Upside-Down - Mr. Mystic - Wait Til They Get A Load Of Me (Cassette, Album)

He let Tilly cry on until she finally seemed to run out of tears,. You were the best owner she could have had. Tony breathed a sigh of relief as he began to hope that the worst was past. Tilly leaned back into him and relaxed.

A few minutes she said,. So we remember where she is. Tilly nodded happily. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was sitting at his desk the next morning when he saw Tony walking in.

Tony sometimes wondered what Gibbs thought about him but he got a clue when he saw the normally stoical and unflappable Gibbs lose all the colour from his face and jump up in alarm. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. I'll update the list of characters as they appear. Chapter 1 Notes: See the end of the chapter for notes. Warning — this may be angsty. Hoping against hope, Tony took the creature in his hands. Not this time. Ramming a football on the racecourse also earns extra points.

All the features of the original are present the buggy can cross bndges. The graphics are superb and the game la extremely playable right Worn the start- Sound effects are put to good use and the game moves along at a furious pace. The torturous end varied courses will keep even the most hardened 64 arcadester playing for ages.

Elite are still doing quite a lot to the sound, which was quite basic, adding mere affects and music to enhance the game. This loo k s a s thou g h ht is going to be the version to beet them all. Version updates soon. Ultra fast responses to every command, unbeatable autofire power and complete control. Right where you need it - in the palm of your hand. Trade or export enquiries welcome on To: Kqnix Computer Products. M Credit card hcldwi ma? First out is the Amstrad CPC version, with other 8 -bit formats following as fast as possible.

Coding and graphics by Dinamic themselves, except for the Commodore, which is by Martin McDonald aiso working on Platoon and Gary Besillo The game can be played by one against the computer or two peopte head-to -head on three levels of play: beginner, amateur and NBA [National Basketball Association level. Below the main playing area the status panel comprises an energy bar, a personal foul counter.

A much safer way to repossess the ball is to intercept your opponent as he throws tor goal. The inevitable problem with sports simulations is that they tend only to appeal to those who reaily enjoy the particular sport, possibly excepting the furious joystick - wagglers like Datey Thompson et al. Added to that, Fernando Martin 15 a great slam dunker, and you are often left helpless as action replay foliows action replay - an unremitting sight that tends to tedium rather quickly.

Even on beginner level it is pretty hard to hang onto the ball for very long, and this causes a deal of mounting Frustration. Probably a simulation best left to real fans of the sport. The Commodore one might be a touch more playable, but will have to work all the harder to appeal as there have already been several such simulations, one or two really quite enjoyable,. Basket Master really Is too hard to play and too slow to watch to completely succeed.

The amount of time and effort put into Driller has paid off and the end result is something no 8-bit owner should be without this Christmas, The package, a large box including a 3-D map construct, comes with a hefty instruction manual, and within its covers lies a novella telling the story of events leading up to the action within the game. The planet Evath has two moons.

Mitral and Tricusip, The Ketars who lived on Mitral had set up 18 enormous platforms to mine for Rubicon crystals - a natural source of energy used both on the moon and on Evath. However their mining techniques were primitive and before long great pockets of gas built up. Aware of the danger the Ketars fled. Now an even greater danger than the potential gas explosions threatens, a comet ia heading towards Mitral.

This is similar to a tank equipped with a laser and telepoctlng device for the drilling rigs. Discovering where to place the drilling rigs on each sector ranges from being downright easy -there is a big X on the first sector - to being pot lock.

When a drilling rig is placed the status screen informs whether gas been found and what percentage can be burnt off. The vehicle's energy is limited, but it can be replenished by collecting Rubicon crystals which resemble pyramids.

Upturned crystals restore energy and base- down crystals restore the shield Surrounding the craft. Planting rigs may appear a tedious application, but what makes Driller so intriguing, apart from the graphics, are the marvellous cryptic puzzles It is quite possible to forget about drilling and instead explore the planet searching for switches, Switches, usually found in the shape of cubes, are activated by tiring at them, which often has ad me effect, such as opening secret doors or operating lifts.

Eliminating jrhem in a specific order sets up the teleport system, which you may wefl later discover in a few of the sectors. Mrtral's automatic defences still operate so travel is quite hazardous. Ketar lasers can be destroyed, changed in position or at least switched off, though some continue finng and dodging quickly past is the only possible avoidance. Mapping Mitral is essential, though difficult from within the tank a but somewhere the Ketars left a jet behind which you can use.

It operates similarly to your ground vehicle but of course it can fly and skim over many sectors - n is. Admitedly it is slightly jerky but that subtracts nothing from the gameplay. The highest step is F res scape is a great achievement, arid with the addition of Drifter's huge scenario, innovative ideas and involving gameplay, the whole package offers a bundle of entertainment to take you through this Christmas - and probably the next one!

There's no music, which is unfortunate and the FX are little more than warning or explosive noises, but Driller has first-time excitement and long term playabilrty Definitely not to be missed. And no muiti loads; it is all squeezed into one 48K load - a considerable achievement for such a mammoth game.

L look out for a version update nest issue for the full assessment. Work has only Just begun but we will By for a preview in the next Issue. A follow up was a certainty. Super Mario Bros. WelJ p that's the Italian version, thanks to N i nten do 1 s odd , but thoug htf u I , d u at- Ian guage packag ing. Now in English. The Mushroom Kingdom is divided into several worlds of four areas each.

Not such an easy task - the path is strewn with obstacles and patrolled by turncoat mushrooms who now serve the Turtle King], and several types of turtle guards including green Koopa Troopas, red Koopa Troopas h red and green Koopa Paretroopas, and the delightfully named Hammer Brothers, wtio throw hammers at brave rescuers, As in the previous game, some bricks sporting question marks contain coins which give extra lrves H whilst mushrooms increase Mario' s size and provide a power boost and fire flowers award with fireballs to throw at all and sundry; last, but not least, picking up a Starman gives limited invincibility, although touching any baddies whilst in Super or Fiery Mano mode returns him to his normal size.

Simple to understand, it is therefore easy to play; no ploughing through bedsheet- sized instruction leaflets with this one, Nintendo 1? Let us hope that Super Mario Bros, makes H onto home micros frt better shape than did its predecessor. As he creeps ever nearer, the huge iron gateway swings open as if guided by a phantom hand, and Simon stealthily enters the grounds.

Armed with only a whip, he proceeds to the main entrance, knowing that to free his home town of Dransylvania from the evil which invades it, the cause itself must be destroyed - Count Dracula.

The Dracula theme has always been a popular, if over-exposed nightmare, and generally works fine as long as there is atmosphere. Here, the music and sound effects, which adorn the action throughout, do heSp, Despite the vampire link being tenuous, the game itself proves to be quite good. The opening sequence of Vampirs Kitter shows the first of three available Simons entering the castte grounds, from this point on the player takes control.

Using either joy stick or keyboard Simon can be madd to walk left, right, upstairs, downstairs, jump and, with the fire button or space bar, deploy any weapon he may be carrying with him. These vary trnm the practical whip to a banleaxe and even arcane weapons such as a silver cross or holy water for the disposing of those particularly powerful foes. Weapons are hidden behind twelve game levels.

