Valpo - Lasers And Fast And Shit - Third: Munch (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Following his Cosmic Bebop? The Disco's Of Imhotep is a bright, distorted and colourful affair which harbours its own trademark, synthetic chimes, kicked off wonderfully with the sweetly tonal number "The Shrine Of The Serpent Goddess". Rather than pulling together tracks at random, the album overall sounds like something that's been crafted as a whole, and while drums and distortion may tear away at speakers cones the world over, it's the melodies of this record, annihilated or otherwise, that really make The Disco's Of Imhotep one of a kind.

And The Anonymous Nobody. While they've remained a familiar presence on the live circuit, And The Anonymous Nobody - their ninth album - is their first studio set for a decade. Predictably, it's rather good. It's built around warm, sometimes lushly orchestrated grooves created by session musicians, rather than hand-picked samples, and as a result feels loose and groovy, with their trademark raps perfectly fitting the head-nodding, life-affirming backing tracks.

The King Of Beats. Yancey Media Group US. That boxset housed the music in a variety of formats vinyl, tape and floppy disc with the Yancey Media Group calling it an "iconic collection" of J Dilla work. There's a whopping 62 tracks to get through across the two CDs, and listening through will only serve as a reminder of James Yancey's legacy on the world of hip hop production.

On 25 25, their third full length, they continue this voyage. While there are occasional reminders of their industrial roots dotted throughout the album, the most obvious influences this time round are acid house and no-nonsense European techno. Their tracks have always been subtly shifting, full-throttle, groove-based affairs, of course, but this time round they seem more intent on sound-tracking breathless, 4am dancefloor moments, rather than showcasing their arty, experimental roots.

That all of the eight tracks bang hard is a given. My Galactic Tale. Their debut album is long overdue And boy it's been worth the wait. A concept trip around the lesser known galaxies, we're treated to their full narrative spectrum that's soundtracked by pure cinemtica "Neon City" , creepy techy rollers "Microbots" , manic tripletty funk "Triple B" and Vangelis-level synthtopia "Bad Omen".

Musical, heavyweight, sci-fi: this really is a serious piece of work. Testing for echo Hi, this blog is for reviewing purposes only Feel welcome to enquire about any album already inserted on the archive. Wednesday, 29 October Archive Peron - - Peron 21st century schizoid band - progressive folk uk 21st century schizoid band - - Live in japan 21st century schizoid band - - band official bootleg vol.

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Point 2: I have taken to sprinkling rogue dog shit with a bacterial septicsystem clearing agent. It seems to work, in that the stuff breaks down without any odor and then disappears slowly and, further, that the grass seems to be thriving. I am referring to the group of tough young men who hang out on Church Street and by the waterfront, insulting passersby.

I have also heard them call a gendeman of African descent a horrible slur. It is certainly symbolic that Chris Michel was warmly welcomed, despite his admittedly dirty shorts and T-shirt.

Box , Burlington, VT I do not know what the best response is, but I do know that there is a real problem. Maybe the city and Spectrum Youth Services can get together and find a reasonable response. The Burlington police are excellent and they seem to be truly concerned. The world needs more like h im Happy summer, and thanks for shedding some light on good folks like Alex Crothers!

The M M TC was a bad idea in and still is. Rather, a good idea in a bad location. Vermont Transit was the only bright part o f the plan.

Paul Street terminal was active. But Peter, put up your reasons instead of putting down Susan Reid. Perhaps Michael Sebastian will never understand the very real bond that can exist between a person and his or her pet. Two Sundays a month we take art from isolation to collaboration. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. The Circ has become a prized jewel in Gov. He campaigned for it and he even got the Bush White House to speed things up. He told us we got it right. Guess what?

In a subsequent report on Vermont Public Radio, Mr. CLF announced it would drop its opposition to the 3. Douglas agreed to seriously study the impact of the unbuilt 7. Funny how Mr. Obviously, the governor and IBM have decided to hang tough and go after the whole Circ loaf. This is one hell of a game of chicken, eh? DeanWatch — The coast-to-coast Howard Dean media roar quieted down a wee bit last week.

Dean donors are not the high-rollers who have long dominated the political money game. By comparison, only 14 percent of President George W. Chump change for most of them. But in politics, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The message or the money? George W. Bush never had much of a message to begin with, other than the assurance he would be the president of the country-club set.

