Unknown Destination - Massada (2) - Sajangé And Many Other Hits (CD)

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Boy, did the fans ever agree!!!!! One notable thing is that Jericho ripped off his shirt and tossed it to the mat before the match. Edge took the shirt and threw it to the crowd, one piece going to the middle of the crowd, the other landing right outside the barricade. There was a huge fight for the shirt, and it was hilarious. The entire crowd, Y2J and edge all looked on astonishment as about 10 little kids beat up a teenager for the shirt, then fought for it amount themselves for like 4 minutes.

Eventually Chris Jericho exited the ring to try and yell at the kids or something. A security guard took the shirt from the kids, which got huge heat.

Not wanting to be booed, he gave it back, then the kids started fighting again. Edge and Jericho were both laughing their assess off. In any event, the match was about as good as could be expect for a 5 minute affair between edge and Jericho, meaning that it was good, not great. Jericho played the heel wonderfully without cheating. Good near falls that had the crowd going. The liontamer got a great pop.

This was the only match with a ref bump. With the ref down, Jericho grabbed a steel chair. Him grabbing the chair got the second hugest pop of the evening, because everyone wanted to see a chair is used, and he was the first person to do so. Edge counted the attempted chair shot with a spear, which also got a good pop but the ref was down. In the end Chris Jericho got the pin with a breakdown with his foot on the ropes. Edge attacked him with a chair to the ribs afterwards, but no stiff chairshot.

Edge sat on the chair in the middle of the ring for a while afterwards. Next was the Smackdown swimsuit challenge. Ai ai ai. The challenge was between Stacy, Torrie and Ivory. Her bikini slipped and her bare breast was exposed. Crowd went ballistic. Ivory ran off and looked very legit embarrassed. Now, the real challenge. First, Stacey Keibler. Torrie was next, stripping her pretty pink robe. Crowd legit cheered for Torrie more.

Stacy attacked Torrie after. Torrie came back and ended up on top — literally. Kurt angle was loved and adored by the fans of Regina. Of course, they all chanted you suck. Funny how they loved and hated him at the same time, but I think everyone feels that way with angle except the smarks, who simply love him. Kurt came out with his wig on, and looked goofy. Angle looked directly at my sign and clearly saw it, even smiled a little which made me feel good.

In any case, HHH came out to a huge pop. Much of the crowd was rambling about the absence of the steel cage. The match was very good, with all the usual HHH and Angle spots. HHH kicked out of the Olympic slam, which surprised the crowd. This was the 3rd time that someone kicked out of a finisher tonight, which I find weird. Fortunately, only in the rear, no salami thank god.

In any event. Angle got the pedigree with a bald head and a bare ass. Overall, it was a great show. One thing to note is that originally it was going to be edge vs. HHH in a steel cage. Why did they change it? As far as that goes, I was disappointed.

I guess they would have trouble setting up the cage though they should not have advertised that match , but there was no reason not to have a no-DQ match. The crowd desperately wanted to see steel chairs and whatnot, but they did not get too. Some very hot girls stole the attention form the show at one point, as they ran around the ring.

The show was in no way a sellout, Which I find very surprising. While the majority of the rear row cheap seats were full, there were a very large number of middle-priced seats empty. The tickets cost far too much considering the city.

HHH 2. Hurricane 3. Edge 4. Jericho 5. Lance Storm Biggest heat: 1. Hardcore Holly 2. Y2J 3. Billy and chuck 4. Christian 5. Angle who got a good pop too. Tim Whitehead filed the following TV report:. I do wish they had let Ric Flair remain a babyface for his match against Shawn Michaels, but the past twenty years have seen many Flair babyface runs cut too short by an abrupt heel turn.

The show opened with footage of last week's confrontation and match between Flair and Triple H. He immediately introduced Flair, calling him the greatest world champion of all time. HBK told Flair that he represents everything that's great about the wrestling business. He added that the Nature Boy is the reason he wanted to be a wrestler, and again mentioned the promo Flair did fifteen years ago which inspired him to try to be the best.

HBK fought back tears as he said he spent his whole career trying to reach Flair's level. Flair looked very emotional as HBK spoke. HBK said that he once thought he had become as great as Flair, but that Flair's performance last week against HHH showed that the Nature Boy is still the greatest there is. HBK asked Flair for a match, saying he wants to test himself against the greatest to see if he matches up.

Flair, all choked up, said he passed the torch to HBK years ago and that HBK reached new heights and set new standards. He accepted HBK's match challenge, saying it would be an honor to wrestle him.

This brought HHH out. He told Flair that it was he HHH who revived Flair's career six months ago when he took him on as his manager. He put Flair over as a kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', limousine ridin', jet flyin' son of a gun, and agreed that Flair took him to the limit last week, but warned Flair not to bite the hand that feeds him. Flair responded by putting HHH over as the current champ, which he said proves he's the best there is right now, but added that he was tired of being subservient to HHH.