Keys to treasure chests can be picked up. The castle's evil denizens are many and varied, attacking in droves throughout the intelligence, locate weak wall 5 end even show the player a layout of the level he is currently battling his way through. Authorised User. If a quite an undertaking, with the bnbing of fellow prisoners to create diversions, drugging guards dogs and cutting barbed wire, betng only some or. Wrth lots to do, and a large castle to search, it's highly playable and provides quite a challenge.

Enter Zarch. So this review is for the converted elite, or for the masochists among us who like to see what we might be playing if only we had the large quantities of loot necessary. RED PERIL But back to the game: the race of outer space ogres against which Zarch is pitted is intent upon polluting the landscape by spraying over everything a red virus intended to contaminate all forms of life.

These are made up ol six types: Seeders, Bombers, Drones, Mutants, Pests and Fighters, of which the first two actually spread the virus.

Attacks come in waves, and once one threat has been disposed of another quickly follows, faster and stronger. Each successful attack on an enemy craft increases yotit score, and with every five thousand points a smart bomb and an extra hie is awarded.

Thoughtfully, orientation of the mouse relative to the table top is done for you at the start of each mission, m with the hand control in a central portion reJative to the Hoverplane The distance of the mouse from this position determines the declination of the craft and the angle at which it is moved defines the compass direction. Irves remaining, number of smart bombs, the current wave attach and the high score. Directly fcelow this are two bats, orange showing fuel level and green indicating height.

When you leave the planet's atmosphere, the thrust cuts out remaining dormant until Zarch drops sufficiently to be back within the envelope of air, There appears to bs no ultimate goaf to Zarch r except to fight off waves of extrinsic creatures until the odds become impossible and defeat inevitable.

That, and dehghtmg to the extraordinary sense of aerial freedom the game gives. The sound is disappointing though, only minimal spot effects throughout, but even with the enormous memory available r it's likely that the complexities of the program running in BASIC made It difficult to squeeze anything else In.

Expect to see and hear amazing things once programmers get to grips with compression and machine coda! Zarch is a fascinating game to play because of its great attention to detail, blast a tree and watch it smoulder. When pushed. Superior Software were prepared to suggest that they might make a conversion for the Amiga - sometime, -.

Later they drew several senior management figures from Beyond after the innovative software house was sotd to British Telecom. Since its inception, Nexus has had an uneven history of 8 -bit releases. A cave- mite's only true goal in life is to devour as many diamonds as it can.

This sparkling vocation takes place in numerous varied screens, the overall objective being to collect the required number of gems within an allotted although if you succeed in enclosing lt r something very interesting happens! However carefuJ utilisation of its fellow troglodytes is often a necessity if certain obstacles are to be overcome, they have a tendancy to explode on contact with other objects and can prove very useful for blasting through particularly tough barriers, But leasing them from their earthy prisons is a dangerous matter, since they rapidly home in on the nearest object - and that could well be you if you aren't fast enough to get out of reach.

However they can be used to advantage in many seemingly hopeless situations, whNe munching one of the rarely found cup cakes provides an extra life extra lives are also awarded after every five thousand points.

Game options include music or sound effects, one- or two-player game, joystick or keyboard control and also the choice of which screen number to start on. When actually playing Skull-diggery in two-player mode you can either compete on screen simultaneously each mite in its own field against the clock, or combine forces, in which case, at suitable moments, one of the players may be sacrificed for the team's general good.

The search requires some careful Thinking although speed and dexterity are also necessary from time to time. The music is annoying but can thankfully be turned off. Skull-diggery ia a little archaic and certainly does not use the Atari ST to Its full potential- Throughout Hie game the programmers have used remarkably bland colours.

A quick fiddle with the monitor controls assured us that this is how the game is supposed to look - perhaps It should be put down to being a palette- subtle approach from Nexus. However it's playable and quite cute in the bulcheat sense of the word.

In truth, the concept has been more than adequately covered through the EtojldercLash games and their clones on all the 8 -bit formats, and we wonder whether Amiga owners would entirely welcome this aged idea. Certainly il there were to be any plans for B-blt versions, there would have to be some very novel approach used to give it life. The COMMENT On the Spectrum, Starlight have opted for a much smaller playing area, with Loads of decorative detail round the edges - it 'feels' even smaller than the on Amstrad Tfiis restriction has had little effect on the scrolling though, and it in much jerkier than one would expect and considering the monochrome play i ng graphics , All in all, despite the game's inherent playing and addictive qualities, the slowness Eg a severe detraction.

The scrolling suffers slightly more - a bit jerky - but only a minor problem and one which doesn't affect game play. It run? On the Commodore 64 its up to erstwhile Chris Butler, and judging by the preview copy we had, if s looking good. There's two levels of skating to choose from - trainee and advanced; the difference being that advanced level includes further hazards which generally make life more difficult.

Within I he Skate City boundary four parks are to be found, each presenting different and challenging skateboarding tasks. Each park can onry be visited once per level.

No cash alternative. Winners notified by post. And to further make Sure you don't get lost, there are posters on the roads. Tickets are required to enter the parks. Falling off the edge ot the track ends in a resounding splash and time being knocked off your dock.

Quite simple really, jusl slide from one end to the other, you don't even have to turn - the computer does thai for you which gives you plenty of time to do some fancy stuff to build up those points.

JUMP Another slippery slope with water on either side. The jump track is basically the same as the downhill course hut with the addition of vertical drops which must be jumped. It is more difficult to obtain the higher medals h although getting a bronze after a few goes ts good going. When you've cracked this one you'rein with a chance of being tbe best skater m town! Extra tickets are awarded when you first break 5, points, and then one for every additional 10, The skateboard is turned clockwise or anticlockwise and to get moving you propeii yourself Qna of the parks 'from The art of skating needs some practice, but after a while REVIEWS along with a kick key; m addition there is also a jump and stop function.

H q we ver , fans of the arcade original and novices alfke should love this playable and addictive game. The scrolling works extremely well, neatly and suitably moving in time with the skater's kicks. The monochrome graphics with the addition of some subtle shading give a good feeling of perspective and solidity.

Sadly, there's Little sound which is unnerving when you can see tie loudspeakers at the start point booming away. Americans have always believed the British to be starved of intelligent games, and in putting matters right, have asked us to delve into labyrinthine adventures and complicated flight simulations. Chuck Yeager is one of America's alt time aviation heroes, Flying the experimental plane X-1 , he was the world's first person to exceed Mach One breaking the sound barrier' and is renowned as a superior test pilot of many of today's modern combat aircraft.

Electronic Arts have now produced a flight simulator endorsed by the man himself. In the Advanced Right Simulator, you can become a test pilot and fly any of 14 famous historic planes from a Sopwith Camel to a present day F Hornet. Various flight influencing factors can be set up including wind speed and direction. TTie view of the outside world can also be altered through an 'Eye' menu to observe the plane from all angies, including rear views or even from a separate chase plane- The various options selectable from the main menu are Test Flight, Formation Flying, Airplane Racing, a Demonstration flight and Flight Instruction.

Formation Flying involves closely following a lead pfane through a senes of stunts and aerobatic manoeuvres, including frying under gates and around buildings, as well as performing rolls, stalks and loops, in Airplane Racing, you take part in a race against up to five com puter- controlled planes through a series of gates and slalom hazards.