The president of the Wall Street robber barons. The president of the oil companies, So far, Mr. For Over 20 Years Sample h e r new m enu Police in Neillsville, Wisconsin, accusedjoel D. Peterson, 30, of trying to rob a pharmacy by pretending his index finger was the barrel of a gun.

Instead of keeping his hand in his pocket, however, the would-be robber held up his gloved hand and pointed his finger with his thumb extended like the cocked hammer of a pistol. During a struggle with the would-be robber before he fled, Weiler pulled off his mask and recognized him because he. Colombian police, who arrested them. Using the software, students with higher verbal scores averaged 16 errors, compared with 17 errors for the students with lower scores.

After Aaron Smith, 39, kicked out his roommate for not paying his share of the rent, the roommate returned to the two-story townhouse in Frederick, Maryland, and hid in an attic crawl space for nearly six weeks. Police said that Robin E. Lewis, 35, spied on Smith through a telephone tap and hidden baby monitors and roamed the house freely while Smith was out. Smith and a guest searched an upstairs storage room and found Lewis in a byfoot space behind an insulation panel.

Police Sgt. Andy Dewese said the hidden room contained a chair, laptop computer, videocassette recorder and television, plus 12 bags of beer cans, fast-food wrappers and other trash. The official report of the March 23 incident in Nasiriyah said that Lynch sustained her injuries during a. Denise Garcia, who was waiting outside the bank when she saw the man run out, gave chase in her sport utility vehicle, easily caught up with the minivan, got the license plate number and called police, who arrested Frank Durante, Premature Ejaculations After five days at sea, five Colombian stowaways emerged jubilandy from a ship that they thought had docked in Miami.

Their shouts of joy were interrupted by. Thirtythree undergraduate students proofread a one-page business letter, half using Microsoft Word, the other half doing it the old-fashioned way. After presuming that a turtle whose fossil remains were identified in had disappeared at the start of the last ice age, 15, years ago, Australian scientists announced in.

June that a young male of the species had turned up in north Queensland. They hastily upgraded its status from extinct to endangered. After Congress voted to bump Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge up the presidential succession ladder, from 18th place to eighth, Ridge announced that his agency is expanding its role from just combating terrorism to also tracking down child molesters. Initially it will target illegal immigrants and foreign nationals who have avoided deportation.

As a result, they have a natural tendency to organize and defend their personal space. Then they formed the Downtown Neighborhood Association to do something about it. Speaking of bottoms up, a group of v local naturists — the politically correct term for nudists — has decided to unite against the John Ashcrofts of the world who equate nudity with perversion and would drape a fig leaf over every bare breast and exposed derriere.

Friends of Lake Champlain FLC , as these folks are calling themselves, say they want to protect the dwindling number of public beaches, sunning areas, swimming holes and other recreational spots where Vermonters can let it all hang out. The American dream is to own your own business and we want to protect that. Recently, several local proprietors decided its high time Burlington had a tavern association to speak on their behalf.

He says the recent attempt by the city council to roll back the hours of live music from 2 a. Their mission statement also includes charitable elements — community fundraisers, block parties and cookouts for kids. But recendy, some naturists have complained that local cops are starting to crack down, pointing video cameras at naked swimmers and sunbathers and otherwise making for a less-thanrelaxing outdoor experience.

Learn ro help resolve Her preferences changefrom one week to the next. Can you figure out what it is? Note: Fickle Fannie likes words. But each week she likes something different about them— how they're spelled, how they sound, how they look, what they mean, or what's inside them. Use TheM! Em ail me with feedback and questions: dd44art aol. I f you're stuck, see the H IN T printed sideways on this page. So much fo r Fickle Fannie's tastes this week. D , is a premier artist. W ell answer.

Winston Churchill? Even Senate minority leader Tom Daschle, defending what remains of the Bill of Rights on Capitol Hill, left Congress on the verge of tears, fumbling for his hankie. Give the man a green card!

Such cacophony! Such bright, shiny teeth! Well, forget it. In London, Tony Blair is a liar-under-fire. Abroad, he is lionized as a statesman extraordinaire, on a par with Winston Churchill.

Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Jackson, in the same steady, terrifying tones she used to portray Queen Elizabeth I. The late Dr. Or have you forgotten? And the truth will say that this intelligence was good intelligence.