HHH grew furious and called Flair an "old bastard", warning him that dire consequences will befall him if he turns against him. At this point, Eric Bischoff came out on the ramp top.

He liked the idea of a Flair vs. HBK match, but said it was too good to waste on Mobile, Alabama. HHH handicap match. This infuriated HHH, and drew a face pop. It also was enthusiastically endorsed by Jim Ross. In fact, it was seemingly a babyface ruling, and Bischoff was presented as a kinder, gentler guy for much of the show. Of course, given the outcome, it wasn't really a babyface ruling. HBK was being set up. The interaction between Flair and HBK in this segment was great.

Apparently this will now be a weekly feature. Booker T defeated Test in Stacy Keibler came out with Test, and it was reported that she has decided to manage Test and Scott Steiner as separate singles wrestlers since they don't get along as a team. That means they'll end up fighting one another and she'll have to choose sides. Booker started off with chops and a lariat. Lawler said Booker's high school was so dangerous that its school paper ran obituaries.

Test dropped Booker across the ropes. Test put the boots to Booker and lariated him. Booker came back with hard chops and a suplex. Booker hit some kicks, including a missile kick. Test bumped out. Booker went for a baseball slide, but Test shoved Stacy in front of him so she took the blow. Test nailed Booker with the pump handle slam for a near fall. Steiner came out to help Stacy, carrying her to the back. Test was distracted by this, allowing Booker to hit the scissor kick for the pin.

HHH visited Steve Austin, whose face was all bruised and swollen. It looked like he was in some sort of accident recently. HHH asked about it and Austin said he fell in the shower. HHH started praising Austin, trying to get him to override Bischoff and cancel the handicap match.

He endorsed the fine job Austin has been doing as general manager, praised his new T-shirt design, and put over his physique. Each time, Austin simply said, "The match is still on". HHH then went off on Austin, calling him trash and vowing to win the handicap match, noting that he always comes out on top in the end. Austin again said, "The match is still on". HHH stormed out. Val Venis defeated Steven Richards in Before the match, Venis sarcastically offered to make Victoria a platinum contract girl in his porn empire.

He said her first film can be called "Victoria's Very Little Secret", in reference to Richards' alleged endowment. Trish Stratus did color commentary. She has at least one thing in common with the other female wrestlers who have tried color commentary: She isn't good at it.

She blamed Victoria for busting her lip at Judgment Day. As for the match, Venis won with a spinebuster and the money shot. Nash admitted that he's been a little out of control lately, but said anyone else would behave that way if their best friend turned on them.

Terri interviewed Christian. Goldust, who had a non-title match scheduled against Christian, came up and began doing the spasm routine. He said Christian will lose the title to Booker at Bad Blood. Christian pointed to the big C on his tights and said it stands for champion. Booker arrived and said it stands for chump, and said he'll take the IC Title in Houston, sucka!

Bischoff asked Austin what he thought of the HBK vs. Flair match he booked for Bad Blood. Austin said it should be "Steve Austin Presents". By the way, that's a nice gesture on the part of WWE.

Bischoff noted that they end up arguing every week and suggested that they need to have a competition of some kind, I guess to get it out of their system. Austin wanted a match, but Bischoff quickly nixed that idea.

However, they shook hands and agreed to find some form of competition for the PPV. Hour two began with a Memorial Day celebration scheduled by Austin. Lilian Garcia kicked it off by singing "America the Beautiful". However, she barely got started before La Resistance came out, waving the French flag. They ran down the U. Good thing they didn't mention the name Robespierre. As expected, Austin came out. He threw Sylvan Grenier from the ring and gave Rene Dupree a stunner.

He flipped both of them off as they fled. Austin then started doing a serious promo to praise those who gave their lives wearing the uniform of the U. Austin admitted that he can't sing, but wanted to do an "America the Beautiful" duet with Lilian. They sang, and Austin was bad, but it came off as entertaining and honest rather than that awful cat scratching on a blackboard that we heard from Stephanie McMahon that time.

Afterward, Lilian gulped down a couple of beers just like Austin, which was cool. Austin circled the ring high-fiving the fans before leaving. Flair primed himself in front of a mirror like he did last week, letting out a "whooooo!

It was made to appear that this was an assailant planning an assault on Flair, so in that sense it was a good swerve. Goldust defeated Christian in a non-title match in Christian started off with fists. Goldust hit a bulldog. Goldust took a hard bump out. Christian rolled him back in and choked him. Goldust scored two after a lariat. Christian scored two with a neckbreaker. The ref stopped Goldust from delivering shattered dreams. Goldust then hit a powerslam out of nowhere and scored the pin.

Christian was in panic mode after the loss, grabbing the title belt and hugging it close to him like an endangered commodity as he fled. Rodney Mack defeated Bubba Ray Dudley in Theodore Long issued his usual five minute white boy challenge, and this time Bubba answered the call.