And finally, Flight Instruction is a series of flying iessons in which you can either be the pilot of a Cessna 1 72 or be an observer, in which case Yeager flies the piane for you. Nice of him. Top Gun watch out! Racing around the courses against computer opponents Is both ex hi he rating end challenging, and simply exploring the world la enjoyable in itself. However, hes a typical manic mystic and agrees to an idea tfhich will hopefully prolong the people's suffering.

Should they find a champion able to defeat his demonic guardians then the Princess shall be freed. Barbarian can be played as a one- or two-player game - the solo fighter battles his way through ten of Oram's warriors before meeting the sorcerer himself, and the duo option allows friends to fight each other through rounds of 90 seconds until one emerges the victor.

Sixteen different movements are available in order to win, include jumping, neck chops, crouching, head butt and kicfcs. Music or sound effects may be selected, and a demo mode is available should your ego need deflating.

The succulent sound of akin giving way beneath metal-edged bio wis, mingling tantatisingly with the ice- crisp clafth of sword on sward. What more could a gamesplayer ask for?

The characters themselves could, perhaps, have been improved upon as they appear very similar to the Commodore 64 version, however this by no means detracts from the game play, and Palace will do well wrtti this very competent conversion.

Metae Road. From lift off to splashdown. Take one small step for man p one giant leap for mankind! Test Drive five of the world's most exotic cars.

Sound, animation and handling like the real thing. Electronic Arts - available from good software stockists! Where you'll see this sign.

HuwS'il CepHe Bedlord. BtPhJoii Essbp Et? Colchester G? Aium finct. MariEt Siifl. Electronic nrtt, H Stilinn Rd. Licensed by Infograrnes in the UK, they have a whole host no pun intended of games forthcoming including Phoenix and Bubble Ghost release dates early November. Apparently the translation from French to Anglais is a little too exact and the reason as to why the ghost must blow his soul around got lost somewhere. Picture a derelict old castle filled with surrealist N-tech equipment quiet and still except tor the pulsing and throbbing of the machines and the presence of a restless spirit.

Some of the more dangerous traps may be disarmed by the means of finding the correct object to blow into its maw, thus opening a safer route for the soul-bubble. Once the delicate bubble has been safely navigated through a room, the ghost turns to the player with a look Of smug, innocent glee before the next screen scrolls vertically down end play continues.

The six highest scores are automatically saved to disk and displayed. Atmosphenc spot effects accompany the spooky negotiating feats, all part of the attention to detail - whhch is what stands out in Bubble Ghost Every trap, object and backdrop is very nicely implemented.

Some of the halls within the castle are really tough to negotiate with dexterity not being the only resource required, a little logical thought is also necessary to get through some of them successfully. Anyone who fancies a quick blow and can get into the spirit of this game will have great fun explonng the castle and defending their immortal soul. Spooking around a non too-ancient castle in the guise of a ghost, blowing bubbles left right and centre seems the recipe for a good time.

With its smooth and realistic: animation - the bubble is especially impressive - Bubble Ghost is enjoyable, often amusing and always entertaining. The scrolling in particular is very smooth. The other 6-bit versions of MASK were very playable and the 64 adaption is no exception. Not, perhaps, an earth-shattering release r but for arcade-adventurers it is well worth considering, and MASK fans should buy immediately.

If you are, read this, we may need your help. Electronic Arts are setting up the most exclusive group of gamers in the UK. Every month you'll be ashed to test a new piece of software FREE! Your views are important- they will help us to develop better products.

No charges, no catches and no obligations. No matter which machine you own, no matter which type of game you prefer or where you live - you may be eligible to join our panel. Just complete the coupon below and we'll contact you early in the new year. Electro nit Arts. Vilm-fi l umouiei do you win? The people of Nebuius want them putted down and call upon Pogo — A one-greervthing destruction force - to clamber to the top of each cylindrical tower by means of precarious ledges and men set off the destruction mechanisms at the top- either but.

It is possible to hide from alien depradations in the tunnels, which periodically cut through the tower diameter leading from one side to the other - though their real use is for traversing the width of the tower to reach higher legdes. As few aliens can actuary be Kilted, Nebutus is more a game of timing and pattern taarni ng - when to walk under, or jump over obstacles is important. Learning the law of the ledges is also vital; some disappear, some elevate to a higher position and some act as conveyer belts.

Any lack of concentration, or memory leads to Pogo's downfall, literally. Surprisingly for a Hew son game, the front-end presentation isn't very good leading to a rather weak first impression; although rhe title screen music is competent, there's no define keys score - it's also quite a relaxing, break before commencing the nest vertiginous feat of destruction.

Soma, however, drift across the screen and, although not parttcuiarty vicious, knock Pogo from a ledge if he collides with one. The opening screen lust provides the trtte and credits, with high-scores that pop up occasionally Playing Nebutus late al night, which is quite possible because of its eddictiveness, with bleary eyes is not recommended as too many mistakes can lead to hideous frustration - especially when you've got eight towers jammed full of compelling gameplay and beautiful graphics.

This involves Pogo's underwater fishing trips in his submarine which transports him from tower to tower. As the seven - Level parallax scrolling background flies past, fish spin towards you.

Essentially rt's a simple idea turned into a highly playable, if occasionally, frustrating game The graphics are well coloured and somewhat cutesy - especially Pogo, who's distinctly reminiscent of Grfbbry.

Climbing to the very top ledge only to be knocked right down to the bottom again may leave you feeling like you never want to play Netoulus ever again, but you can guarantee that in five minutes you wilt be back at the joystick because ft' a so addictrve. From the Vecton system they came. The snemy fleet is split into 99 attack waves, four different types of attack craft making up each wave, flying through space in one of 25 possible formations.

The Vecton ships" formations are strictly structured and move towards the Astrabiitz as solid three dimensional graphics. As if this frenetic activity wasn't sufficient for your average phot's viewscreen and shows a more traditional Gatexians view of the action, with the oncoming Vecton formations moving down the radar screen towards the Aslrablit? Shooting the aliens earns up to points. A choice of gunsighls is available to heip in destroying the system invaders, anti-craft missiles can be launched at the enemy attack waves, while anti- asteroid missiles help you avoid making an alien's breakfast of yourself all over the hurtling space rocks.

The central problem with 3-D Galax lies in its lasting power, after all it is based on a rather old game, and while turning the action through BO" to provide a scenario brings new life to an ofd formula, the repetitive gameplay and the lack of graphical variation in the enemy ships mean it might A Vtctokf ship looms large- so does death. The Astrabiitz can be moved in all directions using a radar display tc locate and intercept the Vecton fleet. TTiis is located just below the not hold interest for long.

Play ability ie tat down through the gunsights which fail m accuracy when It comes to lining up on the aliens, and also through Inconsistent collision detection, The Atari sound effects are average, although the scream when ships collide Is excellent.

But in thrs fast moving business they were overtaken by events. Elite decided to hold back on a full-price release and Battleships will now be appearing on a future Elite compilation.

Based upon the traditional rainy day two-pads-and-pencils grid game. Battleships features the same map plotting with some animation thrown in for the firing sequence. The Amiga and ST versions are identical in gam-eptey, although on the Amiga it is a great deal noisier with speech and extra effects. There are essentially two sections; first you piace your ships on the grfd and then plot where you think the enemy's are positioned.

Second: the battle screen - there is no interaction but you can watch your opponent's ships being gratuitously destroyed when a direct hit is scored.