Meantime, Blair is facing the fight of his life, as Dubya ought to be. It's certainly not much fun. Be a grower, not a mower! A ccording to M cLuhan, movies and radio are h o t media, while television and conversation on the phone or in person are cool ones. Print is generally a hot m edium the eye m ust closely follow a linear arrangem ent o f symbols , but can be cooler depending on context. I aced quite a few college papers by explaining the world in terms o f his theories about communication.

It sure seems to me that his ideas are evident in the impact that the Internet and computers have had on society. So I ask you: Was McLuhan really a seminal thinker?

How are his theories regarded today? My take on McLuhan is pretty similar. Though 99 percent of what he wrote was horse manure, the remaining 1 percent was dead-on. Both have recently been reissued, and the publisher claims the latter has sold more than a million copies to date. Consider a kid doing his homework while simultaneously watching TV, playing his stereo and IMing with his friends: He pauses to rip and burn a few tracks for later listening, email a photo and send a text message via cell phone.

W hich part of this multimedia environment is cool and which hot, which interactive and which not? Still, McLuhan was right about one thing: the central place media would assume in our daily lives. No one doubts now that we live in a post-industrial age or that we traffic not so much in material goods as in information. But how many would-be seers even manage that? One of the three capitalized words in each sentence is a homonym for synonyms of the other tw o.

There are still spaces available for our August teams going to Angola and Mozambique. For more information: www. U n ad illa T h eatre, E ast Calais. Both are quirky actresses whose quirks work to their advantage, particularly in playing a role like the enigmatic Catherine, who may be as loony and as brilliant as her. Parker seemed a little unlikely as the odd woman out — her persona was a little too fundamentally sensible, her looks a little too healthy — but the fascination in her work was that she always seemed to be holding something back.

Keenan is more convincingly exhausted, clearly damaged, but her character tics — flailing about histrionically, kicking a leg out behind her, standing up on tiptoes — can seem more actressy than centered within the character. Still, her histrionics echo the behavior of her father Robert Mark E. Efinger , when he is at his most agitated, a parallel that illuminates the father-daughter bond more clearly than the New York production did. Director Lisa A. Tromovitch has fostered a strong sense of ensemble.

And you believe in their mutual passion for the intellectual puzzles of mathematics and how it. Its subject matter may sound a little arcane, but its basic elements are quite conventional — not only a great curtain line, but a love story, a family drama, mystery, humor. But the attraction of mysteries is that they can eventually be solved.

And even though we never get to hear the solution to the mathematical proof, the play itself is structured as a kind of proof — jumping back and forth in time, picking tip evidence. Many of the cast and crew at Unadilla are part of the clan whose patriarch, Bill Blachly, founded the theater in — coincidentally opening his first season with Uncle Vanya. Astrov, an ecologically minded doctor. No wonder it got the Pulitzer. Efinger manages to convey both Robert s keen intellect and his bewilderment as he realizes his mind is betraying him.

Ail the same, the fact that he dangles; that proof so tantalizingly in the distance does echo a central theme of the play, which is that mathematicians love their. There's som ething exquisitely right about seeing Uncle Vanya at Unadilla. Most of the characters in Vanya are members of the same family, or spend so much time.

And as Vanya, Tom Blachly has one of his best moments when he stumbles upon the two almostlovers in a passionate kiss: Entering with roses for Elena, his features crumble from eagerness to resignation in seconds.

But he and the production as a whole succumb at times to a common Chekhovian trap. His was a volatile, unpredictable Vanya; his expressions of passion for Elena were outbursts of unbridled feeling that made his descent into despair that much more dramatic. And good plays hold up — fy whether or not the performance.

Back then, we were assured that, despite his shortcomings, the former baseball executive would set the Guinness Book o f World Records standard for money raised.

The message, whatever it was, came later. By comparison, Dean started out with no money. No baseball background. No familial lines of succession to the presidency. Then the Dean message kicked in. Boy, did it ever. Last winter, when the polls were showing a frightened public supporting a sabre-ratding ruler, Dean took the point as the leader of the loyal opposition.

It was the exact opposite of the Bush campaign strategy, in which the money preceded the message. Meanwhile, all the giants of American political punditry were caught with their pants down. Soon their words will become their dinner. The candidate they. She denied it, but it sure sounded like a classic Ruth Dwyer tongue spasm. The other Vermont critic tapped by Fox was Dwyer acolyte Rep.

