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Vex survived by aligning himself with the Dark and doing the bidding of its Elders. It is unknown if there were any Light Fae Mesmers. Do we need a defensive buff? Probably not. Do we need massive QoL overhaul? As it is now, Mesmer has an auto-immune disease and has to fight against, its own mechanics to succeed. Going to disagree still. I'd actually say power and condi have the opposite problems.

Excellent breakdown and analysis. To be edited as I'm on a roll. Ignore the incoherent gibberish, I've had a few. I'd actually argue the opposite. Right now condi rev, condi weaver, condi guardian are based on lots of pulses of smaller damage while Condi mesmer is built around really two primary damage sources, Cry of Frustration and whichever Phantasm you're using. The skills between these two bursts are ridiculously miniscule.

I am merely pointing out what the kit is designed for, whether it actually does what it's supposed to, that's a different story. The problem since PoF release was Mirage was supposed to be the sustain attrition type bruiser for Mesmer, so the expected downgrade should've been limiting shatter burst, be it f1 or f2 condi bomb.

But they did neither, so the spec was so front loaded having no burst or sustain damage drawback that it was a universal jack of all trades and God of Creation. But ANet took the easy way out sticking with the old mentality of shatter oriented play over sustained damage play. So they nerfed the weapon kits instead of the shatter kit.

And then they nerfed the shatter kit too anyway. Thanks for the time it took to condensate all of this. Thank you for your work. I think it looks good, but maybe one thing is missing. Mesmer mobility is bad, especially on core. In WvW outside of duel-like situations mobility is one of the most important skills for a roamer. Mobility is needed to chase down enemies, move around the edges of a zerg battle and for getting out of sticky situations.

At this point in time Mesmer is one of the worst perhaps the worst profession when it comes to mobility. Even Necromancers can reset a fight against a core Mesmer if they use their teleport skills. At the same time Mass Invisibility is a must have escape tool, but even that fails to do its job more often than not when it's untraited.

On TeaPot's stream with CMC they talked about all the classes except Mesmer and they specifically said they weren't going to talk about mesmer at all and the only thing they said about how it's "Mirage is still OP, quite scary".

Sorry Jazz. I think it's pretty clear they don't want mesmer to be meta or particularly good in PvP just on a philosophical perspective.

Not necessarily bad or unplayable, but like a minionmancer or turret engie where it's just never going to be really all that good and there's always a better class to play. Only good player play rev and only bad players play mesmers, that's why you have the class representation for anet.

He hard nerfed mirage and left it to be resolved by the pve devs, he has no intention of balancing mirage, or he would have been trying to do so for the past 6 months, hell they even took a pot shot nerf at one of it's skills last patch, the class is already dead in wvw.

As for actual mirage problem, opinions obviously vary on this, from too much defense, too much offense, or the usual I just hate facing clones.

As of as well as producing stomping tunes and remixes for many of the scene's biggest labels such as Sound of Habib, Dead Famous, Dusted Breaks, Re:connect, etc, Mesmer has launched his own label Scarcity. With an eclectic view, Scarcity drops mainly breaks and sometimes even tech-house, dubstep and drum and bass tracks for the dance floors worldwide while maintaining a catalogue of productions that sets a standard of quality.

Overcoming these obstacles and restoring flow produced crises, which restored health. When Nature failed to do this spontaneously, contact with a conductor of animal magnetism was a necessary and sufficient remedy.

Mesmer aimed to aid or provoke the efforts of Nature. To cure an insane person, for example, involved causing a fit of madness. The advantage of magnetism involved accelerating such crises without danger. Mesmer treated patients both individually and in groups. With individuals he would sit in front of his patient with his knees touching the patient's knees, pressing the patient's thumbs in his hands, looking fixedly into the patient's eyes.

Mesmer made "passes", moving his hands from patients' shoulders down along their arms. He then pressed his fingers on the patient's hypochondrium region the area below the diaphragm , sometimes holding his hands there for hours. Many patients felt peculiar sensations or had convulsions that were regarded as crises and supposed to bring about the cure. Mesmer would often conclude his treatments by playing some music on a glass armonica. By Mesmer had more patients than he could treat individually and he established a collective treatment known as the "baquet.

In the middle of the room is placed a vessel of about a foot and a half high which is called here a "baquet". It is so large that twenty people can easily sit round it; near the edge of the lid which covers it, there are holes pierced corresponding to the number of persons who are to surround it; into these holes are introduced iron rods, bent at right angles outwards, and of different heights, so as to answer to the part of the body to which they are to be applied. Besides these rods, there is a rope which communicates between the baquet and one of the patients, and from him is carried to another, and so on the whole round.