Probably the first one to be hit. Can be placed in any orientation, so even if you hit one square it may still take some time before you sink it. Once both sides are positioned, you can sit back, relax, and watch the fireworks, and with four shots per ship, that is usually satisfyingly visual.

Should artists go independent or pursue recording contracts with major labels? This episode gives a high-level overview of Jamaican sound system culture. We clarify some things that we've mentioned in the last three episodes and define a number of sound system related terms.

AGARD and I each share stories about how we got introduced to sound system culture and offer pointers for up-and-coming selectors. Here we speak of some current notables and analyze some of the issues that have always existed.

There is always a balance of positive and negative and we touch on that in this Reggae Lover episode. Of the several female artists that continue to hold their own, here are some highlights:. Etana has produced above average music for at least the past 10 years. She is the first female nominee in that category since Sister Carol in , and the fourth ever. Spice became the first reggae artist to cross the 1 million followers mark on Instagram.

Known for raunchy lyrics, she ventured into social commentary on her single " Black Hypocrisy. She can be a positive influence for young women the way she is controlling the media right now. Queen Ifrica has wowed audiences at festivals like Rebel Salute and Reggae Sumfest for the past several years.

Her songs have broached the toughest topics from incest to skin bleaching. She sings out against crime, unhealthy diets, corruption, and other evils. Queen Ifrica is also well-rounded and able to discuss love and sexuality in tasteful ways. Reggae revivalist Jah9 is as refreshing as she is an enigmatic force. She's a yoga practitioner and poet turned reggae performing artist. Her dancehall career was nurtured by RoryStoneLove who produced her debut album. Jah9's lyrics are deep, thought-provoking, and meaningful.

Her music is powerful yet diverse. The year-old singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Koffee , emerged as a star in Her single's, "Burning," and "Raggamuffin," gained local and international attention. Look out for her new hit, " Toast ," which looks to be an even bigger smash. Lila Ike is one of the protege's of Grammy-nominated reggae revival leader Protoje. She was a unique style and flair with songs about love and socioeconomic topics.

Twenty-one-year-old Yanah is known as "The Tiny Powerhouse. Her delivery is sultry and passionate. Sevana is another songstress working with Protoje's In. Nation Collective record label. Sevana has an amazing sound - one of the sweetest voices to come out of Jamaica in a long time. Naomi Cowan came out with a fun single called " Paradise Plum. She spent time in Canada where she went to college and then earned a Masters in digital media.

After some time running her parent's businesses, she has turned her focus to a music career. Look out for big things from Naomi! Kristine Alicia 's 2nd album " Songs from Zion " debuted in Produced by RoryStoneLove and featuring Dean Fraser, the track album is classic roots reggae with inspirational messages.

Kristine's vocal prowess bolsters the project. Rory's Black Dub label has been grooming many promising female artists. The ever-versatile Keida and potent lyricist Karamanti both represent a strong female presence. Their content centers around themes of unity and consciousness. Karamanti launched her own record label, BlackWuman22 Music. Dancehall artist Dovey Magnum has risen to international fame in the past year. She's by far one of the most powerful female performers in her class and her talent is undeniable.

Her spiritual side is expressed in "Prayers Me Use and Win," but her more popular anthems are X-rated. Dovey can definitely affect positive change by injecting conscious messages into her music.

Kelissa is the daughter of the lead singers from the foundation group Chakula. She attended University in California where she toured extensively.

Kelissa also performed and spent time in Africa gaining notoriety there. She has toured and collaborated with Chronixx in the studio as well. There are many other female artists out right whose music is only about sex and sexuality.

Their music gets to the forefront in the major media channels more often than not. Selectors and radio disc jockeys have been doing more following than innovating. Their playlists feature the same raunchy songs, with few attempts to introduce more diverse subject matter.

It seems quite difficult to get played as a new performer. This only entices young upcoming women to embrace the same age-old cliche - sex sells. Spice, who many refer to as the new Queen of Dancehall signed her record deal in Since then, her label has failed to release a full-length studio album of her songs.

We dissect this issue trying to figure out how this could even happen. With this climate how can new female artists get discovered while avoiding exploitation? How can we achieve more balance on the lineups of shows and concerts?

How can radio, dancehall, and mixtape playlists become more diverse? How can reggae music, a genre that once stood as a voice for the voiceless embrace its own women? How can we become less hypocritical as an industry and as a society? In this, the age of the metoo movement, and "Surviving R. Kelly," it is imperative that we protect and support our women. This discussion may pose more questions than answers, but it spawns a dialogue that needs to be had.

Add the names of female artists that should have been highlighted in this piece tag them in the comments. Do you agree or disagree with the statements we have made? Do you have an answer to the questions posed?

Let us know. Thanks for listening, reading, and sharing. This is dedicated to you. Most people define dancehall is a genre that stemmed from Reggae. Others contend that Reggae music is the genre, but dancehall is a place or a culture. In this ongoing debate, we analyze these points of view and list the pros and cons of each. Within that context, we uncovered issues that affect the perception of the music as an art-form and its viability as a business.

This is a dedication to all reggae lovers and we invite you to share your opinion in the comments. Join the conversation and share based on your own personal interaction with reggae.

We discuss Jamaican icon, Buju Banton, also known as Gargamel. Buju returned to Jamaica in early December after serving seven years in a US prison on drug charges. In this first episode for the Reggae Lover season, we offer facts about Buju Banton before and after his incarceration.

We also examine some of the news circulating about his upcoming appearances and discuss his phenomenal legacy. The 90s was the best era ever! If you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments. Thanks for checking out this season on the Reggae Lover Podcast. Looking forward to more good vibes in Jamaican reggae artist and Rastafari musician, nicknamed Jacob "Killa" Miller.

Inner Circle lead singer, Jacob was a legendary Reggae singer with an exciting stage presence and memorable voice. They embraced the dancehall and sound system culture in the 80s and 90s but sang cultural roots and positive lyrics instead of slackness. Leroy Smart, known as "The Don" has a mind-blowing voice that penetrates his audiences and a flamboyant performance style.

The Don Smart sang both roots and lovers reggae masterfully from the early 70s through the 90s with over 35 albums released. He still performs and is one of Jamaica's musical icons. Listen to this essential mix and overview of Dub, a Jamaican genre or sub-genre that grew out of Reggae music in the s and has extended way beyond the scope of Reggae to inspire other genres including dubstep, hip-hop, jungle, grime, rock, house, techno, drum and bass, trip-hop, garage, and more.

Nicodemus and Early B are legendary dancehall stars that were active from the late 70's until the 90s. Listen to this tribute mix and learn more about these two bad deejays that inspired the next generation of Jamaican artists.

He later moved to St. Maarten where he became influenced by Rastafari and reggae artists such as Burning Spear and Bob Marley. He recorded his first single in and has since released 5 albums to critical acclaim.

He has performed at festivals in Africa and the UK. He sings for unity and peace between all religions. He has worked with Sly and Robbie among other international musicians. Joe Pilgrim and the Ligerians. Benin-born singer Joe Pilgrim spent his childhood in France. Lucky Dube was a multi-platinum, award-winning South African Rastafarian reggae artist. He recorded 22 albums in Zulu, English, and Afrikaans over a 25 year period.