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Eliahu Ben hj ixssav. Jewish National Fund. Miami Beach. Shlomo Ariav. Keren Keyemeth Leisrael. M Jimmy Resnick representing Hon. Mayor Daoud. Dahlia and Michael Tainesofl porters take joy in lighting tktl Hon. Mordechax Dayan. Sxly Falic. Ben Elissar fS'itzaj. Isaac MUdenberg.

Mordechai Dayan. Ambassador Eliahu Ben Eltssar. Peg Gorson, Mrs. Nily False, and Rabbi Sri Raphaely. Spiritual Leader Cuban Hebrew Congregation. Taines of Boca Raton, while Mrs. Ben Elissar looks on. Amselem, Rabbi Amram Hon. Mordechai Dayan, Co- Judge and Mrs. Rabbi Barry J. Eliahu Ben Elissar, and Hon.

Shlomo Anav. Simon Falic. Eliahu Ben Elissar. Ambassador Eliahu Ben Elissar, Mrs. Isaac Mildenberg, Nily Falic, and Hon. The Soviets apparently acceded. Ambassador and then whisked away to the airport, where he boarded a plane for Frankfurt and his wife, Avital, who came to Frankfurt from Tel Aviv to await his arrival. From there, they boarded a plane to Israel. Some ten minutes later, the undercover agent exchange occur- red at the center of the Glienicke Bridge, and those freed boarded buses waiting for them.

Sharansky was arrested nine years ago and served eight years of a year sentence for allegedly spying for the United States. Negotiations for the swap have been underway for the better part of a year and were expedited at the Geneva summit meeting bet- ween President Reagan and ' Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev last November. Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv was meanwhile besieged by scores of organizations which wanted to participate in the arrival ceremonies. Authorities there hoped to keep the reception low key because of Sharansky's delicate health.

As late as Mon- day, there was confusion as to the whereabouts of Avital Sharansky, whose worldwide campaign for the release of her husband is now ended. Friends of the Sharanskys continued to say that she was still in Israel and would not leave for West Berlin until she had word that her husband was definitely being freed. Earlier reports said that she had already left for Berlin.

In Bonn, a report declared that Avital Sharansky was already there and that journalists and television camera crews were try- ing to track her down in the divid- ed city. A computer technologist, he was arrested on March 15, and tried one year later on July Rose Hyman emigration request on the grounds that "it is against state interests," Sharansky was the subject of continuous harassment, surveillance and interrogations.

At times, up to eight KGB agents trailed him. He met Avital in outside the Moscow Synagogue. They were married despite difficulty in obtaining a rabbi and attempts by the authorities at blocking the union. One day after their wed- ding, Mrs. Sharansky emigrated to Israel. You saw what happened to your friends. No one in the West is interested in you and what you are doing here, and nobody will say a word in the entire world if there is one more Prisoner of Conscience in the Soviet Union.

Shortly thereafter, in March , he was arrested by the Soviet secret police and detained in Moscow's Lefortovo prison until his trial in July, Convicted on charges of "treason" and "anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda," he was sentenced to 13 years in prison and labor camps, and began his term at Chistopol prison.

Throughout his imprisonment, Sharansky was held incom- municado, unable to see or speak with anyone except the KGB. He was also not permitted legal counsel, despite relentless efforts by his family to secure an attorney for him. His plight drew interna- tional attention and became a focal point of U. March, marked Sharan- sky's transfer from Chistopol to Perm Labor Camp, where he was destined to serve the second phase of his year sentence.

In April, his mother, Ida Milgrom, and his brother, Leonid, were permitted to visit with him for 24 hours the first time since his initial im- prisonment in that he was allowed visitors. The following September, they were again granted a visitation permit, for a brief period and under heavy guard. Milgrom from his Perm location, Sharansky made reference to his ill-health. More specifically, he complained of severe stomach and back pains.

The new year, , brought a worsening state of health. Two weeks of solitary confine- ment filled February. Sharansky was further burdened with the harsh conditions and minimal food rations and exercise characteristic of such detainment. In addition, all of his scheduled meetings with family members were abruptly cancelled, and his letter-writing allotment was cut back to one letter every two months from an original allowance of two letters every one month.

V v Sharansky relayed details of his deteriorating health in cor respondence to Mrs. Milgrom Among his complaints were con tinued severe headaches and in adequate medical attention. During an early-May visit to Perm, Mrs. Labor camp authorities told Milgrom that Sharansky's health sun "satisfactory. It was later confirmed that Sharansky did, in- deed, suffer from a chronic weak condition which included fainting spells and stemmed from a lack of proper vitamins. Meanwhile, in Washington.

Supplementary medical updates became known when Mrs. Milgrom received a lengthy letter from her son in September. The correspondence, dated July 1 and postmarked Aug. Both his health and spirit had improved. In November, , a surprise transfer once again brought Sharansky to Chistopol Prison.

