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When the Telephone revealed its true nature as Commander Tartar to destroy Inkopolis, Pearl's "battle cry" was instrumental in defeating it. With the threat averted, the group returned safely in Inkopolis Square. Pearl's colors for the Pocky Chocolate vs.

Pocky: Gokuboso Splatfest. Artwork for the Rock vs. Pop Splatfest. Pearl, or MC. Princess, in the Octo Expansion. Artwork for the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest. Pearl's dialogue icon, as it appears in the SplatNet 2 app. Pearl at NicoNico Tokaigi Pearl dancing during Nasty Majesty , at Chokaigi 3rd concert.

Pearl rapping during Nasty Majesty , at Chokaigi Pearl in her Octo Expansion outfit at Tentalive at Tokaigi Concept art of Pearl in a more Octoling -like style. From Inkipedia, the Splatoon wiki. Pearl as she appears when announcing stages. Kitchen had everything we needed.

Hot tub was great. Fire pit was awesome. There was even beach chairs and sand toys! It was a great location for a handful of couples and fur babies. Not super swanky but comfortable and easy walking distance on the prom to downtown.

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The van's suspension has also been upgraded for a smoother ride. Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. I'm already a fan, don't show this again. Send MSN Feedback. Krabs tries to educate him on his choices. He talks about the ups and downs of sending a valentine to a squirrel vs. The picture shows him pointing to a whale diagram instead of a squirrel and smiling. Squidward is Pearl's honorary uncle, since he is not related to the Krabs family by blood or marriage.

They do not like being seen with each other, as shown in "The Chaperone" when Pearl does not want to go out with him to prom. However, they have quite a lot in common. This is shown in " Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle " when she and Squidward sit side-by-side and read magazines together. In the same episode, Squidward calls her a drama queen.

Pearl thinks Squidward is a barnacle and a stick in the sand, since he does not like to have fun like SpongeBob. They may share interests, but Pearl and Squidward's demeanors are almost polar opposites of each other: Pearl is upbeat and loud, whereas Squidward is usually glum and quiet. Pearl tries her best to act as a hungry paying customer, but Squidward is completely disinterested in being in the commercial.

Their performances are a good example of how different the two characters are. Even when Squidward eats a Krabby Patty revealed to be Squidward's all-time favorite food in " Just One Bite " in the commercial, he looks very unhappy while Pearl is smiling. In " Whale of a Birthday ," Squidward creates a sculpture of Pearl out of Krabby Patties and loves it, calling it a masterpiece. He says of Pearl's portrait: "It takes true genius to transform pounds of raw Krabby Patties into a work of such majesty.

She encourages her fellow high schoolers to play a prank on him and describes him as "weird" to them. They use a megaphone while talking to Squidward from the drive-through window. The Good Ideas book shows that Pearl deeply cares for Squidward.

She decides to do something nice for her Uncle Squiddy by getting him a pet worm to cheer him up. Her plan seems to majorly backfire because the worm eats all of the food Squidward has in his house.

He says, "Pearl, you are going to have to take this beast back home with you! He changes his mind and shows a rare hint of happiness: "This worm is terrific, Pearl. I think I'll name him Mishka! In " Whale Watching ," Pearl and Squidward's relationship is the main focus. Krabs lets Squidward babysit Pearl while he is out, saying it will be "just like when you were little. However, she is terribly bored and wants to go to a cool teen party instead. She sneaks out, leaving Squidward to chase after her.

He tries to win Pearl back by playing music and swinging yo-yos, but Pearl just wants to breach with her new friend Dylan. However, she gets beached on Bikini Atoll , and all of her supposed friends leave her stranded there. Squidward saves her all by himself and brings her back down into the water. Devastated that she was ditched, Pearl starts to cry, but Squidward cheers her up by getting the idea to play a prank on Dylan.

They ring his doorbell and leave annoying, hyperactive SpongeBob to surprise him. The episode ends with Pearl and Squidward laughing with each other, proud of their prank.

Much to Squidward's chagrin, his rival Squilliam Fancyson wears clothes that Pearl adores. In The Yellow Avenger , Pearl describes Squilliam as someone who "looked a bit like Squidward, but he was wearing the coolest, most far-out clothes! I've never seen anything like them in Bikini Bottom!

You've just got to find out for me where he shops! Patrick is a friend of Pearl. He is sad and cries when SpongeBob tells him that, if they spend their lives on the outskirts of Bikini Bottom, there will be "no more Sandy or Pearl or Mr. Krabs" in " Life of Crime. At the beginning of the episode, when Pearl's classmates tease her about being SpongeBob's girlfriend, Patrick says "I didn't know you had a girlfriend. He mistakes a square-shaped control machine for SpongeBob and takes it, causing all kinds of problems in the tunnel such as a power outage.