He appeared at the Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica. Dube gave Africa a voice and took its culture to the global stage. He raised conversations about the struggles faced by the people in his homeland.

He will be remembered and honored for his contributions made to South Africa, bringing African reggae to the mainstream, and bridging cultural gaps throughout the diaspora. Midnite was a roots reggae band from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. The band was started around by brothers Vaughn and Ron Benjamin and released its debut album in The Benjamin brothers went their separate ways at some point and the group reformed in around Vaughn Benjamin as Akae Beka.

His 2nd of 3 full-length albums rose to the top of the US Reggae Albums charts in , , and Khari Kill and Zebulun hailing from Trinidad and Tobago are showcased. Stick Figure is an American reggae band based in Northern California. He is known for blending Orthodox Jewish themes with reggae and rap. Mista Savona is Australia's leading reggae and dancehall producer. This episode features roots reggae songs from the Gregory Isaacs catalog. I chose to curate his songs about the reality of everyday life and the strife of poor people.

He made his debut in with a recording for Byron Lee. He then started the African Museum record label and shop along with Errol Dunkley. Isaacs recorded for other producers as well. His single 'My Only Lover,' is credited as the first lover's rock song ever. He released music throughout the 70s. In he signed to the Virgin Records offshoot call Frontline records. That led to his appearance in the movie "Rockers.

He performed yearly at Reggae Sunsplash from to In he signed to Island Records and released the massive single, "Night Nurse.

Gregory recorded and released at least 70 original studio albums. He has over albums including compilations. He maintained an amazing standard of quality in most of his recorded songs. Gregory Isaacs was nominated for four Grammy Awards, the last of which in and One of the things associated with Isaacs was cocaine use.

He had many arrests during the years that he battled with addiction. When you listen to this mix compared to my lover's rock mix Episode , you can sense a different vibration.

Gregory's passionate lyrical delivery on social issues is very believable. He passed away in to lung cancer. I would love to hear what you think about this singer - the musical giant known as "The Cool Ruler. Gregory Isaacs is one of the greatest reggae singers of all times. Many people around the world rate The Cool Ruler as their number 1.

Gregory Isaacs was active from the 60s all the way through the s. There is a great deal of material in his catalog. This mix provides sweet reggae music with a love-related theme. The music can set a relaxing, romantic mood so please listen responsibly. Gregory songs about roots and culture are in an upcoming episode. Here The Cool Ruler sings the finest love songs. Highlanda Sound live Throwback Thursday juggling. Today's mix featured Gentleman from Germany and Alborosie from Italy.

Gentleman has been active in the music business since and is now signed to the Universal Music. He is the best-known reggae artist from Germany. The son of a Lutheran Pastor, his lyrical content contains no swearing or no gun talk. He expresses a deep belief in God. Love, unity and spiritual themes are prevalent in his music. Alborosie is the most well-known international reggae artist from Italy. He is a sound engineer and producer who plays guitar, drums, bass, and keyboard.

He went solo in to and moved to Jamaica to be closer to the roots of the music. He did a dub album with King Jammy and has producing dub albums of his own. You can hear five songs from that album on this mix. Also, listen for notable collaborations with Chronixx and Protoje. I hope you enjoy this music. These artists are carrying the reggae banner around the world and have been for over 2 decades. Respect is due to every artist and aspiring musician no matter where you are in the world.

Reggae music is a uniting force and an international movement. Thank you for listening to episode of the Reggae Lover podcast. One love! Jamaican reggae singer and composer Don Carlos began singing in as a member of Black Uhuru. Don continues to perform sweet roots reggae music all over the world. Queen Africa with 'Black Woman. I was amazed at how long the list was when I asked Zack what upcoming projects people need to look out for. Reggae Lover presents Ras Fraser Jr.

Journey to Greatness, released on the Rebel Sound Records imprint, is available any and everywhere that music can be purchased. This is not the time for that. Stop playing and go buy some songs. Buy the album. Journey to Greatness. Listen to find out the story of his reggaelover journey. I took it back to the roots on this one. I focused on songs with an impressive vocal arrangement. This is a specific selection of songs with male singers harmonizing together.

That album has that very dry, grassroots sound. This was before instrumentation such as horn sections and electric guitars were added.

Before the female energy of the I-Threes was added. I dropped in some original Israel Vibration before they split. Listen to those names and you know these brothers were from a different time. These vocal groups created some of the most beautiful music and the most powerful songs. You feel their passion because of the emphasis conveyed within the harmonies.

There was something special about those days. Its the sweet soulful sound of great reggae music! If you enjoy this, check out episode Similar material is on The Studio One tribute episodes: 55 and Best known for outstanding contributions in Lovers Rock, reggae singer Tony Curtis has prevailed over 3 decades in the music business.

Tony Curtis has recorded many solo hit singles, 7 full-length studio albums, and a string of notable collaborations. Listen to Reggae Lover Podcast to find out more about one of the best and most underrated contemporary Jamaican singers. This is an exclusive Tony Curtis mix with commentary at the end. With an unwavering respect for and deep knowledge of reggae music, Highlanda Sound co-founder Kahlil Wonda hosts and produces the Reggae Lover Podcast.

I caught up with I-Octane to dive into the story of his reggae journey. The bright reggae-dancehall star explained that he didn't choose music. Music chose him. Bringing old-school standards to the new school, he will be performing with a live band as much as possible moving forward.

He talks about why he chose that route instead of signing with an international major label. This artist is serious about applying proven business principles to solidify his career. Listen as he talks about his future goals, creative process, and reasons for his success. Included here are tunes offering chastisement of government officials and petty thieves alike.

Rodney charges both the murderers in the community and the policy makers who allow guns to prevail on the ghetto streets. Bounty pens exclamations on behalf of the Jamaican lower class, giving them a global voice. The so-called 'Warlord' praises our Heavenly Father and encourages youth to seek education. He continues to give young artists a platform. Rodney Price's contributions to the culture have been immense. His legacy is one for the ages. One of the founders of Reggae Vibes Radio, Mr.

Marlon Folkes DJ Marlon , takes us through his reggae journey sharing insights learned along the way. Marlon built up a sound system called Nitty Phonic in St. Andrew, Jamaica in the late 80s. Queens, New York became Nitty Phonic's home in the 90s where they played out weekly. In October Reggae Vibes Radio set out to serve as a conduit for upcoming reggae artistes to showcase their skills and talents. A few years later the record label Reggae Vibes Music launched to carry out a similar mission.

Listen for Marlon's discussion on the decline of quality in reggae today, and more. This episode consists of one-drop roots and lovers rock reggae music that came out in late or early I select the best songs and mix them for you here on the podcast. Next week, look out for another great interview.

Another unique mix will follow the week after that. In this mix you hear from:Spiritual with the title single off his new album, 'Reggae Music. The Nice and Easy Riddim from Oneness records. The Straight Step Riddim. Khago with his single 'Walk A Mile' off his new album of the same name - a release. Koffee, 'Ragamuffin" on the Frankie Music label. Macka B with a tune called 'Gangster' off his "Health is Wealth" album.

Beres Hammond's late for entry called 'My Kind of Girl. New music from Vershon. An artist called King Shark with a couple big tunes to close out the mix. Look for these albums, titles, and riddims to download and add to your playlists.