No concrete explanation for the sudden move was given by authorities, at that time. In January, , Mrs. Milgrom and Raya visited Sharansky at Chistopol. In noticeably poor health, Anatoly described for them his previous year and a half at Perm, and his placement in solitary confinement during that time. They learned that Anatoly had been sentenced to a concur- rent three-year prison sentence in October for failure to admit his guilt over the charges brought against him in In Jerusalem, Mrs.

Sharansky met with U. At that time, Haig drew particular attention to Sharansky's case. She did, however, meet with camp and health authorities. She discussed his again being placed in solitary confinement in prison for three months, exacerbating his already poor health, as well as the denial of his correspondence and visitation rights.

In the letter, he stressed that "Sharansky was chosen as a victim in view of the fact that he was not only a partici- pant in the Jewish emigration movement, but was also active in the struggle for all human rights in the USSR. On Sept. The strike was to protest prison officials' confiscation of his mail and their refusal to allow him to receive visits from his family, despite such allowances under the Soviet penal system.

In response to the act, a State Department spokesman stated that the U. Sharansky's rights which led to this desperate deci- sion," and called upon Soviet authorities to reconsider their treatment of Sharansky.

According to Le Monde, however, Marchais was "not satisfied" with Andropov's reply. At the end of February, Sharan- sky's mother, Ida Milgrom, finally received a letter from her son in which he stated that he had in fact ended his hunger strike on Jan. Sharansky remained in critical condition as a result of the strike. On January 5, , Sharansky was visited by his mother and brother at Chistopol Prison. Unable to sleep because of the pain in his chest, he raised the question of hospitalization with prison authorities, who told him that convicts are hospitalized only in "extreme" cases.

After the two-hour visit, his mother appeal- ed to local health officials, but, in what may be an attempt to frustrate her efforts, was told to contact Moscow. Sharansky had requested that a lawyer be found who could act as an intermediary with prison of- ficials. He feared that by acting on his own, he could face an exten- sion of his sentence allowed by a new law instituted in October, The law stipulates up to five additional years for "opposing" those in charge.

In early January, he ended a two-day hunger strike protesting the blocking of his mail to his wife. Both she and his mother were receiving his letters on a regular basis. In October, Anatoly was due to be transferred from Chistopol prison to a labor camp. A few days later, the Deputy Minster contacted Ida Milgrom at home and informed her that her son was in Camp 34 in the Urals the Perm labor camp. Sharansky had reached the Perm camp on Nov. His medical treatment in the hospital was the best he has had in years, as was the food he was given there.

It seemed that official notification of Sharansky's arrival at the Perm labor camp was stall- ed until after he had been released from the hospital.

Milgrom was granted per- mission to visit her son at the camp, and she spent two days with him there on Jan. During the visit she was in- formed by camp authorities that the officials were considering Sharansky's release on an amnes- ty basis.

Milgrom was informed that all correspondence between her and Anatoly had been confiscated, and that no more visits would be allowed in In May, Mrs. Milgrom finally received a letter from her son in which he informed her that letters could only be written every two months. The letter was terse and Mrs. Milgrom remarked that "it sounds like a letter they told him to write to show that he is there and not on a hunger strike.

And meanwhile, Avital Sharansky's worldwide touring in the cause of her husband's freedom kept the issue in the forefront as a constant subject of media speculation. IN MIAMI, Hinda Cantor and Shireley Pollak, co-chairmen of the South Florida Conference, an arm of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation Community Relations Committee, noted that "Sharan- sky's release will now give hope to the many others who remain behind, still trapped in the Soviet Union: to Jews for whom he became a symbol through nearly a decade of imprisonment, and to non-Jews, who were emboldened by Anatoly's advocacy of the idea that all Soviet citizens have rights assured them under the Helsinki Accords which the Soviet Union signed in Moreover, if the emigration trends of the last few years continue to hold true, then he will be but one of a hun dred or so Soviet Jews who will be permitted to emigrate in February From a high of more than 51, in , the figure for last year dropped to just 1, Adler, Tuesday issued a state- ment of community reaction to the release of former Soviet Prisoner of Conscience Anatoly Sharansky.

We rejoice with him, his long-suffering wife, Avital, and the thousands of peo- ple throughout the Free World who have worked so long and hard for his freedom these past nine years. Through our fund-raising efforts and the work of our Community Relations Committee, we have contributed in part to Sharansky's freedom.

We will continue this struggle un- til all Soviet Jews are free. As important as his release is, the world cannot be appeased by this symbolic gesture from the Soviet Union because for each man freed, another is harassed, ar- rested and imprisoned for the 'crime' of wishing to live freely as a Jew in the Soviet Union or to emigrate to Israel. Sharansky, whose only crime was being Jewish and pressing the Soviet government to respect the human rights and emigration rights of Soviet Jews, has suffered great personal indignities for this sacred cause.