The most sensible effects are produced on the approach of Mesmer, who is said to convey the fluid by certain motions of his hands or eyes, without touching the person. I have talked with several who have witnessed these effects, who have convulsions occasioned and removed by a movement of the hand In , without Mesmer requesting it, King Louis XVI appointed four members of the Faculty of Medicine as commissioners to investigate animal magnetism as practiced by d'Eslon.

At the request of these commissioners the King appointed five additional commissioners from the Royal Academy of Sciences. The commission conducted a series of experiments aimed not at determining whether Mesmer's treatment worked, but whether he had discovered a new physical fluid.

The commission concluded that there was no evidence for such a fluid. Whatever benefit the treatment produced was attributed to " imagination. He wrote a dissenting opinion that declared Mesmer's theory credible and worthy of further investigation. In August Mesmer visited a Mesmeric society in Lyon. It was a cold windy day as the winds blew wildly in the area, the clouds floated by lazily in the sky, the sun shined brightly in the sky, the birds sung peacefully in the area, you were sitting in a largely destroyed museum as you did almost every day for a few hours.

The base had been destroyed but how you got here was The threats on the other hand made you keep away from looking for any way to escape since dinosaurs ruled the island so opportun. Warning contains: soft vore,and endosoma You were a young naive monster hunter and had completed your training a while but you were still probably not ready to take on the sandy plains but now here you are wandering through right through the region while hunting for smaller creatures and you have gotten yourself a little lost but you were not worried as you were quite cocky thinking that you will come out of this just fine with only a few scratches.

Now you must rely on shatters and "fire and forget" phantasms for damage. Before you could make a shatter mesmer or a phantasm mesmer. First, the old system never worked well in PvE. You had to wait for them to finish your attack before you shatter. That is why it changes to begin with. Mesmer did not have a single functional dps build, in PvE, till PoF for a reason. Second, sword, focus, GS and pistol phantasm all deal more damage than they ever did at any point before in PvE.

The only advantage the old system offered was the ability to shatter phantasm, which was primarily used to pull off a quick full F1 shatter in PvP. And mostly paired with invisibility so You can pull off one shooting the target, before they has no can react.

And phantasm were always one skill you use that summons a clone in the end. There is nothing different about it now than before, except the phantasms do not shatter. The old system was terrible. It was a hinderance in PvE and in PvP only fed designs in that need to be removed to begin with. This should never ever come back in any form. Just admit you want easier way to one shoot people in PvP.

Your finishing line here is disingenuous - the OP seems to be inclined towards removing shatters altogether, therefore no opportunity to speed up a spike by shattering phantasms prematurely. The old system did have a tradeoff. You could shatter phantasms along with your clones for a spike, or you could leave the phantasms out for sustained damage. In PvE, leaving your highest-damage phantasms out usually resulted in more sustained damage in the long term than if you shatter.

In PvP, you usually wanted to shatter because the phantasms wouldn't last long enough to ramp up anyway, and even if they did, usually you want to spike in PvP. The current system removes that tradeoff. Even PvE mirages usually want to shatter, since if they time it right they'll have a new set of clones back up basically immediately altogether.

Jul 23,  · The Power Chronomancer is a good DPS option for fights without a lot Continuum Split which enables the doubled usage of strong Mesmer utility skills like. GW2 Mesmer PvE Class guide written by Sanderinoa.. usually via the ingame LFG system; DPS – Damage Per Second; AoE – Area of Effect;Condition based.

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  1. "Franz (Freidrich) Anton Mesmer (), 'The Wizard of Vienna', was an Austrian Physicist who claimed he could cure diseases by correcting the flow of animal magnetism in his patients' bodies during séance-like group sessions. Mesmer was offered 20, /5(17).
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  3. Mar 24,  · Northlane keep pushing their boundaries and delivering solid music with "Mesmer", a secretly unveiled album. Mixing their progressive djent sound with encompassing melodies and structure, the band delivers on every song on this full-length, especially the first half of the disc. This is not a "you should buy" album/5(23).
  4. Mesmer is a standalone dark romance and is based in the Dark Hearts trilogy world created by Cari Silverwood, that begins with Wicked Ways/5().
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  6. Alan Rickman stars as Dr. Frantz Anton Mesmer, an Austrian physician in the 18th century who is considered to be the most influential figure in the development of hypnosis.
  7. The vinyl version track listing is as follows (Mesmer, Burning Gate, Wings of Evil, Tyrant.) "Weight of Confusion" is only on the CD and tape version. Includes unlimited streaming of Mesmer EP via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
  8. Double CD in oversized plastic wallet with 8 card inserts. Various original compositions influenced by the work of Friedrich Mesmer. From an inlay card: "The artists featured on this release were given a copy of the vinyl recording 'Mesmer' (Ash ) and asked to compose a piece influenced by the work of Friedrich Mesmer the animal magnetist.

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