I have some crucial conversations and mixes coming in the next few weeks. Look for a new episode every Monday. I wish you all the best things in life.

Share a positive message with someone. Share a smile! The Reggae music presented here is food for your soul. I'm going to preserve this medium as a positive platform. Give your energy levels a boost and elevate to higher levels of consciousness. This is a livication to all reggae lovers. Thank you for listening to Reggae Lover Podcast Episode I had an eye-opening conversation with Atlanta-based organizer for social justice, Ben Speight.

Ben tells how and why he fell in love with Reggae. He talks about reggae as the soundtrack to movements of social change over the years. He discusses the history of Ska and Roots Reggae, highlighting the political content. Hear his thoughts on dancehall, Cali reggae, and the new school of roots rockers coming out of Jamaica. This interview, episode of the Reggae Lover podcast, is a testament to the diversity and power of reggae music.

Like my guest said, please continue to support reggae music artists, musicians, DJs, and promoters. Her reply: "!!! I was like only like 12 or 13 years old back then! OMG you were here in !? As you can tell, there is no point in even discussing anything that happened in the '80s with these kids. My cultural references are lost on the early twenties girls who work for me.

I made both a "Rocky Horror" joke and an Iggy Pop reference. Blank looks. I can also sing along to a lot of the musak at work. I no longer like to put the year of my birth in any of my internet handles or email addys. I remember when I used to ask my parents what the '50s, '60s, and '70s were like. I now realize what an annoying brat I was treating my parents time like ancient history, because I'm sick of these kids around today asking me what the '80s were like.

When I was a kid growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, I often thought about the late 50s and the 60s--when my parents were young and before I came along. And back then, that was like 20 or 25 years ago. Today, when you think about 20 years ago, where does that put you? You're shocked to realize that toddlers 2, 3, and 4-year-olds from the 80s are now driving--and some even have their own cars!

Often times I'll find myself thinking, "That wasn't so long ago But, I think the worst was when a radio station, Sunny 99 in Houston which is what our parents always listened to for "soft rock" played The Cure!!!! We didnt even have the COOL atari's- I had the kind that you plugged the cartridge into the keyboard and if that wasnt enough, you had to program a game yourself When all your favorite toys are suddenly appearing at stores in the retro section I'm 26 years old, and while I know I am still young as hell, a part of me also knows that the reality is that I am getting older very quickly.

This was really driven home the other day when my 60 year old father complimented me on what a good and cautious driver I became. I remember the days not too long ago when both my father and mother hated to drive with me, and hung to the side of the car doors for dear life when I was a teenage speed demon on the highway.

To get complented on what a good driver you've become by your 60 year old dad makes me feel a lot of weird and bizzare things, and I'll tell you that it sure as hell doesn't make you feel young. Think these kids born in the '80s are making you feel old?

Well in just a few years you'll see the kids born in and hitting the highway. I can handle kids born in the '80s, but I'm not sure if I can ever handle seeing some teenager or young adult tell me that they were born in the s.

That's definately going to be beyond freaking for any Child of the '80s no matter what our age. Just imagine looking at teens and young adults who were not even alive in the '80s, and who you could biologicaly be a parent of. Molly Ringwald is 34 years old. And those two Corey kids, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are both like 32 and 31 years old respectively.

The "little girl" from E. I believe his dorky friend Paul is also Puts things into perspective seeing these former late '80s and early-mid '90s pre-teen and teen stars get so mature into adulthood don't it? A couple of the hottest teen shows of the s, "Beverly Hills " and "Saved by the Bell", had their class gradutuate high school in Next year it will be a 10 year high school reunion for those kids.

Whoa, if '90s high schoolers are going through 10 year reunions, then all it does is just push us former '80s teens that much further into creeping towards middle age. If you have fairly concrete memories of anything that happened somewhere in the to time frame, which is generally thought of as the true '80s or real '80s, then you're probably feeling the pressure of getting old and just not as young as you used to be.

Lot of the teenagers and very very early 20 somethings around today say they remember the '80s but they seem to only remember the time after , and then they just go ahead and write in the early s as being the '80s.

Everyone that was part of the genuine '80s knows that anything that happened after wasn't really the '80s. So if you have somewhat solid memoires of the real '80s, then you know you're getting old.

When people 9 or 10 years younger then you start driving. It's just too bizzare. If you're 26 like me, and you see a lot of the people just 4 or 5 years older then you going bald and looking positively middle aged. You sit back and ponder at the bizzareness of how these same people were the ultimate in cool back in the late '80s and early '90s.

I saw a commercial for skin care saying, "you're approaching your 30s My God, I'm When Madonna went from a skanky fringe player to an accepted part of the mainstream in the late '90s, I think all the children of the '80s knew they got older.

It seems like I'm the only one at my college that can remember when "Return of the Jedi" and "Ghostbusters" came out in and When people talk about stuff that happened 20 years ago, and it hits you that they are no longer talking about the Baby Boomer decades like the '50s, '60s or '70s, but now they are talking about something from the early '80s In response to Barry: "Okay MTV experts, I'm trying to pull the name of a song out of the "gray matter" and I'm just not getting it done.

Early onset senility or one too many party nights. I don't know the band or the song title, but the video, probably early 80s, dealt with old movies, "The Maltese Falcon" mainly and the video ended with a line like" Very magnanamous Mr Cairo". Nothing like next to no information, but that's all I can remember.

It came out about the time Men at Work were popular but I don't think it was one of their recordings. Any help would be appreciated and I will get back on track to the "Why I like the 80s" question soon. I promise. Thanks, Barry. Here is a link to a sampling of the song from Amazon.

Realizing that years that used to sound highly 'futuristic' are getting deeper and deeper into the past I have a famous birthday!!! On October 19, , the stock market plummeted!!! I was 5 on that day! It scares me that in a few weeks, it will be the 15th year since that happened!! I'm only gonna be Last Thursday night, my family's friends had to go to Back to School Night for their two children their son, Vito, is almost 5 in Pre-K, and their daughter, Vicky, is 7 in 2nd grade , so I was babysitting.

We were having a snack, and Vito asks me how old I am. I said, "I'm 19, but I'll be 20 soon. Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center in Disney World opened in talks of technologial advances that will be possible in the millenium. This attraction is so primitive, and the fact that it breaks down every time I have been on it doesn't exactly comfort me about what's to come in the future.

You think that with all the advances they claim there will be, they could try making that attraction work a little better. Even the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is now considered a classic. I'm 24, and I hate to admit this but I was actually walking around thinking and acting like I was still some kind of "kid" or goofy teenager right up till a few months ago. It was only when I realized that people 10 years younger then me are entering high school this year in , that it harshly sunk into me that I am no longer part of the youth culture.

I'm still young, but knowing you are not really part of the youth culture anymore is a tough thing to accept. I thought that was going to be a part of me forever. And yes, hearing a lot of the toys and music from the '80s being called "retro" makes me feel very aged, and I wasn't even that old in the '80s. I was floored when I heard The Cure and Erasure on an oldies station. No not the same age, but younger. I'm 29, and I was certain this guy in one of my tech classes was older then me and I wouldn't be the oldest one there, but he turned out to be only 20 years old.