We call upon our government to further press for the rights of all Soviet Jews to live as Jews or leave into freedom as guaranteed by the Helsinki Human Rights Accords. Golds- tein of Temple Shir Ami, and its executive vice president. The bond matures in ten years. This is not an,offering. Among the preachers at the dais were the Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority and of the recently created Liberty Federation a political organiza- tion devoted specifically to pro- moting the views of the Christian right and the Rev.

Pat Robert- son, who has long been considered a likely contender for the Republican nomination for President. Interspersed among the ministers and lay leaders who ad- dressed the early morning diners were conservative members of Congress and some of Israel's most vocal supporters.

They included Rep. Mark Sil- jander R. Albert Gore D. Arlen Specter R. Chic Hecht R. Jerry Falwell Jesse Helms R. HECHT and Specter were among a handful of Jewish par- ticipants who were also either honored at the dais or were there to receive the fiery praise of the orators for the Jewish people and their State. Speaking at a press con- ference at Jewish Agency head- quarters here, Lewinsky declined to specify from which countries such aliya might come.

But he hinted at the Soviet Union when he said, "Jews are behind all kinds of curtains, and these curtains might be lifted. Relationships bet- ween countries are changing. The situation is not frozen. Questioned about immigration from Ethiopia to complement the 10, Ethiopian Jews airlifted to Israel more than a year ago, Lewinsky said there are presently about 8. He said their situation has worsened since the airlift because they have been subjected to all manner of maltreatment.

He noted that last year only South African Jews im- migrated to Israel. He did not say on what he based his prediction for this year. Lewinsky's press conference was called to announce the meeting of the Jewish Agency's Board of Governors which will be held in New York Feb.

Following the Board of Gover- nors meeting, Board members and their staffs will participate in Jewish Agency Week, a series of visits to about 50 Jewish com- munities in the U. HE SAID the two major pro- blems of the Jewish Agency with respect to the budget are the ab- sorption of new immigrants and their final integration into the mainstream of life in Israel, and the efforts of the Jewish Agency to help some settlements in Israel which are under its care and which, according to Lewinsky, are under severe economic strain.

Noting that the Jewish Agency has had a balanced budget for the last four years, he said that is the goal of this year's operations as well. He said that presently there are about 12, immigrants in ab- sorption centers in Israel.

But the uneasy alliance that has been forged between the evangelicals and the Jewish com- munity by a common declared commitment to Israel also reveal- ed the pressure that seem to work at unhinging that bond. At the heart of those pressures has been the whole question of church-state relations in this country.

On that issue, Robertson ad- dressed himself to the American Jewish Community, saying that "it does not serve your ends to strip the religious symbols" from the "public squares of America," and that "it does not advance the cause of Judaism to diminish the faith of evangelical Christians" who value those symbols.

Another speaker, evangelist Moody Adams explained Arab hostility to Israel by the fact that there are " million people who believe that God wrote a book call- ed the Koran," which he said pro- mises heavenly rewards to those who kill Jews. But the keynote speaker, former Ambassador to the United Nations Jeanne Kirkpatrick, avoided reference to the Bible or other Scripture, citing instead the words of Libyan leader Muammar Khadafy and her memories at the UN as reference points for her ex- pressions of support for Israel.

If Khadafy "were the only leader and Libya the only nation dedicated to the destruction of Israel," Kirkpatrick said, "Israel problems would be much simpler than they really are. To take up her recommenda- tion, she said, would mean that "we would almost have to leave the United Nations" a sugges- tion that brought further applause.

Kutsher's ingredients for a very special Passover Come to Kutsher's and share an inspiring holiday experience. Magnificent services, traditional Sedanm and all of Kutsher's great attractions combine to make a memorable vacation and a Passover you'll treasure. The latest bomb ripped through a crowded bookstore in the Latin Quarter, injuring four people.

The prints date from 19,, years and include children and several adults. Kangaroo prints are also among the finds. In a study to be published in the coming months in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Fabrizio Bruschi, a pathologist from Italy's Pisa University, and colleagues report the discovery of the oldest known case of cysticercosis -- a pig-related disease -- in a mummy from the late Ptolemaic period II-I century B.

Often contracted from undercooked pork, cysticercosis is an infection caused by The discovery of a structure possibly built before the Greeks arrived came during preparatory work ahead of a project to shore up the ground near the Temple of Hera. Archaeologists uncovered a mysterious walled structure on top of which ancient Greeks had apparently built a shrine and a burial ground.

Until now it has been thought that Agrigento was settled by the Greeks soon after they began starting colonies in much of the The so-called Polygonal walls around Amelia are famous not only for their age but also their size.

Built out of huge polygonal stones, they are metres high and about 3. The metre section of wall which collapsed was undergoing restoration work in recent weeks although activity had been suspended for a few State TV Thursday night showed an excavation team removing vases from the tomb, which resembled a deep well.