Frank Mazur of South Burlington. Dwyer may have gone down in flames in with just 38 percent of the vote, but the GOP won a majority in the House by playing the gay-bashing card.

He gets rattled easily, and when he gets rattled he says dumb things. A true compassionate conservative, eh? When push comes to shove, and he's under pressure, he won't make it — he never could. Is it something in the water? The mountain air? Ruth Dwyer got trounced by Dean in and She then. Meanwhile, Ho-Ho continues to turn up the heat on Bush.

Good questions, too. You can find them at www. I moved around the most on day three of Roadburn, and through a mix of walking and standing stock still soaking up the incredible music I was bearing witness to, my legs and particularly my feet hated me.

I have done massive hikes, I have played epic matches of tennis, and I can honestly say my feet have never felt like they did in the last hours of Roadburn day three. An incredible band. Roadburn never wavered in its friendly atmosphere and its ability to please and surprise. Day three was an extraordinary day of music put on by professionals who care deeply about their festival, the bands playing it and the audience. Aside from Noisey meets CHVE , there were other films, as well as a widespread art exhibition around the venues and nearby.

Every step you took around Tilburg felt like you were immersing yourself further and further into the art and the family that is the underground extreme music community. What a festival! I wake on Sunday with a little pang of sadness — the last day of Roadburn !

I quickly console myself with the fact that I have a full day of music ahead of me, and get to savour the Roadburn vibe for a whole day yet to come. Breakfast is short and sweet — quite literally, I only have a croissant with some jam, as I think I ate a lot of junk the night before. My poor stomach! The Sunday of Roadburn has grown into a full day these days. Attendees are a little tired, everyone knows the festival is coming to an end, but everyone also knows that this is the day to celebrate this coming together of like-minded people and to appreciate what has gone before and marvel at the line-up of the last day.

Sunday was also going to be a great day as two close friends from home who were holidaying in Eindhoven, were going to come across for part of the day to grab a drink and chill out in the Roadburn atmosphere. Looking forward to some beers, music chat and some more classic sets, I headed off to Tilburg with high hopes for day four.

I have pretty much been non-stop in my watching music, and while that is clearly the point of going to a festival, it was definitely worth chilling out and appreciating being at such a special event, too. What more can be said about such a legendary band? They did not disappoint. Roadburn was clearly a special moment on a special tour, as the band were finally playing live with a new album in tow; their first in a decade.

Opening with the first track of Thin Black Duke felt like OXBOW were re-introducing themselves to the world; be you a prior fan or someone who had made the very excellent decision to be at Het Patronaat at half three in the afternoon on the last day of Roadburn. And everyone was excited and loved it. My eyes closed, hands in the air, semi-dancing, semi-jostling; this was what Roadburn was all about.

A few days later I hear it again in an excellent venue in north London where the band continue their tour with SUMAC, but the crowd react differently, moshing and jumping around.

The audience bay for more, and any Roadburn patron attempting to stop that would have not fared well. Thankfully, the staffing of Roadburn seems to be populated with some of the more in-tune, sensible people I have ever seen at a gig, let alone a larger festival.

We reach nirvana. Bona fide classic set. God damn. The main stage is cavernous, and there is no doubt that LES DISCRETS have enough fans at Roadburn to deserve their place on the main stage of the Poppodium, but it strikes me that their particular brand of light-as-air dark rock needs to be more intimate. I hope that I can catch them playing a headlining set in London, where their set-up is focused onto a smaller stage.

Swamped by heavy music they are a welcome non-sequitur, but a non-sequitur nonetheless. Another day they would have me in raptures, but on the Sunday of Roadburn all I can do is appreciate their gorgeous mastery of the sub-genre of music ALCEST spawned and hope I they can do themselves justice again when my ears are far more receptive.

Always known for experimenting and out-foxing their own fans with a new style and sound, ULVER still managed to surprise with new album The Assassination of Julius Caesar , a synth-pop concept album.

Why the hell not? Having managed to listen to the album ahead of release, many of the songs were already stuck in my head. As Roadburn was serving as the official release gig, the band had said they were going to play the album in full. Unlike many, the band still created a set out of the tracks, rather than running through them in a linear manner. By this point they had entranced the audience with the aforementioned laser show, and won over the majority of nay-sayers.

People adorned all in black, with patches, piercings and tattoos suddenly began to sway and dance. A twenty-minute freak-out with a laser show that steadily intensified, the band had three thousand audience members in the palm of their hand.