He also leans on a button that causes all of the animatronics in the ride to become evil and hunt SpongeBob and Pearl. Finally, he uses the water pressure area as a restroom, causing a waterfall to send SpongeBob and Pearl flying.

In SpongeBob Comics , Mrs. Puff gives Patrick a flower that makes him fall in love with the next person he sees. When he sees Pearl, he tells her "I love you! The mermaids reject Patrick and call him creepy in " Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle ," whereas they befriend Pearl because she shares their love of collecting things.

Patrick is very nervous about his performance, but the training SpongeBob gave him pays off and he shows Pearl his impeccable dancing skills. Pearl gives him a perfect score of 10 and Patrick wins the contest. In , SpongeBob crew members hosted a Nick. When asked why Pearl's species is different from her father's, Patrick answered: "Pearl's a whale?

Pearl has a very strange relationship with Plankton. As a result, he becomes the father of an alternate universe Pearl called Pearl Plankton. With no idea how to raise a child, he gives her one measly dollar as an allowance. She thinks Plankton hates her and says she will run away to find a new daddy. Later in the episode, this version of Pearl calls Mr. Krabs' alternate universe counterpart who assumes Plankton's life the "saltiest of all the sea dogs" as an insult, implying that the normal Pearl views Plankton as this.

Although they are still familiar with each other in the episode, Plankton is said to have a fear of whales like Pearl since they eat plankton. Plankton's fear is actually irrational and erroneous, since baleen whales eat microorganisms, not toothed sperm whales like Pearl. Sperm whales do, however, eat cephalopods like Squidward. In this episode, Plankton becomes so scared of Pearl that Mr.

Krabs uses a Pearl costume to scare him. Plankton even has a fear-induced nightmare about a zombie Pearl chasing and eating him. This fear is retconned in later episodes and is never brought up again.

In " Married to Money ," Plankton disguises himself with a robotic stack of dollars called Cashina in a plan to trick Mr. Krabs into marrying his faux alter-ego. In order for his scheme to work, he needs to get Pearl to like Cashina as well.

Pearl is strongly against getting a new mother, so when Plankton comes over to dinner as Cashina, she voices her disapproval: "Stop trying to mom at me, lady! I don't need you! In the book Scared Silly! Krabs with his " You Will Obey!

In " Plankton's Intern ," Pearl becomes Plankton's assistant. Prior to Season 11, Karen didn't like Pearl and does not care about her very much. In "The Algae's Always Greener," Plankton tells Karen that Pearl is "as big as a whale" not realizing that she is actually a sperm whale. Karen dismisses this comment and seems to understand Pearl's species better than her husband. In "One Coarse Meal," Karen does not take Plankton's temporary phobia of Pearl seriously and seems to think he is crazy.

This shows that she is not afraid of Pearl. The first time the two directly interact is in " Patnocchio. From that moment they became friends. Pearl and Sandy share a mutual friendship because they are both mammals, and Pearl believes that mammals need to stick together no matter what. In " Bubble Troubles ," Pearl helps Sandy by giving her air. SpongeBob attaches Sandy to the blowhole on top of Pearl's head, and they share air until the end of the episode when Sandy is back to normal.

At the beginning of the episode " Mr. Krabs gets everyone except Squidward excited about the story of the Krabs family's vacation. She cheers for Sandy when she decides to stay in Bikini Bottom.

In " Feral Friends ," Pearl attends Sandy's birthday party. Pearl is on good terms with Mrs. Puff, which is a good sign for the romantic relationship between Pearl's father and Mrs. However, Pearl is one of the very few characters who can drive but did not attend Mrs. Puff's Boating School. Instead, Mr. Krabs taught Pearl how to drive a boat himself to save money. This was shown in " Tutor Sauce. Puff's school. Puff are already familiar with each other, as they talk together.

Pearl says "Gee, SpongeBob really knows how to throw a great party!

16mm pearls are about the same diameter as the width of standard-size dice (or think of it as if you took a die and cut off the corners to make it round). Note: While pearls above mm are certainly precious, Pearls larger than 16mm are extremely unusual and rare. 18mm pearls are .

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  7. Pearls are formed inside the shell of certain mollusks as a defense mechanism against a potentially threatening irritant such as a parasite inside the shell, or an attack from outside that injures the mantle tissue. The mollusk creates a pearl sac to seal off the irritation.
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