Snake Cake Station

If you have more than one snake in the enclosure, you might want to separate it from the others as you treat it. You have to check that the other snakes are not infected.

Sometimes putting an infected snake in a clean, dry and well-ventilated space is all you need to put an end to scale rot progression. Change the substrate and clean the cage. Clean any hides, logs or rocks with disinfectant water. Be careful not to use a disinfectant that is toxic or will cause irritation for your snake. One of the ways to treat scale rot is to use a betadine solution. Betadine is a liquid antibiotic that is readily available online and in pet stores around you.

Immerse your snake in a betadine solution bath, twice a day for 20 minutes until the condition clears. Ensure that the bathwater is neither cold nor hot.

When you turn on the cold tap and directly submerge your snake into the betadine solution, it can cause severe shock in your cold-blooded snake. To create less stress for your snake, make sure the temperature of the water is not cooler than the cool side of its habitat. Depending on the extent of the scale rot, use more or less betadine as you deem fit. After the bath, rinse and dry the snake and use Neosporin ointment.

Be careful to not get it into the eyes, mouth or vents of your snake. An antibiotic spray such as vetericyn solution spray for reptile wound and skincare plus, both safe, non-toxic and non-irritating can be used. It can even be used for a snake without scales.

After the bath and ointment application, put your snake in the driest environment you can find or create, it has to be clean of course. Another antibiotic therapy is to apply an ointment directly to the affected area. After sterilizing your hands and work station, you will lay the snake on a flat surface.

In this method, get an antibiotic cream such as tamodine and silver sulfadiazine. You can apply it topically or dilute it with water. You will be needing a water spray, a little empty dish, and some cotton buds. Pour some of the cream into the dish and soak the cotton bud in it.

With a little pressure and in a circular motion, apply the cream to all affected areas of the snake, getting it under the scale. Let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and wash or clean it off. If your snake is not great with baths, you might want to clean it with a sterilized wipe. Finally, apply a germicidal barrier on the affected area to stop any reinfection. Return the snake to its already cleaned and dry enclosure. To ensure the scale rot is eliminated, it is advisable that you carry on with the treatment for a couple of weeks and not stop when you see that your snake is doing better.

Preventing scale rot in your snake is achievable when you maintain proper husbandry and regulate heat and humidity. The use of appropriate bedding substrate will prevent scale rot and hasten the recovery process. There are a couple of factors that should influence your choice of substrate.

It is coarse and therefore not comfortable for your snake. Sand can get on the food and into the mouth of your snake. It is also difficult to clean. If you prefer sand as a substrate, you might want to try out Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand for Aquarium. This is a cheap novel idea snake owners are adopting. Check out the best prices of astroturf here. Telephone 69 or stop in on E. The Chillicothe Army Recruiting Station announced that three teens had enlisted in the post-war army.

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  5. Awesome Snake Cake “I have three boys”. Anyone who can say that is well versed in ‘All-Things Boys’. All three of my boys are obsessed with snakes. I had two birthdays, one after another, and of course, both boys wanted a Snake Cake. The summer before these two birthdays happened they had caught 37 snakes! So the obsession is real!
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  7. Jul 31,  · The cake design was found easily (one of the few snake-themed things I found on the web that was actually helpful) Found a bunch of great ideas and tips on this birthday cake is a picture of Tyr’s actual cake, made by my mom (I love handing off the cake to a grandma each year!
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