The audience erupts with applause. Now, obviously a great number of people present would dearly love to see ULVER perform some of the classic black metal from their classic catalogue, but it is with respect for art that this applause and whistles come from. Either which way, I feel bad. She provides reverie, and on the last day of Roadburn Rundle seems like the perfect act to provoke a feeling of well-being and appreciation for what makes the heavy music scene so great, and increasingly inclusive.

I head-bang, I occasionally get a little physical, but I have never felt the need to throw myself into other people and flay around.

Sorry — seriously not cool, I know. The hour goes in a blur of sledgehammer riffs and a haze of hash. Believe me, it sounds it. I grab another drink of Jupiler with my last tokens and take position…. How wrong I was. I mean… Seriously? To close this festival in any of the venues, and to have an audience there who have chosen you to be the band that ends it for them brings everyone together in revelry and a shared set of — if not values — then musical principles.

Roadburn strips everything back to people stood next to each other from different continents, not just countries, who love this pretty unknown band, and want to head-bang together. That transcends politics, beliefs — fuck even language.

This is why I love music. Forget everything else. Nothing matters when that amp explodes into life. Similarly, it propels them forward. The songs are massive. They sound like mountains of electricity purposefully thrown at your ears tonight. One after another they bludgeon and delight. Ones to check out, though, for sure. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass.

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To help, on page 42 you'll find a handy guide to revamping your online portfolio in just 12 hours. Meanwhile, our special report this issue investigates the rising popularity of illustration. Elsewhere, Manchester-based design agency Music bust some branding myths in our video pages, and Pentagram partner Michael Bierut reveals his continuous obsession with a year-old theatre poster in our new Icon slot exploring the passions of top designers.

Enjoy the issue! He is also a senior critic in graphic design at the Yale School of Art. On page 98, he explains his fascination with a vintage poster that he calls the most concise visual metaphor he's ever seen.

She's a graduate of Middlesex University, where she earned a first in graphic design. On page 42, she joins a panel of top designers to share her advice and experience to help you craft a killer portfolio in just 12 hours. He has over 25 years of brand and design experience, and has helped create some of the world's most outstanding brands. Her work has a strong narrative core and aims to provoke the imagination, with a bit of humour, sexiness and a re- imagination of the ordinary. On page 89 she explains how she put a fresh twist on popular holiday destinations for travel operator Kuoni.

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The rest of us aren't at all envious. These were unrelated events. COM - 6 - You do the creative. We just do the printing. We know our limits. We concentrate on doing what we do best, And that's printing, Everything from business cards to bespoke booklets. We were even voted Print Company of the Year, By printers. We take care of the printing so you can focus on what you do best.

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What has prompted its rise in popularity and how can creatives and commissioning editors use that momentum to raise the medium to the next level? In an attempt to mimic the tangible qualities of the real world, surface pattern and texture are artificially applied to digital forms, creating trompe I'oeil illusions of realness.

Hardcastle has seamlessly transplanted her distinctive aesthetic into real-world physical sculptures. Maintaining the rendered gloss effect of her digital work, the pieces are created in a minimal duet of contrasting materials: electro-flocked velour and crystal-clear blown glass.

The result is a disarmingly refined repositioning of digital-real aesthetics. Ultra-slick and glossy with synthetic finishes, the surreal and hyper-perfect feel, formerly reserved for the screen, is now applied to physical forms, ii Learn more about Hardcastles object , image and video work at www.

By stripping down the influence of colour, each book enables readers to compare skill sets and explore how designers play with details to construct and communicate a message. The work featured in Monotone has been carefully curated by victiomary's editorial team.

And then in general terms, we will try to define each theme with work that demonstrates as great a variety of approaches, styles and techniques used to achieve the same goal as possible.

The editors work alongside printers and paper manufacturers to find new techniques and materials that can illustrate its contents. I found these boots used years ago, well broken-in. They're a classic foundation to any autumn outfit. Chambray avoids feeling too dressy, but a pocket square can add a dash of colour. We struggled to explain Kickstarter to a lot of people who just wanted to pre- order a book. Also, tinning is key! Looking back, pre-Christmas probably wasn't the best time for our campaign as everyone is very distracted and has a lot going on, but we're hoping to brighten up people's February blues this time.