Archaeologists were excavating under the level of the ancient forum, a popular tourist site, when they dug up the tomb, which they suspect is part of an entire necropolis, the Italian news agency ANSA reported. One of the most important findings in the graves is the remains of a pall covering the coffins.

The remains of the pall, already blended with earth after several thousand years, are still a vivid red color. Phoenix patterns can be seen on the pall, said Song. During a recent excavation at a Yuan Dynasty tomb in the suburb of Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi, archaeologists found over coins of different dynasties, together with 60 ceramic utensils.

Twenty kinds of coins were in circulation in the dynasties of Tang , Song and Jin , spanning about years. They might have been collected by the owner of the tomb Peter's Basilica filled out and filed away receipts and penned detailed notations in thick, bound ledgers. Even every artisan and worker hired, every on-the-job accident, lawsuit and progress report on the construction of the world's largest church were recorded and stored away in a little-known -- but priceless -- Vatican archive.

The archives of the Fabbrica di San Pietro, the Vatican office responsible for the basilica's construction matters, certainly do not carry Archaeologists from Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, and Slovenia will begin excavation work in April on the Visocica hill, 32 kilometres north-west of Sarajevo.

The hill is quite symmetrical, and the theory that it was once a pyramid is supported by preliminary investigations. If true, it would rewrite world history, putting Europe alongside South America and of course Egypt as homes of ancient pyramids.

Bosnian Semir Osmanagic put And readers' minds. In his best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code, Brown wove all these - real and imagined - into a breathless mystery about Christianity, Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine that has spawned an industry of de-coders eager to separate fact from fiction. To: 7. It was an expensive week, that's all I'll say. Gods, Graves, Glyphs alpha order. The ships' remains were found during a five-year excavation of five caves south of the Red Sea port of Safaga, about miles southeast of Cairo, the chairman of the supreme council, Zahi Hawass, said in a statement late Thursday.

But the granite figure didn't hold that record for long. Ti was the first queen of Egypt to have her name appear on official acts alongside that of her husband. She was known for her influence in state affairs in the reigns of both her They found the temple on their recent dig, which lasted for 25 days.

Oh, those Babylonians! Every woman born in the country must once in her life go and sit down in the precinct of Venus, and there consort with a stranger. Many of the wealthier sort, who are too proud to mix with the others, drive in covered carriages to the precinct, followed by a goodly train of attendants, and there take their station.

But the larger number seat themselves within the holy enclosure with wreaths of string about their heads-and here there is always a great crowd, some coming and others Most probably this catacomb dates back to the Ilkhanid era.

Since the Parthian era, catacombs were built most often on the ways of caravans in Iran. These catacombs were used as a place for temporarily keeping of the dead. Whenever one of the members of a caravan died during the trip, his or her body This statue was found in the historical cemetery of Jirof where recent excavations in the lower layers of this cemetery revealed that the history of the Halil Rud region dates back to the fourth millennium BC, a time that goes well beyond the age of civilization in Mesopotamia "One of the reasons the archeologists It consists of the base of a copper smelting furnace with its last charge of slag still in place.

The discovery was made by students participating in an educational research programme in cooperation with Inter Community School Cyprus Project , under the direction of Dr Walter Fasnacht. The participants from the staff of the Department of Antiquities were G.

Georgiou, archaeologist, and E By Iota Sykka - Kathimerini Earthquakes were responsible for the destruction of a Minoan settlement on the island of Karpathos. That was the conclusion drawn following excavations conducted last year at Fournoi Afiatis on Karpathos under the direction of Manolis Melas, a professor of archaeology. The dig was part of a research program by the Dimokritio University of Thrace.

Greek scientists find typhoid after excavating graves By Dr Manolis Papagrigorakis 1 Recent findings from a mass grave in the Ancient Cemetery of Kerameikos in central Athens show typhoid fever may have caused the plague of Athens, Since its acquisition, the fragile mosaic surface has been stabilized, and crumbling concrete and rusting iron backings replaced with new supports. Chinese and American paleontologists found two distinct kinds of bone characteristics in the fossil of a sharp-mouthed mammal excavated in China's Liaoning province.

The mammal's upper part makes people believe it was viviparous while its lower part looks like oviparous, reports Wen Hui Daily. The latest issue of the British magazine Nature reports the unprecedented discovery.

The magazine editor as well as paleontologists marveled at the discovery and believed it might change the traditional theory on mammals evolution. Li Gang, one of the coauthors of the paper, said the About nine million years ago - two million years after the cat family first appeared in Asia - these successful predators invaded North America by crossing the Beringian land bridge connecting Siberia and Alaska, a team of geneticists Later, several American cat lineages returned to Asia.

