Caterina Vaiente 8. The Fish Mindy Carson Ookey Ook Penguins 6. I'm Sincere Joe Barrett 9. Keep Me In Mind P. Page A guaranteed smash hit! The finalists are: Sonny Graham, a twenty-eight-year- old from the Bronx. She used to sing with a group called the Rhythmettes.

She also was with the Modernaires and the Pied Pipers. She was born in Indianapolis. Kay Malone, from Beverly Hills, Cal. Both her parents did a song and dance act in show business. She sings in several languages. All three girls will be in Chicago for the final judging. Coin-operators will meet the candidates and hear their recordings at the MOA convention. All entries were submitted to Vic- tor by coin-machine operators. Plans are being com- pleted for future releases which will feature lush instrumentals, a vocal group, and a girl singer in addition to Bob Jaxon.

Barclay Records will keep to the pop field only. Long established in their respective fields, Roy will handle promotion and All will handle the arrangements and musical direction Barclay Records is a subsidiary of Alroy Music Company, Inc. This is his second child. Between them, they have four tunes in the top ten. Place: Club, Broadway, Oakland, Calif. Place: Sacramento Hotel, Sacramento, Calif. Place: Fresno Hotel, Fresno, Calif. Springfield, Mass.

Place: U. Grant Hotel, San Diego, Calif. W hite Plains, N. Place: Market Street, Youngstown, Ohio executive board.

Place: Beatrice, Neb. ARE After a long hiatus, movies have at last come back into their own as far as the music industry is concerned. For much too long a time, songs from movies were dormant as far as general popu- larity went. But then themes from motion pictures began to he recorded as instrumentals and they caught on with a great deal of strength.

Today any time you look at a list of the top records in the coun- try, motion picture songs are always represented. Everywhere the picture is being played the song is being plugged. As a matter of fact, in one recent case it was possible to follow minutely the promotional effect of a film. But in each city that the picture played, sales immediately spurted.

As far as juke box operators are concerned, it is extremely important to keep track of what musicals are playing a particular locality and to make sure that the machines there have the songs from the film. For it has been found over and over again that people who have seen a movie and enjoyed the music in it, want to play that music when they see it in a juke box.

This holds true not only for big musicals, but for any picture in which a musical theme is involved. Some of our biggest records in the past year have come from non-musical films with a haunt- ing theme melody which was exploited on records.

And the record business can also take pride in the fact that, just as a picture helps to promote a song, so can a record help to promote a picture. But as far as the music industry is concerned movie songs have once again come to mean money songs. Operators who are wise enough to take advantage of this, will profit both in terms of good will and increased play.

In his new position Robbins will act as liaison man with Columbia Pictures and the various record companies as well as play an active role in the promotion of the songs from Columbia films published by Columbia Pictures Music. Robbins Music and George Paxton Music. He recognizes the fact that he has to stimulate the men in the business to get them to plug him through to the public. So Hank is starting a self-promo- tion campaign whereby he will at- tempt to draw a direct reaction from the public in a small city.

By means of continuous newspaper advertising, he expects to assemble a listening audience. With the help of local dee jays in this small city he hopes to get his record aired often. Barnett will foot the bill for all the collect call. The Fitzgerald talents have here- tofore been confined to jazz concerts and clubs. Phone: DUnkirk 2 No.

Desires professional recording — publishing connections. Will send lead demo material on request. BOX NO. Alan comes to full grips with the know-nothings who have been taking pot shots at rhythm and blues and rock and roll records which have catapulted into such prominence these past six months. He points his spotlight at the severe raps aimed at such artists as Benny Goodman and Count Basie. The dynamic jockey, who has become a national figure through his part in the rise of rhythm and blues music, points withenngly to so many of the pop tunes whose lyrics are cer- tainly not in the best taste.

The Cash Box is certainly against the indiscrimi- nate tarring of the entire industry and a particu- lar kind of music. Many months ago we called the attention of the industry to the danger of dirty lyrics.

Several records with suggestive lyrics had run throve h sensational nress. We fortunately passed through that threat- ening period. For the most part the responsible record manufacturers made sure their releases would not be considered objectionable and what could have seriously injured the rhythm and blues business soon became a thing of the past.

It is ironic that at this point, when lyrics need fear nothing from exposure, that they should become the subject of ridicule, abuse and slander. Bess and Ike Berman are down in Florida where Bess is building up her strength. Lee Magid really riding high. The boys come up with a solid sound that could mean strong sales. Jacksonville, Richmond, Chicago, N. Dm Tut Cits, IT. Dick gives so wholeheartedly of his time to keep the kids on the right track that he deserves a special commendation.

Also those wonderful artists who take time out from their busy schedule to entertain and mingle with the boys and girls — with no compensation for them- selves other than the warm glow of satisfaction. Morty has been busy setting up a new distributor line-up. Love those Dreyer Music flyers. The artwork is cra-a-a-zy. George Goldner excited about some terrific tapes Guy Barry brought back with him from Cuba. George says Guy is the fellow who introduced Cha Cha Cha to this country.

