Preludium For Jazz Ensemble - Igor Stravinsky - Works Of Igor Stravinsky (CD)

Oedipus Rex, opera-oratorio in 2 acts. L'oiseau de feu The Firebird , ballet in 2 scenes for piano reduction. L'oiseau de feu The Firebird , ballet in 2 scenes for orchestra. L'oiseau de feu The Firebird , ballet suite for orchestra. L'oiseau de feu The Firebird , concert suite for orchestra No.

Suite from larger work. Orpheus, ballet in 3 scenes for orchestra. Otche Nash' Pater Noster , for chorus. Pater Noster. Ovsen, for female chorus Russian Peasant Songs No. Song Without Words.

Pastorale, transcribed for orchestra by Leopold Stokowski. Pater Noster, for chorus. Miscellaneous Classical. Petit Ramusianum Harmonique, for chorus. Petrushka, ballet burlesque in 4 scenes for orchestra version.

Petrushka, movements 3 transcribed for piano, 4 hands by Victor Babin. Petrushka, movements 3 for piano. Piano-Rag-Music, for piano. Pieces 3 for solo clarinet. Pieces 3 for string quartet. String Quartet. Pieces 3 transcribed for piano, 4 hands from Pieces for string quartet. Art Song. Pour Pablo Picasso, for clarinet. At the Mill Igor Stravinsky. Variation Igor Stravinsky. Scene Igor Stravinsky. Overture Igor Stravinsky.

Serenata Igor Stravinsky. Scherzino Igor Stravinsky. Tarantella Igor Stravinsky. Orpheus, ballet in 3 scenes for orchestra. Scene 1: Air de danse Igor Stravinsky. Scene 1: Interlude Igor Stravinsky. Scene 2: The Furies Igor Stravinsky. Scene 2: Pas d'action Igor Stravinsky. Scene 2: Pas de deux Igor Stravinsky. Scene 2: Interlude Igor Stravinsky. Dance of the Coachmen Igor Stravinsky. Pulcinella, suite for orchestra. Sinfonia Ouverture Igor Stravinsky.

Toccata Igor Stravinsky. Gavotta con due variazioni Igor Stravinsky. Vivo Duetto Igor Stravinsky. L' oiseau de feu The Firebird , ballet suite for orchestra. Prelude and Dance of the Firebird Igor Stravinsky. Variations The Firebird Igor Stravinsky.

Pantomime 1 Igor Stravinsky. Pantomime 2 Igor Stravinsky. Dance of the Princesses Igor Stravinsky. Pantomime 3 Igor Stravinsky. Rondo Corovod Igor Stravinsky.

Infernal Dance Igor Stravinsky. Final Hymn Igor Stravinsky. Symphony in E flat major, Op. Allegro moderato Igor Stravinsky. Largo Igor Stravinsky. Allegro molto Igor Stravinsky.

The Sleeping Beauty, ballet, Op. Symphony in C, for orchestra in C major. Symphony in Three Movements, for orchestra. Andante - Interlude: L'istesso tempo Igor Stravinsky. Con moto Igor Stravinsky. Moderato alla breve Igor Stravinsky. Larghetto concertante Igor Stravinsky. Largo - Tempo giusto, alla breve Igor Stravinsky.

Part 1 Igor Stravinsky. Part 2 Igor Stravinsky. Part 3 Igor Stravinsky. Allegro - Maestoso Igor Stravinsky. Presto Igor Stravinsky. Andante rapsodico Igor Stravinsky. Allegro capriccioso ma tempo giusto Igor Stravinsky. Violin Concerto in D major. Aria 1 Igor Stravinsky. Aria 2 Igor Stravinsky. Capriccio Igor Stravinsky. Greeting Prelude, for orchestra Igor Stravinsky. Suite No. Andante Igor Stravinsky. Napolitana Igor Stravinsky. Balalaika Igor Stravinsky. Marche Igor Stravinsky. Valse Igor Stravinsky.

Polka Igor Stravinsky. Galop Igor Stravinsky. Concerto for chamber orchestra in E flat major "Dumbarton Oaks". Tempo giusto Igor Stravinsky. Norwegian Moods 4 , for orchestra. Intrada Igor Stravinsky. Song Igor Stravinsky. Wedding Dance Igor Stravinsky. Circus Polka, for orchestra "for a young elephant" Igor Stravinsky. Concerto in D, for string orchestra in D major "Basel Concerto". Amongst Stravinsky's compositions using variation form, the concerto is unusual for several reasons.

First, it employs this form as a finale. Second, the variation movement begins and ends in the same key which would be normal for most composers, but not Stravinsky, who only adheres to this practice in one other composition, the Sonata for Two Pianos. Third, the second variation literally repeats the melodic theme, thus functioning as a sort of internal recapitulation and thereby suggesting a fusing of variation with rondo form.

On November 4, , while still in the midst of composing the concerto, Stravinsky wrote a letter to Nadia Boulanger describing his progress as well as plans to make a recording with the Herman band in February This recording session was ultimately postponed but, at that time, Stravinsky foresaw its release on a rpm disc, with the first two movements on one side and the theme and variations on the other.

