VI. The Masqueraders - Igor Stravinsky - Works Of Igor Stravinsky (CD)

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Igor Stravinsky It was Igor Stravinsky who dragged classical music, kicking and screaming, into the twentieth century. Sure, his contemporaries had paved the way. Mahler, Strauss, Rachmaninov and Ravel had all changed music forever. No longer was the Romantic melody-rich work the dominant force. The new way was about orchestral colors and tone painting. But it was Stravinsky who broke altogether with the Romantic past and created Modernism.

It was almost as if all the old rules had not just been bent, but completely distroyed. In the modern world, anything goes. Stravinsky made a name for himself at a very early age. The Firebird , Ballet Suite. Petrushka , revised version. Trois mouvements de Petrouchka. The Rite of Spring. The Rite of Spring , version for piano 4 hands.

The Nightingale. The Nightingale , revised version. Le chant du rossignol. Three Pieces for String Quartet. Valse des fleurs. Suite No. Les Noces. Lied ohne Name Duet for Two Bassoons. Histoire du soldat. Tempo giusto 3. Con moto 5. Vivace 7. Lento 8. Allegretto 9. Moderato alla breve Tempo di Marcia Larghetto Tempo di Tango Con moto Allegro con moto Circus Polka Andante Napolitana Espanola Balalaika Marche Valse Polka Galop Disc: 36 1.

Adagio 5. Variation I 6. Variation II 7. Andante 9. Danses Corps de ballet. Moderato - Variation Ballerine. Agitato ma tempo giusto Variations: Danseur Risoluto - Ballerine Andantino Andantino Poco meno mosso Disc: 37 1. Chorale 4. Variation I In Canone all' Ottava 5. Variation V L'altra sorte del Canone al rovescio 9. Babel A Sermon From St. Paul A Narrative A Prayer Disc: 38 1. Can I Desert Him" Scene 1: Prologue. The Lullaby in the Storm.

Andante - Allegro sostenuto - Vivace agitato 2. Tempo giusto - Valse. Scene 3: At the Mill. Moderato - Allegretto grazioso 4. Moderato 5. Allegretto grazioso 7.

Presto 8. Scene 4: Epilogue. Berceuse of the Eternal Dwellings. L'istesso tempo - Andante non tanto Disc: 41 1. Prelude for the Brass - Leonard Bernstein 2.

Fugue for the Saxes - Leonard Bernstein 3. Riffs for Everyone - Leonard Bernstein 4. Allegro moderato 6. Andante 7. Moderato - Con moto - Moderato - Vivo 8. Warm-up - Morton Gould 9. Contrapuntal Blues - Morton Gould Rag - Morton Gould Ride-Out - Morton Gould Disc: 42 1. Allegretto - "Contento forse vivere" 8. Allegro alla breve - "Con queste paroline" Andantino - "Se tu m'ami" Allegro assai Disc: 43 1.

Allegretto 3. Largo 4. Allegro molto Disc: 45 1. Overture 2. Drug moy milyy 3. Kolokol'chiki zvenyat 4. U pesen vsekh slova odni 5. Moya strast' sil'neye stanovitsya 6. Izbavi Bog prislugu 7. Net, ne zabyt' vo veki mne pokoynitsu 8.

Zhelayu zdravstvovat'! Gde tak dolgo ty byla? Ya pamyat'yu ne izmenyu Ya zhdu, ya zhdu pokorno Pozhaluy vremya nastupilo pobrit'sya Ricercar I: "The Maidens Came" 3.

Westron Wind 7. Kyrie - Robert Craft 9. Gloria - Robert Craft Credo - Robert Craft Sanctus - Robert Craft Agnus Dei - Robert Craft Dirge-Canons Prelude Dirge-Canons Postlude Fanfare for a New Theatre - Robert Nagel Passacaglia Elegy for J.

Disc: 47 1. Variations Firebird 4. Pantomime I 5. Firebird and Ivan Tsarevitch 6. Pantomime II 7. Dance of the Princesses 8. Pantomime III 9. Rondo Khorovod Infernal Dance Lullabye The Firebird Final Hymn The Shrovetide Fair Petruchka's Room The Shrovetide Fair Towards Evening Dance of the Peasant and the Bear Dance of the Gypsy Girls The Masqueraders Disc: 48 1. Presto - Robert Craft 2.