Goldner will record the tunes on Tico for immediate release. The Tico prexy says Cha Cha Cha is the leading Latin dance, and will continue to grow and head the field for some time. Convention time again!! And, of course, Len and Phil Chess will be buzz- ing around selling records and taking orders like craaaazy. I Feel So Good. Like Epic, for one, which will be rep- resented here by Bill Nielsen. From Columbia comes word that Mahalia Jackson will once again entertain at the banquet Tuesday nite.

Until now, she has her own TV show which is drawing only raves from the critics. And so many, many more we could write about if space permitted. Convention at the Morrison Hotel, which looks like the biggest in M. The girls are currently appearing at the Club Oasis, where they have been for the past several weeks. Enroute back he planned to meet his brother, Irv man- ager of the L. Irv plans to return to L.

This includes England and the European continent. Margaret is the sister of Eddie Albert, TV and motion pic star. Don Pierce, prexy of the firm off on a cross-country trek to the East and Middlewest to line up new distributors for Campus Records. The first releases by this new label are commercial and in keeping with present trends.

Watson is a real showman — a fact that is proven when you see him perform in person. He would also like to travel South for a visit with his wife. Fats Domino returns to L. McKinley No. Griffin Ml J Chess B. Williams Qt. A slow rhythmic blues effectively performed. Goodhunk of wax that should get the gal known in short order. A dramatic, middle beat bounce done up in pop trimmings. Pretty melody and different enough to catch on. Give it a good listen. The deck is a good dance item and the Honeyjumpers bounce through it effectively.

Latin tempo for the dancers. Platter has an infectious quality. Good ork sup- port. Miss Brown sings with feeling and puts the tune over. Good wax. Driving horn and handclaps lend pep- per to the wax. Ok deck. Rhythm rocks as Mabon begs his baby to make love to him. His chant style is very effective as Mabon socks home the simple but potent lyrics and it could turn out to be his strongest in some time. Pretty and restfull. His mouthings of the lyrics make this a funny side.

Side drives. The wax comes off with potent effect and deck could make some noise. Ok wax and good two sider. The group rocks around the cute dissertations of Maggie.

Deck is gimmicked all the way through and the chuckley effects come through in good style. Group different enough to make it. Side will please both the ear and the feet.

It has the novelty, flavor and vocal treatment that could, given the proper exposure, take off. The group works together smartly with the lead vocal potently handled. Good wax that should not be over- looked. Lead is again standout as he per- forms with heartfelt sincerity. Jones tells his melancholy tale with emotion. A mellow-smooth working group with a melty lead, Lillian Leach.

The tune is a pretty ballad given a velvety treatment. Could make noise. For the reek and roll crowd who like their musii wild. Utterly relaxing and tender on the ears. Two pretties. This side seems to shade the top deck. An effective rock and roll two sider. Ok but routine. One of the boys holds a gold record from Federal for the same song. Cook is also a d. Over twelve hundred people jammed the hall to dance and watch the show.

The platter was kicked off some 8 months ago in the L. Sid Talmadge of Record Merchandising in L. It was an Alan Freed custom in Cleveland to host the music trade once each six months and Freed announced it is his intention to do likewise in New York.

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Mark Forums Read. Aviation History and Nostalgia Whether working in aviation, retired, wannabee or just plain fascinated this forum welcomes all with a love of flight. Foolishly Yours. Thread Tools. While clearing out 40 years accumulated junk, I came across a little booklet called "Foolishly Yours".

It was issued to all passengers on Air India in the 's, and it's an absolute gem. The tone is set by the disclaimer on the inside front cover; "The sketches is this book represent humanity at large. They are not intended to depict national, linguistic or ethnic groups. If among them you can spot friends or relatives, the responsibility and credit is entirely yours".

The booklet is a funny, wry, whimsical, self-deprecating series of pieces of knowledge and information that people might like to know while flying on Air India to or from India. All I can do is select a representative sample of quotations; there are 36 pages 6" X 4" , and every one has several jewels, so it's not easy to pick just a few.

In each case, I'll give you the heading, and then a quote from under it. Introduction to India. Mistrust those who bring gifts, but remember we're different. Sentimental by nature we've grown fond of you and not only because money changed hands when first we met. That's the sad part of it all, the fact that you put ypour hand in your pocket before we gave you your ticket. We feel feel bad about that and we are trying to say how sorry we are.

The Taj Mahal Hotel is Tata managed, and so were we at one time, so we must be vareful. But when provoked do not hesitate to use descriptions like "Clip-joint" and "When the hell is the customer right? Our experience shows that the management enjoys criticism. Be Kind There are two kinds of passengers, the kind we'd die for and the kind we'd like to outlive - with the innocent look Henry must have had when he passed the word to his stooges that Beckett was a pain in the neck.

Your Shots When a monkey was asked how he got his fleas, he pointed to another monkey. Our Governments are the same with quarantine regulations.

A wrong certificate can mean nine days solitary in a quarantine hospital.

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