With each migration, evolutionary forces morphed the pantherlike patriarch of all cats into a rainbow of species, from ocelots and lynxes to leopards, lions These aesthetic inclinations and patterns have evolved as part of our hardwired psychological nature, ingrained in the human species over the 80, generations lived out by our ancestors in the 1.

The existence of a universal aesthetic psychology has been suggested, not only experimentally, but by the fact that University of Leicester archaeologists say the find promises to shed new light on the way people lived and died in the Middle Ages. Two separate studies indicate that Neolithic dairying took place in what are now Romania, Hungary and Switzerland Craig and his team studied fatty residues stuck on ceramic cooking vessels found at the left bank of the Danube near Romania and at the Great Hungarian Plain.

The dirty pots date from 5, B. Analysis of the fats suggests they belonged to goat or sheep milk In another paper published in the current Journal of Archaeological Science, Italy's restorers have unveiled the secret hidden in the eyes of King Sevt III's unique bronze mask discovered in Bulgaria, archeologist Georgi Kitov has said. The sculptors who have worked on the mask probably knew a lot about chemistry too, Kitov was quoted as saying by actualno.

Italian restorer Edilberto Formili has discovered that the eyes of the unique Thracian mask were made from a glass paste mixed with alabaster and iron, which produced the brownish tint in Sevt III's look. The bottoms of the eyeballs were He was murdered - with three blows to the head The model was constructed with the help of computer tomography. During the operation the lower jaw and the skull damage were reconstructed.

The face was widened slightly, since the original was thought to have been pressed together after hundreds of years in the bog. Eventually model maker Oscar Nilsson will give the Bocksten Man a 'real' face. The final result will be displayed Results of their study were just published in the journal Radiocarbon.

The site, located on a bluff just south of Bandon, Ore. By Mark Stevenson Associated Press Salvador Guilliem dangles on a narrow beam over the sunken remains of a mural painted by Indians shortly after the Spanish conquest. Guilliem, an archaeologist, points out the newly excavated red, green and ochre flourishes in one of the earliest paintings to show the mixing of the two cultures They calculated that the ancestor's location in eastern Asia allowed his or her descendants to spread to Europe, Asia, remote Pacific Islands and the Americas.

Going back a few thousand years more, the researchers found a time when a large fraction of people in the world were the common ancestors of everybody alive today - while the rest were ancestors of no one alive.

That date was 5,BC, the team reports in Nature. Where did I come from? Was he descended from Shaka Zulu or the great Mandinka warriors, or the builders of the ancient world's greatest library in Egypt? The adoption of new ancestral identities does not come so easy to everyone.

Given her previous research, Lisa B. Lee, a black systems administrator in Oakland, Calif. Family lore had it that his people were from Madagascar. But after tests at three companies, the results stubbornly reported that he shared genetic ancestry with Caroline Arcini of Sweden's National Heritage Board analyzed skeletons of men, women and children from between and A. They discovered that 22 of the men bore deep, horizontal grooves across the upper front teeth.

Must be friendly, tourist-oriented and interested in ancient Norse traditions. Crazed, bloodthirsty pillagers need not apply. In a rare employment opportunity for Vikings, whose job market peaked about 1, years ago when they terrorized Europe in their longboats, southern Norway's Vestfold county wants to fill slots at its local historical park. The ad, to appear in local media Saturday, will be simple: "Jobs available.

Vikings in Vestfold," with a link to the center's Internet home page, said Lars Kobro, self-described chieftain of the Midgard Historical Center. Beneath four feet of heavy south London clay, archaeologists have uncovered the remains of Henry VII's lost chapel at Greenwich. But until They asked for it by the name of Hamaite. No Spanish map has yet been found which shows the location of a shipwreck in the mid-Pacific. In fact most charts of the Pacific printed in Europe after show a group of Islands in this For the second time in a few months, workers have uncovered a stone wall that archaeologists believe has stood near the southern tip of Manhattan since New York was a British colony.

Like the one found in November, this wall stands in the way of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's plan to replace the South Ferry station, where the No. City officials said they did not yet have a clear idea of when the The ship was carrying hundreds of ceramic jars of wine and olive oil and went down off Chios and the Oinoussai islands in the eastern Aegean Sea sometime around B.

Archeologists speculate that a fire or rough weather may have sunk the ship. The wreckage was found submerged beneath feet 60 meters of water. The researchers hope that the shipwreck will provide clues about the trade network that existed between the ancient Greek The 3-D color mesh represents a topographic map of the sea floor, created using data collected by multibeam sonar.

The brown strip shows the area captured in digital images, which were used to create the photomosaic of the wreck. Sometime in Writing in the second century ce, but basing his account on more contemporary descriptions now lost , he described a huge grain ship built by Hieron II, king of Syracuse from to bce.

Lionel Casson considers this to be the largest ship built in antiquity There were cabins for first-class passengers on the second deck in addition to accommodations for steerage, the lower deck being reserved for cargo and the upper deck for soldiers, said to number The conflict turns on arcane and often disputed aspects of international law that govern sovereign waters and the rights of shipwreck owners and finders.