Andante rapsodico - Robert Craft 3. Allegro capriccioso ma tempo guisto - Robert Craft 4. Largo - Allegro - Philippe Entremont 5.

Largo - Philippe Entremont 6. Allegro - Philippe Entremont Disc: 49 1. Sinfonia Ouverture. Larghetto 3. Scherzino 4. Allegro 5. Tarantella 7. Allegro 8. Allegro moderato - Var. Allegretto - Var. Molto moderato Allegro assai Scherzo Fantastique, Op. Introitus - T. Elliot in Memoriam 4. Prelude - Robert Craft 5. Exaudi - Robert Craft 6. Dies irae - Robert Craft 7. Tuba mirum - Robert Craft 8. Interlude - Robert Craft 9. Rex tremendae - Robert Craft Lacrimosa - Robert Craft Libera me - Robert Craft Postlude - Robert Craft Disc: 51 1.

The Shepherdess - Mary Simmons 2. The Faun - Mary Simmons 3. The River - Mary Simmons 4. La Lune blanche 5. Un grand sommeil noir 6. Forget-me-nots - Robert Craft 7. The Dove - Robert Craft 8. Uncle Armand The Oven The Colonel The Old Man and the Hare In his longer works, especially the sacred and theatrical ones, this tends toward an effect of ritual.

The power of Oedipus Rex and the Symphony of Psalms , as of The Rite of Spring , is the power of a solemn reenactment, and it was in his sense of the motion and specific gravity of such solemnities that Stravinsky was at his most forceful and inspired. Igor Stravinsky. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback.

Jul 15,  · Petrouchka or Petrushka is a ballet with music by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, composed in and revised in (you're listening to the revised version). Petrushka is a story of a.

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  1. With Works of Igor Stravinsky, Sony/BMG is offering Sony Classics' massive Stravinsky box of 22 CDs, which once retailed at a faint-inducing price tag, for .
  2. This collection though represents not only value for money but also provides pretty much all of Stravinsky's lifetime works (he composed around pieces) in a compact box of just 5cm width thanks to the CDs being supplied in card sleeves/5().
  3. Works Of Igor Stravinsky with Sessions, Roger, Copland, Aaron on CD. Order from your preferred classical music CD store - ArkivMusic. Great prices. Best service. Fast delivery.
  4. Department Music Released Artist Stravinsky Format Audio CD Genre Classical & Opera Label Sony/Bmg Int'L Tracks. Stravinsky - The Firebird - Introduction - The Princesses' Game With Apples Of Gold (DISC 01).
  5. Igor Stravinsky: The Recorded Legacy is CBS Masterworks' massive box of 31 LPs, released in to commemorate the th anniversary of Stravinsky's birth year The vast majority of Stravinsky's recordings were made for CBS Masterworks starting in -- when he was 75 years old -- and extending to , when he made his last public /5(8).
  6. Works of Igor Stravinsky is a Compilation by Igor Stravinsky released in Listen now for free! Search. Petrushka (Suite) - The Masqueraders. Low Quality Kb Low Quality Kb. Buy HQ Kb $ Pulcinella (Suite) - I. Sinfonia (Overture) Pulcinella (Suite) - VI. Gavotta con due variazioni. Low Quality Kb Low Quality Kb. Buy.
  7. Stravinsky is probably the most important composer between Debussy and Cage - and he overlaps at both ends. A very recognizable composer in any of his three stylistic periods, Stravinsky's music expresses the excitement of early modernism which turns into a melancholy nostalgia as he tries to understand the extreme modernism of post-war Europe/5().
  8. Monumentum pro Gesualdo di Venosa ad CD annum, for chamber ensemble () "Asciugate I begli ochi" "Ma tu, cagion di quella" Alphabetical list of works at the Igor Stravinsky Foundation; Annotated Catalog of Works and Work Editions of Igor Strawinsky till This page was last edited on 2 September
  9. Find Igor Stravinsky composition information on AllMusic. Find Igor Stravinsky composition information on AllMusic Monumentum pro Gesualdo di Venosa ad CD annum, for orchestra: Suite from larger work: Ragtime, for 11 instruments:

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