Menacing Machines - The Westway Studio Orchestra - Menacing Machines (Vinyl)

Add to Cart. Add to List Compare. No interest if paid in full within 18 months. Buzz Audio REQ Manley SLAM! Product Type. Tube or Solid State. Tube 8 item Solid State 28 item. Plug-in Type. Mastering 3 item.

Computer Connection. Thunderbolt 2 item USB 10 item. Compare Products. Remove This Item Compare. Clear All. My Wish List. Last Added Items. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Good old electronic Pop-Hit-Wanna-Be. Simple rhythm, simple melody, simple turns Instrumental, Electronic , Electropop. Full Track - Electronic, Electropop. Med Fast Loop A - Electronic, Electropop. Loop B - Electronic, Electropop.

Stinger - Electronic, Electropop. This track builds into pounding rhythms and blaring horns for an explosive action adventure climax Instrumental, Action , Intense Orchestral. Epic, dark, brooding, powerful, and sinister - sneaky and dramatic. Cinematic orchestral underscore with powerful brass, drums, and chorus.

Strong electric guitar and electronic drums. Epic battle scenes like in Perfect for trailers, games, dramas, or horror - preparation, struggle and triumph. Mixed Vocals, Dangerous , Dark Music. Med Slow Dark brooding edgy tension music played out on piano with electronic synth lines and trip hop drum beat. Great for reality TV tension moments boardroom decisions TV quiz final moments. Time is ticking down, hospital scenes, medical drama, mysterious, intriguing. Full Track - Dangerous, Edgy Music.

Stinger - Dangerous, Edgy Music. Attitude, guts, excitement, energy. Instrumental, Rock , Heavy Metal. Epic, dark, brooding, powerful, and sinister - sneaky and ambient. Cinematic orchestral underscore with powerful strings, drums, and chorus. Strong electronic drums. Think Zimmer, Inception, or Transformers.

Mixed Vocals, Dangerous , Edgy Music. Extremely energetic and scary factor without drones, action and action. This gets to the point quickly without a long drawn out introduction sequence. Fright and fear are the bywords -excellent fx and direction.

Well thought out events. Vocal Samples, Dangerous , Dramatic Chase. Full Track - Dangerous, Dramatic Chase. Medium Loop - Dangerous, Dramatic Chase. Impact - Dangerous, Dark Music. Time for those Washington insiders, flip-floppers, and crooked incumbents to watch their backs! Here is a dark and urgent track that will drive your message to the hearts and minds of voters and let the truth be known!

Instrumental, Dangerous , Dark Music. Stinger - Dangerous, Dark Music. Bed A - Dangerous, Dark Music. Bed B - Dangerous, Dark Music. This song combines the funky, pounding beats of Dr.

Dre with 70s era classic rock guitar riffs. It's a groovy, tense song that's perfect for drama, sports, and darker material. A driving, edgy, electronic instrumental cue, featuring pulsating synthesizers with aggressive drum accents and electric guitar hits, that creates a suspenseful atmosphere of fear and danger. Instrumental, Dangerous , Edgy Music. Bumper 15 second bumper - Dangerous, Edgy Music. Bed no melody - Dangerous, Edgy Music.

Eerie creepy spooky halloween feel. Dark Moody Atmospheric Suspenseful Mysterious, with scary evil whispers. Psycho and Elm Street. Electronic upgrades by John Klett at Technical Audio. When inquiring about rates, please give us as much detail as possible so we have a good idea of what you are looking to do. Can advise. Description: Not your usual Rhythm Ace beat box. This machine offers much more! The Ryhtm Ace if comparing, or other similar machines are mono Hard paned separate Hi instruments and Low instruments outputs - completely separate outputs enhance image and usability.

You won't find a vintage machine with these options anywhere else - It is unique - Not available. It is stand alone and it is custom modified! It features separate outptus for stereo rythms - one side has the high sounding instruments and for the lower drum instruments. Also to mention that turning instruments off and on while playing allows for sparkly life performances or to create electronic dance music.

Now imagine that you add a phaser to the high output and maybe a flanger or delay to the low output. Anaolog vintage electronics heaven! This machine comes form the early days of electronics when all circuitry was built descrete with single transistors.

So sound generation in this machine does not imply any ICs. There are only 3 ICs in this machine and they only help with the rhythm generation - most of the ryhtm generation circuitry is still constructed with transistors! Now to the story of how this unique instrument came to be: It was the Rhythm machien of a Hammond organ that had auto accompaniment.

I made it a stand alone machine by disengaging circuitry that was not needed and by adding a custom power supply. I ended up with a buch of switches that were in the rhythm machine, but were related to functioning within in the organ, so I decided to make use of them and custom modified the machine that each switch would control one of the instruments. The way it operates is unusual: when depressed it re-sets the rest of the machine to the first note to be silent, but continues to beat the HiHat if turned on So: This cool feature adds to the versitility of playing this beast life!

A truley unique machine that you would not want to miss Most likely I will not ever make another one just like it! Very Cool sound!

Oh, I forgot: I made it's wooden casing form scratch from wood that came from another vintage instrumet form the 50's! The sound of this analog drum machine is truely convincing vintage-electronic. Now imagine to use external effects processing on top of that!

Distortion, Phasing, Flanging, Echo, Delay - It can't get any betther than this, and if seeking unique vintage electronic sound and un matched vesitility: THIS is your machine! Condition: Excellent physical condition, very clean; works perfectly. Repaired, custom modified and refurbished. Then custom power supply circuitry had to bew built.

Aug 28,  · The earlier the machine, the warmer its sound usually. So: the unique imperfect electronic sound makes these machines perfect for electronic music, or for your unique sound and signature to your own music. As with all vintage audio equipment: these machines were composed with parts that now are nore than 40 years old.

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  1. The Westway Studio Orchestra Profile: British instrumental orchestra, consisting of 6 wood-wind (saxes), 6 brass, 2 percussion, guitar, harp, celeste and 20 strings.
  2. All Tracks - The Westway Studio Orchestra Westway Studio Orchestra - Topic; videos; 1, views; Last updated on May 24,
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  4. Menacing mid-tempo bottleneck slide motif & electric guitar strikes a call-response which grows in intensity over the course of the track. Crime, night life, sinister overtones. Swaggering attitude will sell anything to men, from beer to hair-styling gels!
  5. Westway Studio Orchestra T GB2 Incidental music {cg} Side A: Menacing machines, pig iron; Side B: Factory din 78rpm Westway Studio Orchestra T GB2 Incidental music {cg} Side A: Tranquil waters, autumn eve; Side B: Wine and roses 78rpm Westway Studio Orchestra T GB2 Incidental music {cg}.
  6. The rest of the orchestra build on the repetitive main theme to a massive finale. Think '28 Days Later' sound bed. Great for Robotics, machines, computers, technology, industrial, corporate. But also perfect for espionage, crime in progress and chasing/running. Menacing Music Royalty Free Menacing Music, Menacing Soundtracks, Menacing.
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  9. The Machines with Magnets recording studio is located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, minutes from Providence and conveniently situated between New York and Boston. In our uniquely designed studio, local, national and international artists have found an inspiring environment for .

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