Premeditated Murder - Chus Lamboa & Jose C Martin - Premeditated Murder (File, MP3)

The woman told authorities she was told by another relative who was in the house on Sept. The pair were arrested days later. Moreno was arrested Jan. Lopez went on trial in March for his alleged role in the killing, but proceedings abruptly ended in a mistrial after his attorney accused prosecutors of withholding information about Dominguez, a key witness and co-defendant in the case. Ramirez told police upon his arrest as a co-conspirator in the murder that Hernandez, who had not yet been revealed as an informant, gave the go- ahead for the killing.

Everyone in the Salinas Nuestra Familia crew was arrested in the murder, except Hernandez, who continued to inform on the gang. On June 18, , Hernandez told his handlers that a subordinate was distributing more than a dozen guns to young gang members in town, according to FBI reports.

Salinas police sources say the FBI never passed on information about who had the guns, and Frias says that a number of the weapons are still in use today.

Frias, 22, said that in addition to himself, others who received the guns included two gang members, who within months used the weapons in Salinas in a murder and an attempted murder. Both pleaded guilty in separate cases. When confronted about unauthorized trips, Hernandez said he slipped away without permission to play golf in Stockton. He later admitted the "golf" trip was to deliver two pounds of methamphetamine to a cousin. FBI records show that by late July, the bureau stopped working with Hernandez, and he was arrested on a parole violation.

He is now in protective custody at an unknown location. Attorney Steven Gruel declined to comment on whether the informant might lose his protection from prosecution, because Hernandez, by his own admission, violated terms of the agreement in which he said he would not lie to his handlers, commit new crimes, or keep any illegally earned assets. On Nov. Such is the risk the government runs in using criminal informants to help law enforcement efforts.

As San Francisco lawyer Mark Zilversmit, an attorney for one of the indicted Nuestra Familia members, notes, "That operative who's now working for the government is going to have to do some pretty bad things.

He has to in order to maintain credibility. Was the Black Widow investigation, with its 22 indictments and possible convictions and breakup of the criminal enterprise, worth the risk? Frias, the convicted triggerman in the April murder, thinks the FBI's operation may have destabilized Nuestra Familia, but he gives more credit to the gang leaders' own "hypocrisy" in turning on each other for any decline in its strength. In the Black Widow investigation, more than 20 gang members or associates have become informants or have agreed to testify against others in the case.

Some in law enforcement believe that, while fighting Nuestra Familia was worthwhile, younger members will soon rise to take leadership. Monterey County Sheriff. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.

What to Read Next. Good Morning America. When the supervisor returned around 3 p. The severed ear was in a pool of blood on the floor. During the search of the truck, officers found a large amount of blood in the cab. In an interview with detectives, Hlebo admitted getting into a fight with Myrick, but did not confess to killing him, according to the court documents. Jenna Lyons is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail: jlyons sfchronicle. Rand Paul.

Thomas Ince, the silent film mogul known as "the father of the Western," died on November 19, aboard the yacht of newspaper mogul Wiliam Randolph Hearst. The official cause of death was listed as heart trouble, but sordid rumors about Hearst's mistress, actress Marion Davies, surrounded Ince's death for years. Another tale says Hearst simply mistook Ince for Chaplin and shot him outright. On October 12, , year old Georgette Bauerdorf was found dead, face-down in her bathtub with a washcloth stuffed into her mouth.

At first, police had the audacity to suggest that Bauerdorf, an aspiring actress and the daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon, simply slipped and drowned, but autopsy reports confirmed she had been beaten, raped and suffocated. Bauerdorf was a hostess at a nearby gentlemen's club and supposedly had a serviceman caller whose feelings for her were unrequited; authorities tried to find the man but had no luck. On January 15th, , a year old woman named Elizabeth Short a waitress and young Hollywood hopeful was found dead in Leimert Park.

Short had been cut completely in half, most of the blood drained from her body, with lacerations on her face from her mouth to her ears. She also had lacerations and bruises on her wrists, indicating that she may have been tied up and even tortured.

She was given the nickname "the Black Dahlia" and despite multiple investigations and much media attention, her assailant was never apprehended.

To this day, people still theorize about who committed the crime; former LA police department detective Steve Hodel spent 15 years putting together evidence suggesting his father was the murderer—just one of many theories that persist, still capturing Angelenos' morbid imaginations.

On January 7, , Jimmy and his little brother Wayne were home alone when they heard a knock at the back door. Jimmy went outside and never returned. After three days, his mother filed a missing persons report, but told the police her son had probably just run off with friends.

Jun 17,  · One murder count, negotiated through plea bargaining, was originally filed against Zamastil in , said San Bernardino County Deputy Dist. .

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  1. Jul 12,  · A Pittsburgh man stabbed his elderly roommate to death and nearly severed his head, police say. Joseph Martin, 35, was charged with criminal homicide for his alleged role in the gruesome death of his roommate, Ricardo Tobia, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.. Tobia, an instructor of the nearby Point Park University, was found dead in his bedroom with multiple stab wounds and his .
  2. WOMAN FACES PREMEDITATED MURDER TRIAL - DETAIL IN DAUGHTER'S DEATH BRINGS CHARGE Detroit Free Press (MI) - Friday, October 4, Author: RODNEY THRASH FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER The year-old woman accused of stabbing .
  3. Nov 07,  · Two murder suspects who escaped from a Northern California jail by cutting a hole in a ceiling over the weekend were captured as they tried to cross from Mexico back over the US border.
  4. An Army private was found guilty of premeditated murder Wednesday for bludgeoning to death a fellow soldier in a beating prosecutors said was motivated by his hatred of homosexuals.
  5. Jul 28,  · ROCHESTER HILLS — Extensive efforts to clean up blood spatter after the beating deaths of an elderly couple show a premeditated crime, say prosecutors. Jeffrey Maurer, 54, faces two charges of first-degree murder for the January deaths of his parents, year-old Gayle Maurer and year-old William Maurer, at their home on Linda Shepard.
  6. is the number one paste tool since Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.
  7. With Malice Aforethought - Sixteen Cases of Premeditated Murder, Georgina Lloyd The "Star Wars" Trilogy, George Lucas, Donald F. Glut Lost in Cyberspace, Richard Peck X Working Child Spec Needs in Prim Adulthood, Evie Bentley.
  8. Feb 11,  · The Bay Area, while truly wonderful, is also the sad home to our fare share of high-profile and terrifying crimes. From Fatty Arbuckle's notorious sexual assault scandal at the St. Francis Hotel.

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