Daniel is a co-founder of studio Freytag Anderson, which he runs alongside creative director Greig Anderson. Having got halfway towards their funding goal last Christmas, the husband-and-wife duo have once again turned to the crowdfunding platform to help launch their personalised kids' books venture, which enables parents to customise a title by uploading their child's name and picture.

After tweaking the illustrations to appeal to a wider age group and introducing a German edition in response to the feedback they received first time around, the pair launched their month-long campaign www. We asked the pair what they've learned about running a creative crowdfunding campaign. What's new for the second HeyWow! Kickstarter project? We've narrowed down the rewards and removed a few that weren't popular. Ninety per cent of people only wanted the book, so we got rid of the clutter.

What have you learned since last time? Last time we underestimated the fact that not everyone knows what crowdfunding actually is - especially our target market How much groundwork needs to be completed before creatives should start thinking about seeking crowdfunding?

Three or more months before you launch, you need to be contacting blogs, publications and influences. Tweeting, chatting and sharing your story through social media is vital. Start conversations, make people aware of you without being pushy, and build your Twitter and Facebook connections.

What information should creatives include on sites like Kickstarter in order to rally support? Share your journey. People love seeing work in progress and finding out how you manage your workflow, seeing the kind of space you work in, reading an honest account of how you juggle creative work with kids and so on. They like to know that you struggle sometimes too! What should creatives keep in mind when launching their first venture? Don't let a few knockbacks get you down.

If you truly believe in what you're doing, stick at it! We'd also say build slowly and surely. If you take your time it'll show in the quality of your work. Manage each challenge as it arises. Finally, know your market and understand how they see your product. Don't be too precious to make changes. He shares his workspace with a few designer friends and describes it as small but cosy, but has still managed to pack it with assorted inspirational books and mementos.

Alongside other designers, Milenkovic has another studio companion: his dog, Vito l. It reminds me that passion and good faith, plus a bit of effort, can go a long way.

I love walking along the edge of the bay at night, past all the piers and eventually seeing this light installation that stretches across the whole bridge towards Oakland. It's a very interactive experience that feeds your curiosity and lets you discover things you never knew about. The route starts on the SF side of the Golden Gate bridge and ends in Sausalito, a small seaside town in Marin City with loads of independent cafes, shops and restaurants. It's a great way to exercise, relax and get inspired.

It's like a step back through arcade game history, and some of these games predate our politically correct sensibilities, which can be hilarious. You know that weird broken baby doll with spider legs in Toy Story? Yup, that sort of stuff. Every time I go there, I find something new.

It's a great place for a few drinks and live music. Fie works freelance under the name WeLoveNoise, and as visual design lead for experience design firm Method, www.

This year's event was a truly special experience, with 12 speakers from a wealth of disciplines and backgrounds sharing their experience and expertise. Vault49 lead designer Luke Choice and I joined a panel of creatives who had the privilege of presenting to the incredibly passionate and engaged audience gathered for the event's 10th anniversary.

I feel I speak on behalf of all the speakers when I describe the pulsating, youthful energy that rang through the event. From the dedication of the organisers to the sheer enthusiasm shown by the attending audience, there was an overwhelming - and at times emotional - sense of mutual admiration and determination to collectively push ideas further, turning the everyday into the unique and unexpected.

Something that particularly struck me - especially among speakers from the region - was a passionate devotion to culture and community. During our G presentation, Luke and I touched on the these themes with regards to our own studio, looking at the social and cultural influences that inform our own ideas.

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  1. Third: Munch, an album by Lasers and Fast and Shit on Spotify. Valpo. Airline Loyalty. More by Lasers and Fast and Shit. Second: Cat Fight. More Lasers and Fast and Shit. Listen to Third: Munch now. Listen to Third: Munch in full in the Spotify app.
  2. Listen to music from Lasers and Fast and Shit like Cat Fight USA. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Lasers and Fast and Shit. Third: Munch. 20 April Play album Popular this week Cat Fight USA. 1 listener 2 photos. Listeners. Scrobbles. 2, .
  3. LASERS AND FAST AND SHIT - THIRD: MUNCH is finally available on vinyl. The LP version is limited to copies on gold vinyl available exclusively through Forge Again Records. Remastered and slightly edited for vinyl, this album features beautiful silk-screened covers and a full color insert with full lyrics.
  4. Lasers and Fast and Sh!t. K likes. Joe Carsello Eric Kratz Mike Mzzo Zaid MaxwellFollowers: K.
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