However, where else can one acquire the riches represented by these composer-directed or composer-supervised recordings? Think how we would have felt if the same Read more had been done for Rachmaninov or Schoenberg or Moeran or Martin? Only Britten has had anything similar with Copland coming a close-ish second. Not neglected are the twelve-tone works of his late years after coming into contact with that great Schoenberg advocate Robert Craft. In this context try Threni and the brief Pro Gesualdo piece.

Stravinsky as brilliant magister of the orchestra can be heard in the early fluttering rainbow-delicacy of The Firebird. Sample the helter-skelter flutter of The Firebird's Dance. The other two great ballets, Petrushka and The Rite of Spring, are there in full and Petrushka and Firebird are also there in their familiar curtailed concert suite form. Speaking of which the composer's own CBS Petrushka is pressed forward to the point where the orchestra were being driven close to breaking point.

Yet they come through flags flying. OK these recordings are now between forty and fifty years old so the impact is not going to be all that it now can be.

That said, it remains viscerally vivid and exciting. The transition in Le Sacre from the thunderous stomp of Dance of the Earth tr. Les Noces with its raw affinity with Orff and its pre-echoes of Birtwistle is raucously statuesque. The playing throughout this set is often pretty astonishing. This certainly the case in the chiselled and tangy March from Soldier's Tale.

The recording is very good indeed: smooth and detailed. Bransle Gay recalls the much later Ariadne by Gordon Crosse. The Adagio from The Bluebird is full of smiling sunny light. It casts ogling eyes towards the grand balletic manner. A disc with three of the concert suites from Pulcinella, Petrushka and Firebird reminds us that the composer intended his music to make its way into concert programmes as well as to be danced. The grumping and shreiking nightmare of the Dance of the Peasant and the Bear from Petrushka is sharply characterised.

The Dance of the Coachmen has a satisfying guttural grunt and also exploits the music's inherent triumph tr. The brassy gruffness of the Vivo Pulcinella leaps out at the listener and stereo separation adds a gritty reality tr. The Nightingale. L'Histoire du soldat. Symphonies of Wind Instruments. Octet for wind instruments. Usually ships in 24 hours, unless stock becomes depleted.

The Complete Columbia Album Collection is a new box set of 56 CDs plus DVD and represents a major landmark in recorded music, containing twenty three performances never previously released on CD plus seventeen performances newly remastered from the original analogue discs and Read more tapes.

Igor Stravinsky – The Complete Columbia Album Collection is an unprecedented reissue of the complete recordings of his works that Igor Stravinsky made for CBS/American Columbia, bringing together for the very first time on CD all of the mono “Stravinsky conducts Stravinsky” recordings issued in the s and s alongside the more.

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  1. Praeludium for jazz ensemble – Praeludiun / Prelude – Pribaoutki (for medium voice and eight instruments) – Ragtime for Eleven Instruments – Septuor (Septet) – Song of the Volga Boatmen (for band, wind, brass ensemble) – .
  2. CD 12 is ‘Chamber Music and Historical Recordings vol. 1’. The shade of Weill haunts the very brief Preludium for jazz ensemble. It is however full of the DNA of Stravinsky's rhythmic entanglements. Superbly recorded too. Ragtime sounds agreeably unarticulated and is memorable for its cimbalom twang. The Septet's Gigue rocks with scorched discords.
  3. Buy CDs,DVDs online at Works of Igor Stravinsky Composers: Spoken Word Igor Stravinsky ( - ) Johann Sebastian Bach ( - ) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky ( - ) Performers: Israel Baker Charles Russo Charles Brady Robert Craft Don Christlieb Don Garrard Roy d'Antonio Jean Manning William Kraft Kevin Miller Robert Marsteller Judith .
  4. - This historic collection comes with a pages hardcover book containing a complete work catalogue, a detailed discography and a wealth of session photos, along with a major new essay by Stravinsky expert Richard Taruskin, in which he examines how the composer’s lifelong distrust of performers and live performances drove him to attempt to preserve definitive accounts of all his works .
  5. Preludium for Jazz Band (/37) Elegy, for solo viola () Ebony Concerto for clarinet and jazz band () Septet for clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, and piano () Concertino, for small ensemble () (arrangement of work for string quartet) Epitaphium, for flute, clarinet and harp ().
  6. Igor Stravinsky The Complete Columbia Album Collection is an unprecedented reissue of the complete recordings of his works that Igor Stravinsky made for CBS/American Columbia, bringing together for the very first time on CD all of the mono "Stravinsky conducts Stravinsky" recordings issued in the s and s alongside the more familiar stereo remakes from .
  7. Igor Stravinsky: The Recorded Legacy is CBS Masterworks' massive box of 31 LPs, released in to commemorate the th anniversary of Stravinsky's birth year The vast majority of Stravinsky's recordings were made for CBS Masterworks starting in -- when he was 75 years old -- and extending to , when he made his last public.
  8. Igor Stravinsky (17 June – 6 April ) is widely considered one of the most important and influential composers of the 20th century. Although .

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