I wanted to die when he told me was only in 3rd grade when I graduated high school! Seeing the new versions of He-Man, Transformers and other shows on Tv and thinking about how much worse they are than the ones I saw as a kid. Believe it or not, it really makes me feel old when someone calls me "Sir". And even though I'm thirtysomething, it also makes me feel old when someone calls me a "man".

I much rather prefer "guy", and even "boy" doesn't sound too childish for me, because I still feel like a teenager! You see a lot of 80s stuff for sale in antique shops. I can handle the '80's being treated as nostalgia, but I don't think I can EVER get used to these kids today talking about Pearl Jam like it was ancient history.

When the early and mid 's are looked at as being ultra old skool by the current youth culture, that's when you know there's no point in kidding yourself that the '80's are still hip or fresh. I knew I was getting old when it dawned on me that I can remember very clearly, what was going on in the world back in and that was 20 years ago. Granted I was an extremely young elementary school child back in , but still, I was fully concious and can remember vividly what was happening that year.

Knight Rider just had it's 20th Anniversary. Well it will be 19 years for Punky, but that's enough to make anyone who grew up back then and watched these shows in their original run feel geriatric. My favourite Saturday morning cartoons were temporarily abandoned due to Challenger blowing up. An event my peers know very little about. Oh and in those days did I just say that?

Whenever I hear about shootings at schools, I am reminded of the fist fights that broke out in my high school in the 80s. I never saw anyone with a gun, even though our school had one of the worst records of bad behavior in the state. I bet the vast majority people in the United States armed forces don't remember the '80's very well, or in some cases, not at all. Think about that, the bulk of the people defending your country can barely remember the '80's, if it all.

I mean if most of the MEN and WOMEN in the military are born in the '80's and in that range, then while they were around back then, they are likely not to remember most of the stuff that happened in the decade save for maybey a few cartoons.

Not a thought that would make most of us feel like spring chickens that's for sure. Infact just typing all that made me feel awful. I think I need a drink. I still remember being a kid back in the late '80's and how futuristic the year used to sound to me. Hell the whole 's used to sound very futuristic, it was the near future like in the movie "Robocop". But now the '90's are all the old school past, and the '80's are being treated as retro fun in the same way the '60's and '70's were for so many years.

Being a child and was taken to go see ET in theater's and then now when the re-release came out I was taking my younger daughter to go see it. I always feel OLD when I see the former teenagers of the '80's, who are now in their 30's, insisting on practicing "clique maintenance", which is putting down the kids of the late '90's and present, as well as putting down the overall world of the late '90's and present, just to make their own little clique feel better.

Yeah, you guys in your 30's just keep fooling yourselves and keep pretending like you didn't act as stupid as these kids do now. Those of us who are still in our 20's now and were children back in the '80's remember very clearly how the teenagers and early 20 somethings of the '80's acted. I had older brothers and sisters, and I remember how freaking wild and crazy the teenagers and young adults of the Eighties were.

I hate to say this but you guys were probably 10 times worse then these kids today. But I know you'll never admit it. Proof that we're all getting a little bit older Yikes, this makes me feel old. I grew up watching Chevy Chase in the s! Shows With Real People. Magnum P. And The Dukes Of Hazard. It's Strange Ever since the year finally came, I've realized that the people in their 30's are looking younger and younger to me every year.

Infact I know this has definately been true for all of us that spent our childhood back in the 's. You guys think it's so bad that these kids can't remember the 's? Get real, try talking about the first half of the 's with these people. I embarrasingly gave my age away one day in an economics class when I started talking about what I was doing in and didn't mention anything about being in an elementary class room or being out on a play ground playing with Power Rangers.

Ok - I must admit, this is the year that made me feel old. After looking at several magazines and realizing that certain fashion statements were making a comeback I got a little freaked out. Remember when we had jean jackets and purses made of jean and we had buttons pins all over them? I even had a necklace that was about 1 inch long and shaped like a glove with rhinestones in it!

I guess the kicker is the E. And yes, I took my 5 year old to see it in the theater this year and cried like a baby the whole time! Michael J. Keaton, is himself 41 years old. I used to always wonder why they picked 24 and not 21, 22 or When I turned 24 I realized I was a mortal man and not some immortal demi-God like I thought I was before, and thus started driving a little more carefully and not as reckless as before. When you turn 24 and go into your mid 20's it hits you like a ton of bricks that 30 is only 5 or 6 years away.

So I'm really scared now, but age yeah, that finally makes sense to me why the insurance people pick that age. You saw the "Simpsons Christmas Special:Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" in when it first aired December , and you've seen the reruns many times since. You can clearly remember when the "Simpsons" was really corny looking and sounding--especially Homer's voice.

The animation was primitive, but now it looks and sounds much better--and its gotten funnier too! Not that it never was Now, we're all 19 and some are almost 20, and we're still "Simpsons" fans! It proves that it stands the test of time. You can remember when the most controversial program on television was "The Simpsons," yet you can't remember anything from the 90s. Now, the fledgling network is UPN, and we all know the only thing holding them up is "Enterprise," which I won't even begin to watch.

You realize that they don't make many "family values" sitcoms like "Family Ties" and "Cosby," or nostalgic dramas like "The Wonder Years" like they used to. Watching the kids you used to babysit for graduate from high school Cabbage Patch kids costing an arm and a leg to buy and their horses which is still in my parents' attic which now cost next to nothing If you mention "The Transformers" to the kids around today, they only know about that stupid Beast Wars cartoon.

Hardly any of these kids know of the Generation 1 series from the '80's. Beast Wars sucks anyway. Who wants to see Optimus Prime turn into some kind of ape? And Megatron transforms into a rat? When the children and young teens of today think "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" was strictly a '90's cartoon, but you remember watching the show when it first started in the '80's.

I remember all that when it happened the first time around. Well maybey I can handle it happening to Milli Vanilli, those guys were a joke. The '80's? A lot of kids today treat the '90's, yes even the late '90's, as being really really old school. The Class of just had our 10 year high school reunion. I'm still not used to being this old.

Yeah I know, by the time I get used to it, I'll be even older. I'll tell you what makes me feel oldWhen I was in junior high in the late '80's, I remember very clearly teachers lecturing us on how things in the world were so much better back in the '50's and '60's and how back in those days children were safe to go out and play and they didn't have to lock their doors at night or anything like that.

They'd also insist on telling us how well mannered and respectful kids were to the adults of the time. Most of the teachers and parents would talk about how awful things were in the then present of , how rotten us kids were and how the '80's were all glitzy MTV style and so little substance.

To them we were the worst kids that ever walked God's green Earth. And for them the '60's had music that meant something and lyrics that were about something while the '80's were a soulless corporate abomination. Since none of us 12, 13 year old 7th graders in were around in the '50's, '60's or even much of the '70's, we couldn't disprove any of the adults utopia nonsense and took their word that it was really that perfect and holy back in those days.

Fast forward to , well these days you see a lot of us that were growing up back in the 's especially the slightly older crowd that actually graduated high school sometime in the Eighties say the EXACT SAME stuff, except instead of the '60's, people talk about how great it all was in the '80's and how terrible the world is in the '90's and 's.

I got to tell all of you, I never thought anyone around my age or of my generation would spout out that same utopia B. Who would have thought that Generation Xers would start acting just like our Baby Boomer parents? Jeez louise I remember seeing that movie when it came out in the theater for the first time in the Eighties. Nick at Nite is already airing one series from the 's.