Spain claims the waters, off the coast of Gibraltar. Britain claims the ship, says It has puzzled experts for more than 50 years. It is most commonly known as the Mystery Stone. It is a boulder weighing an estimated 80 to tons and is about eight meters in length.

Nine rows of characters were chiseled at The head, believed to date to the 25th dynasty circa to BC that is characterised by its Nubian features, seems out of place, however. She got to Malta OK, but after departing from there on 14th October she was "never heard of again", as Lloyd's List so succinctly puts it. This may not be true. There is a barely legible pencil margin note in a surviving copy of Vyse's account not the one in the British Library which records fishermen reporting that wreckage identifying the vessel had Across from the entrance, about 25 demonstrators donning T-shirts marked with various pro-black slogans held up the placards.

Waving the red, black and green African flag, at times moving to the beat of djembe drums on the sidewalk, they asked drivers in passing cars to honk in support of their goal: reminding people not to take the lighter-skinned portrait of King Tutankhamun on display The hole in question appears to have been caused by a sword, they say. Keenan The approach that was adopted for Anatolia, however, was to rely largely on what is called a "D-score".

The D-score does not exist in statistics. It has been used solely with tree rings. D-scores do not have a mathematical derivation -- unlike t-scores, g-scores, and times series. In fact, D-scores were more or less just made up in an unpublished thesis , and using them to evaluate a tree-ring match turns out to be little better than rolling dice The most important of those dates was perhaps for wood from a shipwreck, which was claimed to resolve some of the On the contrary, they were top predators who knew how to hunt the biggest and fastest of the animals.

Neanderthals went extinct about 30, years ago, after having inhabited Europe and parts of Asia for roughly , years. The reason for their demise has been long debated and frequently attributed to modern humans' greater intelligence and consequently greater hunting skills. However, evidence from animal The altar is the earliest sacrificial site so far found in China, said He Gang, a researcher with the Hunan Institute of Archaeology.

Archaeologists have found China's oldest white pottery specimens Origins of the Ainu by Gary Crawford The ringing telephone broke the evening silence. It was the fall of , and my research partner, Professor Masakazu Yoshizaki, was calling from Japan.

I think you should come and look at them. But I didn't The map, which shows North and South America, apparently states that it is a copy of another map made in If true, it could imply Chinese mariners discovered and mapped America decades before Columbus' arrival.

A subgenre that often had influences from heavy metal was glam rock. Heavy metal band KISS, distinguished by its black and white make-up and costumes, also incorporated a lot of glam rock into his music.

KISS was also known for its spectacular performances, often with lots of smoke, fire and pyrotechnics. The hits stopped at the death of singer Freddie Mercury in , but Queen continued to perform with Paul Rodgers. Founded in , Pink Floyd created a form of progressive rock, which evolved from experimental rock. Late 70s: punk rock and new wave Een van de eerste bands die de punkrock bekendheid gaf, waren de Ramones.

Met nummers als Blitzkrieg Bop en Pet Sematary hadden zij in eerste instantie niet veel succes; pas vanaf de jaren 80 the appreciation for The Ramones grew. The Clash was founded in The album London Calling also brought the band success in the United States. In addition to The Clash, England also produced Sex Pistols, a controversial punk rock band that would only exist for 4 years. The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Clash were also known for their appearance: a minimalist style of clothing, often with leather jackets and sneakers.

This style was soon associated with the punk movement of the time.

Jul 29,  · Massada - Unkown Destination (Pukul Tifa) Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more.

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  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Massada - Unknown Destination at Discogs. Complete your Massada collection/5(13).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Arumbai / Unknown Destination on Discogs. Label: The Record Trading Company - RT 37 • Format: Vinyl 7 Massada - Arumbai / Unknown Destination (, Vinyl) | Discogs3/5.
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  4. Massada (2) Live (Album) 3 versions: Kendari Records, Massada (2) Unknown Destination (Single, Maxi) 3 versions: Kendari Records, Kendari Records: KDR KS: Netherlands: Sell This Version: 3 versions Massada (2) Sajangé And Many Other Hits.
  5. Lyrics to 'Unknown Destination' by Massada. People, explain this situation / People, where's our destination? / Whatcha gonna do now? / Whatcha gonna do now? / Whatcha gonna do now?
  6. Unknown Destination By Massada. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Unknown Destination. Featured on De Jonge Jaren van Massada - 50 Jaar Nederpop. More by Massada.
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  8. After a few years of success, the band stopped recording in , due to declining success. In many variations, Massada (2) kept on playing throughout the country. サイト: scorenabmespocapp.reidrexlicilimalindisctextdersticon.co, Wikipedia, Massada (2) Unknown Destination (Single, Massada (2) Sajangé And Many Other Hits.

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