It's "Coach". And you thought it was bad seeing '80's shows on Nick at Nite. Be warned that you will feel beyond old after you hear this story. This year in my younger cousins graduated high school and I was at their graduation party and made a comment about a Weird Al Yankovic song that mentioned singer Eddie Vedder.

Everyone one these kids, every one of them, asked me who Eddie Vedder was. Anyway after I explained to them that Vedder was the lead singer of the 's grunge band Pearl Jam, like that was such a long time ago or something!

I just could not believe it. We are talking about the '90's here, and these kids of the class of had no idea who Eddie Vedder was and only the vaguest notion of Pearl Jam.

I had to remind myself that they were in elementary school still learning to read and write during Pearl Jam's heyday in the early-mid '90's, and perhaps the Power Rangers held more appeal to these kids then whatever was being played on the radio. Puts things into perspective about how old us Generation Xers have gotten doesn't it? It's official, we Xers are NOT in control of the youth culture anymore. Yes the 6th, 7th, and I think 8th graders of today were born in the '90's.

I was born in the '70's and I know what I used to think of the '60's. Chew on that thought. I've been watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" since the late '80s. Sad thing is, I still remember the Bob Saget era too well.

You know you're feeling old when you think the older male actors of the s are looking good to you. My mom even had the "Twins on Board" sign. I think it's definately true that we as an entire generation knew our day as keepers of the youth culture was up, or perhaps knew it was rapidly coming to an end, once the Millenium came. I know I started to feel really old for the very first time in my life when the year actually happened and I moved into my mid 20's. When you consider that the very oldest Generation Xers that were born in turned 35 in , yeah collectively we all certainly got older.

Enthusiastically proclaiming your old crush on Billy Idol and having a current high school student ask you, "Who's that? Remembering M. Hammers lookalike bright pants being sold at flea markets. How bright and wacky they were. I think they were called parachute pants bec.

It sort of makes me feel old, but then I realize that I'm one of the youngest 38 year-olds that I know! All of my friend's moms growing up seemed so frumpy and mom-like; I still feel so young and hip! Of course, it will be fun to go to the reunion to see who got bald and fat!

Feeling old and getting older while the kids coming out of high school get younger and younger, man it all just gets worse and keeps getting worse. It's not like this is a bad dream or something temporary that will go away. We're in this forever and this only gets worse, and that is a terrible thing to think about. Just when you feel that you've gotten used to the 18 and 19 year old kids born in , you realize that the kids currently in middle school were born in Gawd, I'll never get used to kids born in the '90's.

Getting my 20th High School Reunion notice in the mail!!!! Sheesh, I still feel so young even though my oldest daughter is almost 12! I'm definitely going, though, if only to see how folks have changed, and if the popular cliques are still all stuck together, etc! I remember playing Asteroids on Atari and thinking that it was so cool.

Now you see a game that simple and think how lame it looks. Tempest and Joust remember the ostriches that had eggs when you hit them? The thing we did for fun in the 80's was to go to the roller skating rink. Remember 'couples skate only'? If you weren't out there skating with some cutie, it made you feel like a real loser. But, most of all, I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning before class.

Nobody made a big deal about their kids saying "under God". Makes me sad how things have changed. We have lost sight of the fact that we should be PROUD to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and it doesn't have anything to do with whatever god, if any, a person worships. When did everyone get so hung up on things??!! Anyways, there is a channel devoted to old Nickelodeon game shows, an 80s music station, Classic VH1 80s videos , and a new wave music station. I was watching Double Dare, and it was from I felt instantly old, since I used to watch Double Dare all the time!

Does anyone remember a game show called "Finders Keepers," or "I'm Telling"?? If you do, we can feel old together! I was watching an episode of "Quantum Leap" last Friday night, and the episode "Moments to Live" took place in Two things made me feel instantly old after watching the episode: when Sam Scott Bakula tries to call on the pay phone, it costs him 25 cents, and when he dials for help, Al Dean Stockwell tells him that there wasn't in you had to call the operator and be connected to the police.

Yikes, pay phones cost 35 cents now, and is firmly established. I felt old right then! A frightening thought for me as a 26 year old, is knowing that people in their early 40's are now my equals.

The people in very early middle age are no longer old enough to be my parents, and I can't use the term "older adults" to describe them anymore. That for me, You keep telling your cousin's kids "when I was your age" stories and you think that you're sounding more and more like your grandmother everyday. Seeing the Jimmy Neutron balloon? The first Ghostbusters movie is 18 years old, and the sequel is 13 years old.

All last week, I was falling asleep with my TV on late at night I usually go to bed at 1 am on school nights. One morning last week, my mom commented that I must be getting old because I don't stay awake quite as late some nights as I was always able to. Thanks mom. I now feel old because of you! Horror movies of recent years don't necessarily pack any sort of punch that fazes me, yet "Pet Sematary," an 80s horror flick, terrified me.

For our generation, "playing" didn't mean playing video games, it meant actually venturing out the back door and doing something outside.

My mom's photo albums of me and my brother's pictures, from newborn to about 5 yrs. My mom since bought new albums, but the pictures are aged-looking. That's enough to make me feel old. You can remember a time when everyone and their brother did not own a cell phone We find ourselves criticizing the lifestyles of today's youth.

We're like, "We didn't do it that way when WE were teenagers! Have, in fact been gone for quite a while. And think "they were so much better than what we have now". I dont get excited about new video games anymore with "better graphics". Id rather just enjoy my NES with tetris.

Aug 24,  · Artist: MR NES ft. Dynasty Song: She Got Me Saying Label: Smooth Fella Records Album: Soprano City Director: Arturo "Muse" Meza to buy this record click on link or to download .

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  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Mr. Mystic - Wait 'Til They Get A Load Of Me at Discogs. Complete your Mr. Mystic collection.4/5(4).
  2. / BACK UP BABY (WHY Y9U STRESSIN' ME) / BOODIES IN MOTION / ACT LIKE YOU WANT IT / THERE'S NO NEED TO GO. Album will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately with tracking upon payment. LONG LIVE VINYL (mycd#) Check out my STOREFRONT for additional selections. Wait 'til They Get A Load Of Me Mr. Mystic Format: Vinyl. See all.
  3. Explore releases from Mr. Mystic at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Mr. Mystic at the Discogs Marketplace.
  4. Upside Down Lyrics: Come into my world / Hey Mush Mouth whatcha gonna do? / Hey Mush Mouth whatcha gonna do? / Well I never met a lady cop that pause for a blunt / Or Mush Mouth will cool off that.
  5. Upside Down (Digga Remix) Lyrics: Welcome to the world of the Mystidious Misfitss / Hey Mush Mouth whatcha gonna do? / Hey Mush Mouth whatcha gonna do? / Well I never met a shorty that pause for a.
  6. After the shutdown and subsequent reorganization of Orpheus Records, Charles and Beau Huggins launched a small underground music label in called THG Music (the initials of which represented The Hush Group) that was marketed and distributed by PolyGram Group Distribution. THG Music officially went defunct in and in , the.
  7. You would often get one non-album track on the 7" and a second on the 12". The limited release of these singles often resulted in the asking price for second hand copies being very high. I collected most of my harder to find Banshees 12" singles in the early 's, and often paid $30 a piece/5(57).

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